The Dating Cop’s Tips on Avoiding Online Dating Scammers

People have different reasons for trying out online dating. Some are busy workers who simply can’t afford to go out on a gazillion dates before they meet their match. Others are single parents who only have time for themselves (or a date) after sending the kids to bed. Still others are just too shy to meet people in person unless something meaningful develops from the encounter.


All this makes browsing online profiles and chatting up people randomly so convenient and logical, right? And it is, if you keep the pitfalls and dangers in mind too. How? Please click here. Because there are scammers out there who are ready and prepared to take advantage of unsuspecting online romance seekers. Let’s take a look at some tips on staying happy and safe in the world of online dating.


Set Up Special Communication Channels


Anybody who has a social media account is aware of the amount of spam in the form of messages and notifications associated with that. If you use your personal e-mail address to register on just one or two singles’ website, that would be enough to create huge clutter in your inbox, and before you know it you would have to manually delete hundreds of e-mails every single day. A more unforeseen circumstance would be having the misfortune of running into somebody who would start stalking or harassing you, and you might end up having to discontinue the use of an otherwise important channel of communication in order to get rid of the unwanted mail.

On the same note, you hardly want to have to change your phone number because you inadvertently gave it to the wrong people. If you start seeing someone you met online and things become awkward, it is crucial that they don’t have your contact information and cannot misuse it, The Dating Cop advice. Set up a Google voice number you could give to dates until you are fairly certain you have met somebody you want to go to the next level with. In case a relationship starts developing, you can always give the person your primary phone number


Watch Out What You Put On Your Profile Page



You’ve already signed up? Great, now let’s fill out your profile. Needless to say, don’t make it look like your CV, you are not applying for a job. The less information you give away about your employer and the neighborhood where you live, the better. You definitely don’t want to know bad dates to know where you work so that you don’t risk somebody asking you for money in order not to go to your boss with intimate details you never want anybody to know about. Believe it or not, you can mention your line of work without giving enough details that a scammer would use against you.


Research the privacy features of any website you consider opening an account with. Do you know that some websites will only reveal your profile details to paying members? While this doesn’t guarantee sending off all scammers on their way, chances are high that will filter out many of them at the very beginning. Another point on privacy – make sure you only upload photos of yourself, not group photos of your family or friends. This way you not only take care not to expose too many personal details but   also avoid the risk of attracting someone who mistook your buddy on the picture for you and agreed on a meetup expecting to see them instead.


How to Spot a Scammer


Having covered the measures you can undertake to stay safe in the area of your personal information, let’s say a few words on how to spot a potential scammer right away by watching out for a few red flags, outlined at If you see a profile that’s virtually “empty”, apart from an attractive, professional-looking photo, get out of there immediately. First, if the picture looks like a model head shot, it most probably is. The trouble is you rarely meet a lonely model online. So chances are high the person simply took a random photo from the internet in order to lure the opposite sex intro writing or responding to messages.


If the picture seems fine but you notice too many colloquialisms, broken English and the like, this should raise a big red flag, telling you that the person is either completely ignorant or a scammer. Well, it’s more likely to be the latter, so watch out for that. And last but not least, trust your instincts about people. It’s incredible how often our inner voice is trying to communicate with us in order to guide us in the right direction. We only need to listen

Amateur Sex Video For Entertainment

You can never really go wrong with amateur sex video. There’s just something amazing about seeing the girl next door getting busy. There are tons of clips out there if you know what you’re looking for. Regular people are making porn all of the time. It’s so easy to make homemade adult videos that practically everyone is experimenting with it. It can be as simple as a girl turning on her cam during her masturbation sessions. She’s going to be fucking herself, anyway. Why wouldn’t she record it and show it off to the world to enjoy?

Amateur women love to show off

Any amateur girl loves to feel like a porn star on Arousr. They see how much men love watching them. They want some of that attention for themselves. They’re always happy to get nude if it means getting someone hard. She’ll make it as erotic as possible to get you hard. It gives them a thrill that nothing else on the planet can give them. If a girl thinks that she has a nice ass, she’ll always be showing it off. If she likes her own, curvy body, you’ll never be able to go without coming across her naked videos.

Some girls love to give that little extra

Not all videos are made the same, though. There are always going to be girls who go above and beyond. There are tons of horny girls masturbating with their sextoys on camera right now. They want to cum and nothing is going to stop them from doing it. They just want you to watch them after they finish. They’re going to show off the hairy pussy as it twitches and floods while they get it closer and closer to exploding. They might even treat themselves to a little tit play as an appetizer and you get to see it all.

Just choose what you want to see

You can really see anything in an amateur sex video. If it exists in porn, real women are going to do it for you. Any bbw out there is willing to show off her boobs to you. Even milfs get in on the action. You don’t have to be a teen to make your own porn. Horny moms from all over the place make time to give a good blowjob on camera for you. She may be respectable during the day, but once the sun goes down, they let their true sluttiness come through.

Women love to experiment

Lots of women use their amateur sex videos to try new things. It’s not crazy to see a regular girl try anal for the first time on camera. It adds a whole new layer to their sexual enjoyment. They’ll even show off their oral skills and finish with a very satisfying cumshot all over their faces. What makes amateurs so hot is that you can see all of this coming from someone who could be living right next door to you. You could see the same women walking down the street that you just watched swallow a massive cum load.

It can get really naughty

Nothing is holding these women back. They’re going to let themselves go crazy once the camera comes on. They’re going to make their videos as hardcore as anything they’ve ever seen in porn. Any hot cougar could be seen with a younger guy that she specifically picked up to fuck on camera. She’s not going to rest until she’s sure that she’s the best fuck he’s ever had. She’ll let him fuck her in every hole and leave her with a massive creampie. It’s her advertisement to the rest of the world that she’s in it to be naughty.

It takes all types

Keep in mind that you can find any woman in the world in an amateur sex video. There’s always going to be a bbw, MILF, cougar or teen who wants to fuck on camera. They’ll even be in multiple clips. They get addicted to the feeling of making porn. It turns them on to feel like an adult star. After they get naked on camera once, they want to do it all of the time. It gives them a rush that they can’t do without.

It’s always erotic

Amateur sex videos are more erotic than any other kind of porn. When it’s homemade, you know it’s real. The masturbating always leads to a real orgasm and not the fake ones you see pornstars have. They’re tits are real and their pussies are hairy because they like it. It’s really that simple. You’ll never see a better blowjob than you’ll get in an amateur video. That woman is sucking cock because she loves it. She’s taking the cumshot because she likes the way it makes her feel. Amateur is always the way to go. Go and checkout the Arousr Sex Clips now if you are up for some fun.

Top Adult Toys for Men In 2019

Okay. Let’s be real here. We all have our own secret little kinks that we like to fiddle around with sometimes. It’s something adults naturally do to “decompress” or “release” all the negative energy. Men, especially, are fond of these decompressing activities. Even if they aren’t, they are still likely to be associated with such things. After all, the world has this biased view of men when it comes to matters of the flesh – I’m not placing judgements though.

Anyway, it’s totally fine to let off some steam every once in a while. We live in such a hectic world and it seems that we’re always rushing all over the place. It feels good to have some time for yourself; to sit back, relax, and maybe service yourself a little bit. It doesn’t take too much to make a man happy. In fact, even he can make himself completely happy – with the help of some lotion, of course!

Anyway, let’s drop the formalities and talk about real stuff today. I know that you’re getting really hot for adult play and I won’t keep you for too long. Today, I have some really interesting toys to introduce you to (that is, if you haven’t met them already). But first, let’s get some beginner stuff out of the way. Before we get to the main entrée, first we have to spike up the appetite right? 

Men & Masturbation

Now, here’s a stupid question:

Is it normal for men to masturbate?

My friend, asking this question is like asking whether we breathe air with our lungs. Yes, it is so normal for men to masturbate that meeting a guy who has never tried to jerk off even once in his life is considered abnormal. This goes for women and married men as well (read more). Humans as we are, we are sexual creatures. And as we grow older, these sensual needs become more apparent and demanding. It usually hits off during the puberty years.

Like it or not, your attraction to the opposite sex (or same sex, for that matter) is something that naturally grows as you mature. When your body reaches a certain age, it begins to produce more sex hormones and having these blood-pumping, heart-pounding, and hand-sweating hormones in your system can drive you nuts. This is why you are compelled to look for an outlet to release all this pent up energy. But when you’re young, you can’t just call someone up on Tinder and satisfy your sexual urges soon after – you live in your parents’ house for Pete’s sake! So the best thing you can do is to be creative.

This is where masturbation starts. This is when you begin to experiment.

Through years of learning how to sexually satisfy themselves, men become better at it. If lucky, they also start dating real women which then gives them the opportunity to try out the real thing. Of course, it feels ecstatic. I mean, if you recall your first-ever sexual experience, you must remember feeling very elated right? However, things turn for the worse when you suddenly break up with your first girl. Months after separation, you will feel your manly urges spike up again and this time, it seems like your lone hand isn’t enough to calm its relentless thirst.

So, what do men do at this point? Actually, what would you do?

Well, for one, I know a lot of people who get into hook-up sites to meet random women who are just as sex-starved as they are. I personally oppose the idea of engaging in such things. First of all, it’s dangerous. These are hook-up websites we are talking about. This means that people who linger around these websites have probably slept with more people than you can count and I don’t think it’s a good idea to put yourself up on their list – especially with the skyrocketing STD cases we reportedly have nowadays. Check this article out if you want to know more:

Anyway, if you want to experience good fun without having to sacrifice your health, I have a better idea:

Just get into adult play.

What Is Adult Play?

Adult play is the answer to your sex-deprivation problems. I know that some nights can be unbearably lonely but that doesn’t mean you have to gamble your health out there just for cheap sex. You can find pleasure in other things. In this case, you can find them in sex toys.

If it isn’t obvious enough, sex toys are devices or apparatuses specifically designed to illicit sexual pleasure and arousal. They can be used by a single person, a couple, or for those who like it extreme, these would be pretty exciting orgy toys as well. Anyway, I have a few toys at the top of my list today that I want to share with all my bros out there. Trust me; these things are sweeter than a jar of honey! 


This toy is a classic. How would you like to jerk off to something that actually looks like a vagina? Or, how would you like to have anal sex without having to ask participation from a random stranger? Well, with fleshlights, all of your wet dreams can come true. This toy closely resembles an actual flashlight (thus the name play) but instead of a bulb, it has a vagina or an anus for its head. Some toys look so surreal and go so deep, you’ll forget it’s made of plastic! If you want to check out more, you should see the Top 10 best rated male sex toys in 2019!   

Sex Dolls

Haven’t you ever dreamed of banging Marilyn Monroe? Well, maybe you can. That is, if you buy a sex doll that looks exactly like her! Sex dolls are (usually) life-size dolls that have elaborate lady parts that you can definitely mess around with in your own time. Instead of picking up some random girl, why not order one from the net? Best part is that they won’t ever leave you! 

Hands-free Masturbators

Masturbating feels good alright but it’s also terribly exhausting – especially on the wrist. What if I told you there was a toy that can let you jerk off hands-free? Exciting, isn’t it? With today’s technology, it is very much possible. Why don’t you check out some models yourself?

The Best of Adult Dating Websites – Fling Review

In recent times, the internet and especially social networks have become quite popular in virtually meeting and communicating with both girls and guys. That’s because they all have a profile on at least one kind of social network. This makes it easy to approach and chat with them.

Unlike face to face communication, texting and online chatting gives you the opportunity to think about your reply before you hit the send button. When talking in person, you need to be fast, quirky and efficient in your words. This makes it easy for you to make a mistake and blow a romantic chance. Dating websites are even easier to use since everyone is on them with a single goal. That goal varies from findingcasual sex, looking for a fling, or maybe trying their luck to find a relationship. Click here to read more.

What makes Fling different from other websites?

Wellfirst of all, it has more than 50 million active users, and more than a million of them are active each day. This means that it works and that people are getting what they’re looking for. You might think that you don’t stand a chance with all of that competition. But trust us, you do, and there are ways to improve your game.

You also might think that the cost of the app and the service is expensive. But if you really think about it, for the price of a coffee in Starbucks you may be able to get a fling,great casual sex, or it could even be the love of your life. That is worth every penny if you’re asking us.

Another great thing is that your privacy will always be secured. They take pride in depicting themselves as a company which is discrete to the fullest extent that reality allows. If you go boasting around of your achievements and what you did, then the website can’t be blamed about being indiscreet.

 It’s definitely one of the biggest, and most effective adult websites online. You only need to register. Then, the party starts, and you can prepare your game. This review might be of some help as well.

What if you don’t know how to flirt?

That is something that lots of people worry about. No matter how bad you think you are, the truth is there are guys and girls worse than you that are doing way more. The only thing you need is a little bit of confidence, and the courage to make the first move.

After the initial text, or image sent, chances are that the conversation will flow. All of the users on these websites are friendly and ready to have a good time. So unless you are insulting anybody, there is a high chance that you will get what you are looking for. And like everything else in life, flirting can be learned. You can try out different ways to start up a conversation, and some cool pick up lines.

Texting a lot of people will give you the opportunity to see what works and what doesn’t. If you’re struggling with confidence, just think of it as a game. It’s an app on your phone, so it doesn’t really make the difference to you rationally. But subjectively, it can stimulate your brain and you will be able to think of better replies, more engaging compliments, and more provocative follow-ups.  Here is some more info:

Depending on what you want, you can set goals for yourself. For each hookup, think as if you’ve gained a level. This is a great way to get people to motivate themselves and gather the courage to talk to someone online. And, of course, after a while of talking, you’ll need to meet the other party in real life. Then, try to transfer the same attitude as you did virtually.

Don’t be afraid to add in a few compliments when you’re talking face to face, because it will have a much bigger effect. If everything goes right, the night and the meeting will end with great sex, and both you and your partner will be satisfied. If the face to face conversation isn’t that good, then there is always tomorrow where you can try again until you succeed.

I’m Guilty Of Using Sex Toys – Am I In Trouble?

Being in a long term relationship is nice. In fact, it is the dream of many. As the internet says, it would be the ultimate #couplegoals. You will always have someone to eat with, sleep with, travel with, and ultimately, you’ll always have someone to call “your home.” Instead of bringing on wine or vodka after a long day of work, you’re excited to run by the grocery and buy ingredients for dinner. Instead of partying during weekends, you’d rather stay in and have a cuddle session while watching Netflix, complete with a bag of chips and a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s. Being in a long term relationship is heavenly. It’s as if you’ve finally found someone to spend your happy days with.

But, why in the world do couples breakup? Why in the world do some people still cheat?

For one, there could already be existing problems in the relationship. It could be a conflict on perspective or maybe there are certain things (that are individually important) the couple just can’t seem to agree on. These factors may lead to a potential breakup but never should it lead to infidelity. That’s an entirely different story. One other factor that couples commonly mention when asked about their breakup is the “loss of passion.” Sparks don’t just fly anymore. You have been so used to always being together and everything you do feels redundant. It has become an everyday routine.

Then again, how do you think your grandparents’ made it to seventy years of marriage? Or even eighty? You see, relationships work because couples make it work. It’s a choice to stay together. It’s not something you feel with someone; it’s a decision you make with someone. There will be fights. There will be times when things look dreary but it is holding on and making things work that will test how deep your love is for that person. And you know, even if fiery passions start to cool down, there is still something you can do.

You can try experimenting. You can try out new kinks to try and break the routine. If you don’t know how this works yet, then you can learn more about it here: Adults have toys too, if you know what I mean. They’re meant to add a little sizzle into your sex life; try to make things more “interesting” again. You may be worried about people judging you if they find out. Do not mind them. For all you know, they’re only jealous that you have someone to use those toys with (or on, lol). You can start with simple little trinkets – you don’t really have to go full-blown BDSM. If that’s not your thing, then don’t force it. You can go for the less extreme ones; the humble toys for beginners. You shouldn’t feel guilty about using them too because I tell you, millions of others are using them as we speak (but don’t picture it, okay?)

Sometimes, all it takes to make a relationship work is to put a little effort in. It’s very flattering to know that your partner is doing something to keep the love alive and burning. If it doesn’t work out, then hey, charge it all to experience. At least somehow, you’ve rebooted your relationship and you can laugh about your funny “sexcapades” later on. If it works for both of you, then it’s a good thing. You now found something you can both enjoy in each other’s company.

Don’t let the love die that easily. Just like burning coal, the sparks will slowly fade and the only way to light it up again is to add more coal. If you keep choosing each other and won’t settle for any other, that’s when love grows.

Women, buy yourself new lingerie; surprise your man. Show them that you still have more things going for you than what they’re already used to. Men, bring a nice gift for the lady. Roses and chocolates are nice. But how about something you can both enjoy? Go home and go wild. Shower each other with blazing passion and deep love. If you can’t make one relationship work, you won’t be able to make several others work either. It’s just going to be an endless cycle of heartaches and heartbreaks.

Choose each other everyday.