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Angelina Armani The Big Hit

Angelina Armani is one of those hotties that doesn’t come around all that often in the porn industry, her lean figure, captivating face, and raw sense of sensuality sure to make waves as she provides director Robby D. at Digital Playground with some additional inspiration. Her first movie for the company is Angelina Armani: The Big Hit, a feature of sorts that shows the newcomer contract gal in her best light as more than just a beauty that looks like retired starlet Julie Meadows. The movie itself shows the gal trying to become a contract killer for the thrills and excitement of the profession when her boy toy Mick Blue leaves for work, the fusion of gun themes and heated sex much like the Naked Aces series that Robby seems so fond of these days. Does the cutie live up to the hype and is this the best use of her attributes the company could provide? Well, considering how much screen time she was given and her three full scenes with men, I think she is about to become exceptionally popular with fans just in time for the 2009 Adult Entertainment Exposition (though technically, this one comes out next year just after the show closes up). Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Alexis Texas Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Alexis Texas

Scene One

Alexis Texas, the bountiful beauty with the awesome booty, was up first as she sucked off Danny Mountain in bed. Angelina got a lick of his lollipop too but she left as part of the thematic elements and naked Alexis was shown slobbing his knob in earnest with her ass in the air. Danny is a third tier moper as far as I’m concerned (at least as of this writing) so it was no surprise that he did not reciprocate, letting Alexis pound her sweet pussy onto his rod in a few positions while she whispered sweet nothings, looking at the camera and providing a decent but mechanical ride this time. The lack of personal chemistry aside, it ended when he bust a nut of genetic juice on her abdomen, some post coital sucking closing the scene out.

Scene Two

Vanessa Leon, a lean brunette with about as much acting skill as Angelina, was up next with Ben English, the pair dismissing the wannabe killer in a cold looking house with most of the colors abbreviated. Vanessa was wearing black lingerie and Ben was insistent as he pawed and sucked her nipples, acting rough towards her as she masturbated during their lengthy kisses. Vanessa than lowered her mouth to wrap her lips around his turgid cock, her ass sticking out as she held the rod to keep most of it from being slammed down her throat. They fucked vaginally in numerous positions, the standing fuck looking like it might kill the guy, beads of sweat rolling down his body as he rested when she went back to sucking him off (using her hand to increase the friction). The facial wasn’t bad either, the population pudding gracing her face and hair all over.

Angelina Armani Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Angelina Armani

Scene Three

Angelina Armani the hotty featured all over the front cover, was up next in her first actual scene, the gal taking on the mighty Evan Stone in bed as the two bantered words to result in the bedroom dare. Evan proved up to her challenge and they each had what the other wanted, he provided a gun while she provided the pussy. Evan went all silly (as usual) and Angelina had a tough time keeping a straight face, her clothing coming off as she rubbed herself at the thought of handling the handgun. She licked it and he licked her, neither getting much chance to satisfy the other orally before they vaginally screwed in a mechanical fashion. Evan did most of the work and banged her until he rubbed out a wad of spew to her face, the gal departing to begin her career as an assassin.

Emy Reyes Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Emy Reyes

Scene Four

Emy Reyes, a gal with a frisky personality, was up next as she proved envious of Angelina’s gun, the contract gal leaving her with Scott Nails so the two could have some fun. Emy sucked him off in such a way that it was clear she had plenty of experience, alternating between using her hands and skipping them, Scott stroking her back as she worked his pipe. He started screwing her passive pussy rather than go down on it, the gal getting into the rhythm of the motion before too long. This was another case of mechanically driven sex, her tan versus his pasty white skin looking kind of weird in the stark camera world set up for the show. He smacked her around and she provided some aural comments that struck me as generic, her all natural body not a bad one but barely above minimal effort until she fucked him to orgasm at the end of the scene; most of his initial load going to her ass and the rest to her face.

Angelina Armani Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Angelina Armani

Scene Five

Angelina Armani, now on assignment and in a world where everything looked yellow tinted, came on to Jerry as if he were a movie star. He played along when it was apparent that not doing so would end the tryst, the lady blowing him and jerking him off before their 69 led to him drilling her pussy. She did PTM between positions and while she did not live up to her genetic potential, the overuse of extreme close up shots sure didn’t help either. The ending nut juice landed on her face and she did not swallow any of it.

Scene Six

Angelina Armani, back in bed with studly Mick Blue just like the movie began, found the colors restored to normalcy and her lips wrapped around yet another cock, the short hummer leading to them screwing. Mick did most of the work and Angelina looked as cute as ever, her mane of hair bouncing around as much as her breasts when he banged her roast beef box. I prefer active riders in my scenes and while I think she will learn over time, her oral was clearly the best part of the scene by far (as with her other scenes to date). It ended when Mick jerked off to her face, the movie suggesting a sequel before the credits rolled.


Alexis Texas, Danny Mountain, Vanessa Leon, Ben English, Angelina Armani, Evan Stone, Emy Reyes, Scott Nails, Jerry, Mick Blue


Asa Goes To Hell!

When you and I go to Hell (and that’s happening, believe that), we’ll probably spend eternity being beaten, burned, and forced to eat shit while listening to demons sing Nickelback songs.  When Asa Akira goes to Hell, however, she apparently gets to have all sorts of crazy sex with hot pornstars.  Because that’s what the Bible says.

Directed by Axel Braun, Asa Goes To Hell is the latest showcase featuring one of the hottest and most popular pornstars on the planet; Ms. Asa Akira.  The movie features five hardcore scenes, all of which star Asa Akira, and has a runtime of just over an hour and a half.  This would seem to indicate that each of those five hardcore scenes move along at a fairly brisk pace, which is good for all of us who suffer from short/damaged attention spans.

Asa Akira Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Asa Akira

Not surprisingly, this isn’t the first time Asa Akira has been filmed having sex in Hell.  You may recall she had a similar adventure in Underworld, which was directed by Brad Armstrong and released back in 2013.  That film went on to be one of the most critically acclaimed XXX movies of that year.

In addition to Asa Akira, the movie also features the talents of Aiden Ashley.  The pairing of these two ladies is especially exciting, because anyone who’s seen either of their work knows that these women are hardcore superfreaks.  So seeing them do sex to each other will probably melt your face right off your goddamn skull.  #WorthIt

As for the five dudes that perform in Asa Goes To Hell, they really need no introduction.  Dane Cross, Eric John, Rob Piper, Moe the Monster, and Will Powers are all excellent at what they do, they’ve collectively been nominated for every major industry award in existence, and each of them has more sex in a week than most people have in their lives. Shop the Asa Akira Porn DVD Range today!

Slut Auditions 3

Freaky and dedicated to his perversions, Mike Adriano demands a similar level of commitment from his costars. The well-hung performer/director’s “Slut Auditions #3” shows eager cock whores trying out for Mike’s singularly kinky scenes, demonstrating sloppy, intense oral and anal talent. Glamorous MILF Veronica Avluv sinks Mike’s big dick deep inside her well-used rectum. She squirts in climax as Mike punks her mighty rump, and Veronica reams her wrecked anus with a massive vibrating massager. Young, natural hottie Mandy Muse gags on Mike’s meat. He plows her greased asshole and splatters her face with tasty jizz. Beautiful blonde Haley Reed, just 20, is fresh in the porn biz, but she’s very enthusiastic about licking balls and rimming male ass. After a spit-soaked blow job, her sweet pussy envelops Mike’s dick while oozing white, gooey “grool” (girl drool). Big-assed bombshell Cali Carter enjoys a good butt fucking; she gags and slobbers as she sucks Mike’s erection ass-to-mouth.

Mike Adriano’s “Slut Auditions #3” is a single-disc DVD with cast list and filmographies.

Mandy Muse Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Mandy Muse


Cali Carter, Haley Reed, Mandy Muse, Veronica Avluv, Mike Adriano



Aim For Brooklyn Chase’s Tits

Curvaceous, girl next-door Brooklyn Chase is known for her amazing rack, so it makes sense that she scored a solo cover as well (as some prime real estate on the back cover) and a scene in Hustler’s latest DVD “Aim for My Tits”. Brooklyn invites Ryan Driller to finish on her chest, because her tits look even more amazing when drenched in cum.

Streeting this week, “Aim for My Tits” is over 90 minutes of loads being dropped on perfect titties.

Brooklyn Chase Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Brooklyn Chase

The DVD features an all star cast, including Brandy Aniston, Kendall Karson, Sienna Day and Tara Lynn Foxx.

“I really like working for Hustler and of course with Ryan Driller,” says Brooklyn Chase. “I like how they did the cover—it’s like a before and after. It’s just my bare boobs on the front and the large picture on the back cover shows them doused in cum. If you’re a fan of mine and you like boobs, you’ll want to pick up this DVD.”

And, Brooklyn’s tits, along with her amazing on screen performances, have helped her garner the Number 2 spot this week in AEBN’s Top Performers of the Week. Also joining her on the exclusive list is Adriana Chechik, Bonnie Rotten and Veronica Avluv.




All Natural Nurses

Having both a naughty nurse and a big boob fetish, I figured All Natural Nurses—a Tom Byron Production—would be a good film for me to whack off to.  Seeing as how I do a lot of reviews on adult how-to films, sometimes I just want whacking material with no other redeeming quality, but to get off.  Hey, guess what.  I’m human after all!

Ok.  So the girls are all hot in this film and their boobs are real (very important to real big boob fetishists, as they flog, wiggle and bounce the way they should).  The nurse outfits are pretty hot for the most part.  Any of these girls can come play nurse at my place whenever they’d like.  Just email me first.

This film is Hetero only, no girl on girl, or even fake lesbian girl on girl.  Too bad.  I like to see a bit of diversity in my fuck flicks, and there isn’t much of that in the film.  The girl’s all look different, but it is mainly boy/girl sex with not a whole lot of imagination.

Natasha Nice Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Natasha Nice

Here are the scenarios:

Guy patient comes in needing some TLC.  Bodacious nurse with breasts hanging out of her uniform looks him over.  Decides he needs a blow-job.  Blow-job ensues, then a bunch of fucking in various positions, some more blow-job jobbing, and a cum shot finale.  Just change the patient to Doctor or Cop, and it’s pretty well all the same.

Have you seen this scenario before?  Yes.  In just about every other mainstream porn flick out there.  I swear each scene started with a blow-job.  Nothing to mix it up a bit.  Hey, I realize guys like their blow-jobs, but is that all it is about?  Apparently to the director, Ivan, it is.  Now, I’m not knocking blow-jobs, I just like each scene to seem somewhat less choreographed, even if it isn’t.

And, what about the boobs?  Sure there was some good bouncing boob footage, but most of the guys ignored that these women had gorgeous breasts or didn’t know what to do with them.  It was all, where can I stick my dick?  Mouth, pussy, oh, maybe between these boobs.  But, hardly any fondling, nipple or breast play, sucking or any titillation.  Guys, that’s what boobs were made for… to play with… and occasionally to nurse babies with, but mostly to play with. Okay?  Well, at least to a boob fetishist they are.

Charlie Chase Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Charlie Chase

The only guy who showed any interest in his playmate’s boobs was Jack Lawrence (Thank you Jack!) who nuzzled, fondled, suckled and had some fun with them.  This also turned out to be the best scene in the film (save the best for last!) because he talked to his co-star Sara Stone, interacted with her and seemed to really get into her, rather than just filming a fuck flick—another day at the job, same ole, same ole.

So.  What is missing in this adult movie film is the interaction between the performers (guys, get into what you are doing and show some reaction, be verbal, don’t let your co-stars moans be the only audio on the track).  And, don’t forget to play with the boobs.  This is very important in boob films, not only to show them, but to play with them.  Because, people who watch big boob films are often big boob fetishists and want to see some boob action.  It is usually more important to them then the fucking and sucking.

Please, some producer give me some money so I can make a big boob film and show the industry how it should be done!

Other than that, this film is pretty good for an average mainstream porn.  And, yes I did get off.  It just took a lot of fast forwarding.  I won’t break down the scenes, because, essentially they are all the same, like I said.