A XXX Adventure With Batman And Superman

Superhero gay porn parody

For my review this week I thought I’d do it on an adult movie, so I went to our DVD room at an Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre and scoured the wall. Then, I saw it! It was a perfect for this week, as the Justice League movie had just opened across the nation. This week, I will be doing my review on the parody of Batman v Superman made by the famous gay adult film studio MEN.com.

As a massive nerd and comic book fan I was weary that they had done this parody, but in good spirit I thought it could be some fun, if nothing else. Starring as Bruce Wayne aka Batman is dark and brooding Trenton Ducati and as Clark Kent aka Superman is sizzling hot sex god Toper DiMaggio. I feel like both casting choices were perfect for the part, and they both had done well in the roles.

Gay batman porn parody
Image: Batman Shielding Man

In the first scene it starts off at a party where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meet for the first time after being introduced by the villain Mr. Smith. They talk and come to realise they oppose each other in defence of their alter egos. It then cuts to the very sexy Damien Crosse in an alley and is being attacked by thugs. In no time at all, Superman comes and fends off the thugs, and Damien Crosse shows his gratitude to him by offering himself to Superman. It is then that we see what the man of steel is really made of. They move to the warehouse and they get down to action. It cuts to Batman watching the pair and it looked like he was getting off from watching them. Or maybe he was just gathering ‘evidence’. Superman tops Damien; they change positions a few times and they both have an explosive end. Both actors worked well together, they were very passionate and had great chemistry. I feel like they could have made this scene better if Damien Crosse wasn’t just a random victim and they made him a parody version of Louise Lane. It’s not a big deal but it would have added to the story. If Superman saved all civilians like this, I would constantly be seeking his help and getting into trouble.

The next scene shows a naked Paddy O’Brian being held up by some thugs but within moments Batman is there to fend them off and save the ‘helpless’ Paddy. As thanks Paddy does Batman. Now I found this as a surprise because I always imagined Batman to be a top (come on now, Robin is DEFINITELY a bottom!) but it was a very hot scene nonetheless. Paddy is a very good top and always delivers such passion and it was hot to see him do Batman. Again, they change positions a few times, and when Paddy is done exploring Batman’s bat-cave, they have a happy ending.

Gay superman kissing a man
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In the final scene we see the big bad Mr. Smith with three caged up twinks, naked and he is ready to do ‘experiments’ on them but before he gets to start he is thwarted by the crime fighting duo, who have come together to save the helpless caged up studs, played by Allen King, Dario Beck and Massimo Piano. Once stopped, while waiting for the authorities, the three captors decide they couldn’t resist the caped crusader’s charm and they want to show their gratitude. It starts off with an all in brawl and it seems Batman and Superman are very happy they saved the innocent captors. The three young men take turns servicing and offering themselves to the two superheroes but then Batman and Superman decide to bond with just each other. Superman ends up topping Batman and the others watch on and get each other off. As they watch the two muscular studs put on a show. The show stopping conclusion shows the three men watching, jerking each other off and then blow on themselves from the hotness of what they are witnessing which has the last son of Krypton explode all over the face of the Dark Knight. An extremely hot ending to the movie as great porn has many benefits!

Now overall I was very happy with the movie and the approach they took, and being the nerd that I am loved the fact that the actors kept their crime fighting costumes on, mainly, throughout the scenes and especially when the action happened. They didn’t just get rid of the costumes and become completely naked. This was a very hot detail and I appreciated it as it added to the overall experience. I did hope that they did more scenes in the movie. They could have done a scene where Batman goes back to the bat cave and has a scene with Alfred, his loyal butler. And it would have been hot to see a solo scene with Batman and Superman and have them fight then end up in a hot scene where they go at it on a rooftop or something like that. But that certainly didn’t mean the movie wasn’t good and it was very hot to watch. For me the main star was definitely Topher DiMaggio, as I have been a long-time fan of the actor and always enjoy his scenes but I felt he was extraordinary as The Man of Steel especially with his body and attitude. Now I wonder how they will approach a Justice League parody and how on earth will they do Wonder Woman?

I give this adult movie four and a half bat-signals out of five!


Author: Brett is a consultant from Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres