6 Tips for Choosing an Open Mouth Gag

Sex toys are fun, and it brings an elevated level of pleasure, especially with foreplay. If you’re thinking about expanding your BDSM collection with a mouth gag, here are six tips to help you look for the right one (especially if this is your first time buying one!).


  • Your gag flavors

There’s the bit gag, ball gaga, and spider gag. There are many types of gags, and choosing the right type is by far the most important aspect, and all these different types have distinctive features, providing various kinds of pleasure. The gag you want is based on your preference. Do you prefer one that keeps your mouth wide open? Then perhaps a spider gag would be good, or do you prefer something closing your mouth? That would be the ball gaga. Keep in mind that when using a spider gag, don’t perform oral sex or insert anything into the mouth. While it’s an enticing visual, it can become a choking hazard. Safe sex is more than just wearing a condom.


  • Choose the size.

If this is your first mouth gag and you prefer a ball gag, choose one with a small diameter, whether for you or your partner. Having a smaller sized ball gag is better than a large one as it may end up hurting the wearer’s jaw, causing uneasiness and reducing pleasure. Plus, it will end up not being used as often as you’d like. A gag around 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter is a good range if this is your first gag.


  • Choose your material.

Like the size of the gag, you’ll find that it comes in many different materials. You want something with good material, especially since you’d be sticking it in or to your mouth. For sex toys, silicone is the choice you want to go for as it’s safe to use and makes cleaning easier. Plastic is the next best option, along with TPR.


  • Special features

Some open mouth gags and closed mouth gags come with built-in breathing holes, and while they don’t lessen the breathing issues, they do make it easier for the wearer to breathe. As always, the gag must be thoroughly cleaned before you store it or use it again. Before purchasing the gag, get a feel of the surface to make sure you don’t get any rough edge or pointy bits.


  • Choose your color.

The common colors you’d find mouth gags in are black, red, blue, and purple. You can’t really find them in an assortment of colors except for the colors mentioned here, so pick the best thing that suits your fancy.


Bottom Line

The most important aspects of choosing an open mouth gag are the material, size, as well as the type. Keep in mind safety precautions when using open mouth gags. Once you’re done using it, make sure to sterilize and clean the toys, so there are no bacteria present the next time you use it.


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