Best Quality Hands Free Male Masturbator For Straight And Gay Guys

Masturbation has always been an interesting topic, and especially among men. There’s not an adult person on Earth who can say that they have never masturbated in their life. While there is so much debate going on about how often men should masturbate, one thing is for sure. They definitely should do it, and a lot, because it’s not only pleasing and enjoyable, but also healthy. When it comes to the question of how often, it appears that science has something to say about that, as you can see here.

The question of how often is quickly being replaced by another and much more important question. Should men use male masturbator toys, or should they stick with their hands? Some of the best quality hands free male masturbators on the market can be used by both straight and gay guys, and there is no doubt that these products exist and that they are well known and very much used.

There is no way that men aren’t tempted by the idea of playing with themselves while not using hands. That reminds them of the real deal and that’s definitely better than closing your eyes and pretending that your own hand is somebody else’s body. Some people, however, are still unsure of whether these products are right for them and how it is actually that they can benefit from a hands free male masturbator.

If you are a guy and the idea of jerking off without ever touching your junk with your hands appeals to you, then you should definitely hear what people have to say about these products. I will give you a list of a couple of benefits that you can expect from the best male masturbators, so that I can help you finally decide whether those are the products for you. I really can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t try them out immediately, but, hey, if you are indecisive, feel free to do some reading before buying these.

They Feel Like The Real Thing

Since you are taking time to do some reading, if you hop to, you will quickly be able to see why these products are so popular. Unlike your hand and your own skin, they feel more like the real thing. The materials these are made of will determine just how much the product you get will feel like the real thing, and it is up to you to find the best one.

Just imagine it for one second. You are in your room, alone and horny. You take the toy out, close your eyes and start playing with it. Putting your hands on your junk and stroking it is unnecessary, which is in itself enough to allow you to really get into it and feel as if you were playing with another person, rather than a toy.

The feeling you get when you stick your penis into the toy will definitely add to the sensation of reality, which will ultimately lead to a more powerful orgasm. Your hand can only do so much and, let’s face it. No matter how much you get into it, it is still your hand and that idea always lingers somewhere in the back of your head. That’s definitely not the case when you use a masturbator.

They Can Be Warmed Up

Can you think of one important difference between your hand and, say, a pussy? Okay, okay, I know you’ll say that these two can never be compared, but I want you to still try and think of that one significant difference. When I tell you what it is, you will see just how logical that is and it will be clear why a pussy is more enjoyable.

I’m talking about the temperature. A pussy is a lot warmer than a hand, which is another reason why men should use sex toys if they want to please themselves the right way. Most of the best hands free male masturbators can be warmed up by simply being put into warm water a little bit. The warmth and the moist makes the toy feel even more realistic, which is the whole point.

They Don’t Reduce Your Sensitivity

Have you ever heard of the “death grip” phenomenon in masturbation? This is when a guy gets too excited and then squeezes his own penis a little bit too much in the process. While they might not feel that there is anything wrong with a hard grip like that because they might actually be enjoying it, this can reduce their sensitivity over time, which will make it more difficult to orgasm when doing it with an actual person.

Male masturbator toys are perfect because they won’t squeeze you at all. They will provide the gentle and highly arousing touch that you need. That means that these toys won’t reduce your sensitivity at all, which is rather important in the long run. Just like you don’t like the idea of premature ejaculation, you also don’t want to have an extremely difficult time achieving an orgasm with your partner. Jerking off regularly with the help of your hand can very well lead to that.

They Reduce The Risk Of Fraction

This benefit is closely connected to the above one. When you get into it and start stroking your penis too hard and too quickly, there is definitely a risk of fraction, especially if your hand is not moist. That can even be painful at certain times, and no guy likes to feel pain down there.

While there are a lot of benefits to masturbation (go here), there are also a few risks if you aren’t doing it the right way. In order to avoid those risks, you should get yourself a male masturbator toy and lube it up properly. Lube is definitely a must here.

When you get the toy, lube it up and do everything the right way, you will definitely only get pleasure from the masturbator. There will be no risk of getting hurt. There will only be the amazing sensation of achieving a powerful orgasm.

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