Sensual Pole Dancing

Sensual Pole dancing features real life couples that enter the world of pole dancing. Alexander Institute brings you with this release, the chance for you to follow the steps and learn this sensual pole dance. Prepare yourself to learn new seductive tricks and enticing positions that will make any man crazy. The featured choreography and the variations will surely help you learn precisely how to become an exotic seducer. Convert any room of your house as a stage for your man and drive him crazy. Wake up his senses and both of you finally can reach up climax.

Sexy Moves You Can Learn at Home!Get a great workout while performing this seductive new style of dance. Watch real couples experiment with this modern form of seduction! Experience increased confidence in your body image and appreciate your feminine curves as you use your body to the max. Convert any room of your house into your personal pole dance parlor with moves that will turn your man on and spice up your relationship!-*Enticing Positions-*Seductive Tricks-*Transition Variations-*Sizzling Choreography Routine-*Freestyle Performance by a Pro

Celebrity trainer Wendy Traskos is a multi-year fitness champion and the founder and owner of New York Pole Dancing. Her sister Tracy is a certified personal trainer, professional fitness competitor and dance fitness instructor. Dr. Patti Britton was the president (2006-08) of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), is a Clinical Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Sexologists and a Diplomat of the American Board of Sexology. She has helped thousands of couples enhance their sexuality through her workshops, DVDs, on, her website at and her four books.

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Become An Expert At Sex

The Alexander Institute presents the Expert Sex collection where the most average love maker will be turned into a sexual god if these easy to follow instructional dvds are actioned. With two volumes for the price of one will take you step by step through

Volume 1: Dirty Desires
*Open up your sexual world and get out of the bedroom
*How to extend pleasure with sexual teasing
*Overcoming your inhibitions with erotic role-play
*How water can add excitement during sex

Volume 2: Freak Technique
*Kama Sutra and other advanced sexual techniques
*Giving your lover a G-spot orgasm
*Expert advice for giving better oral sex
*Warming up your lover with erotic massage

With over 109 minutes of explicit instructional movie the dvd collection presents exceptional value for money – shipping worldwide now.

Welcome to Expert Sex, the show where adult film stars share their sexual knowledge and take you step by step thru ways to enhance your pleasure and improve your sexual performance. Our experts aren’t full of theory – they have years of personal experience with hundreds of partners. After all… who knows more about sex than an adult film star? 

Read some of the reviews – James –
Not a real graphic, it wasn’t a porn type of movie but it was a fun thing to watch and to hear what the porno stars had to say about different positions was entertaining. I do think a couple of the female stars were just acting when they were supposed to be open and honest. But it was a pleasant visual DVD.

Theresa –
This is not a clinical approach to sex, but good, practical, real advice for real people. My boyfriend didn’t know what happened except that the sex suddenly got a whole lot better!

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Superman Porn – Man Of Steel

Man of Steel XXX An Axel Braun Parody is a parody feature by master director Axel Braun and top production studio Vivid. Ryan Driller reprises his role as Superman and Clark Kent. I have enjoyed his handsome face since he looks so fit for this role. As for the two main leading female characters Lois Lane and Lana Lang, we get refreshing portrayals by Kirsten Price and Samantha Ryan respectively. Meanwhile, a steady Lex Luthor is played by Bryn Pryor aka Eli Cross.

In making an adult parody of an iconic character, there has to be a balance of the fans of porn with mainstream fans of the popular figure. If the sex is too rough and intense, then those mainstream Superman fans will become turned off by the movie. However, if the sex is too held back, then the regular porn dogs will be disappointed. Axel Braun is usually the director who can strike that balance well. In this production, he does accomplish that feat effectively as far as the sex goes in particular if you are a person who does not watch much adult films. Regular porn dogs may have wanted more quality sex, but I think it’s good enough for a superhero parody that will have a wider viewing audience. 

As far as the storyline goes, I wish that it was developed better. By having the plotline focus on an introspective superhero who is having doubts, the film needed to be longer and with more depth since it was not similar to the theatrical version. Ryan Driller, Kirsten Price, Samantha Ryan, and Bryn Pryor all had good acting performances. I really enjoyed the impressive make-up work by Cammy, Mel, and Wrench. Skin Diamond, Sasha Knox, and Kendall Karson looked great. 

Starring Kirsten Price, Samantha Ryan, Kimberly Kane, Kendall Karson, Skin Diamond, Sasha Knox, Ryan Driller, Alan Stafford, Barry Scott, Billy Glide. Also appearing is Veruca James, Liv Aguilera, Giovanni Francesco, Eric Masterson, Bryn Pryor, Derrick Wilson .

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The King OF Rock N’ Roll Porn Parody!

The King of Rock N’ Roll may be dead but he would be rolling in his grave with joy with the Elvis Porn Parody. Priscilla will remember what she was missing when watching ‘the devil in disguise’ going hell for leather in this XXX .

Read this Elvis porn parody review –

Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody is another downright brilliant parody from Axel Braun. I’m amazed at the care that Axel Braun put into this movie, and it’s all top notch. The documentary style with interviews featuring people around The King are very well done and nicely amusing. The music, which is all sexual parodies of Elvis songs, is fantastic, and plays well to both Elvis as well as porn. J. Jay is good as young Elvis, especially for being as fresh as he is to the industry, but Dale DaBone completely owns the role as old Elvis. Not only does he have the mannerisms and speech down pat, but he’s hilarious playing him up. The supporting roles are also extremely well done, with Alec Knight really standing out to be as Elvis’ driver Billy Boy. As for the sex, that also works extremely well. Lexi Belle is as consistent and cute as ever, and Jessi Palmer does a very nice job with her first on-camera anal. Andy San Dimas turned out a great fuck with J. Jay, and I was really impressed with how well they kept her ink hidden to keep with the styles of the times. I’m not sure how Tyler Knight was able to last as long as he did with Asa and Jessica, and their cumswapping finale really set the scene off right. Finally there’s Codi, who nicely works her way between Dale and Alec to wrap things up. From start to finish Elvis XXX: A Porn Parody shows why it’s easily one of the best parodies ever.

Trailer: Extras –
The behind the scenes featurette lasts a little under a half hour. Jessi starts out talking about her first on-camera anal scene and showing off her great booty before working with James Deen before their scene. She also talks about what’s going on with her and her butt before moving to Dale having some fun in the makeup chair. Jessi returns for a quick talk with Ron Jeremy in the bathroom before Alec and Dale work on their lines back in the makeup chair. There’s also a bit of Dale channeling Elvis walking down the hallway before Andy San Dimas and J. Jay chatting about her AVN nomination and his great timing. They also have a few little fun chatting before Codi chats about the last time she was on set and Dale Elvis gives Jay Elvis a few tips. Lexi chats about the zoo at her place, some of what she has to do in the movie, and why marching band rocks. There’s also a bit of fun with J. Jay, Lexi, and Dale dancing with Dale coming off as a complete class act helping them out. Asa and Jessica talk about their limited Elvis knowledge before Tyler works it as Ali with Dale. This is a very nice featurette. You get plenty of personality from the cast as well as a very nice feeling of how much effort went into making this one work. Dale shows just how much he was into this role, as well as the overall movie, and really solidified my thoughts on him earning his AVN award the year it was released.

Running Time: 116 min.

Production Date: 11 / 15, 16, 21 / 2010

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: Andy San Dimas, Asa Akira, Codi Carmichael, Jessi Palmer, Jessica Bangkok, Lexi Belle, Alec Knight, Dale DaBone, J. Jay, James Deen, and Tyler Knight in sexual roles with Amber Cherry, James Bartholet, Lee Garland, Ron Jeremy, and more in non-sex roles

The Blair Witch Project – A Porn Parody

Hopefully you all enjoyed the festive season and best witches (I mean wishes) for the New Year. Did you enjoy watching the Blair Witch Project? Well why not get that creepy feeling with a porn parody at xvideo. We have the best porn parodies at bargain basement pricing. Check out the review and buy your porn parodies now –

While the original film that this porno version basically rips off was a pretty effective horror movie, there was nothing sexy about it at all, making it a puzzling choice for an adult remake but here it is courtesy of writer/director Dick Chibbles and starring such names as Britney Amber, Tommy Gunn and Brandy Aniston (who is kept very busy in this movie).

The plot of this is basically the same as the plot of the original – in 2010 a group of adult filmmakers go into the woods to shoot a porno movie in the rural area of Maryland. They’re also working on a documentary about the Blair Witch as well. OK. So at any rate, they go into the woods and film one another fucking and sucking and then strange things start to happen and they wind up lost and being pursued by some unseen evil force. Completely inconsistent in how it switches back and forth between what appear to be legitimate attempts at making a scary movie and some groan inducingly bad comedy The Blair Witch Project:A Hardcore Parody winds up doing neither very well – but hey, it’s a hardcore parody, right? If the sex is good enough, we can overlook this without any problems whatsoever – so let’s take a look at that aspect of the production, shall we?

Scene 1 – Britney Amber, Nikki Daniels, Tommy Gunn: Playing the ‘Heather’ character from the original, Ms. Amber is the leader on this outing and she decides before they head out into the woods that fucking Tommy Gunn would be a good way to warm up for the project. Since Tommy wants to get some footage under wraps before they split, he’s game and Nikki Daniels shows up at just the right moment to get in on the action. This is a fairly typical guy with two girls scene – Tommy pokes away at the two of them, they take turns sucking his cock and occasionally play with each other. The emphasis here is on taking care of Tommy though, so despite the fact there’s a lot of finger fucking on the part of our two ladies (gotta love the dark hair/light hair contrast they provide!) it’s not as hot or as sincere as it could have been. Regardless, Tommy blows his load across Amber’s pussy and Nikkie dutifully licks it off to finish the scene, always a nice touch.

Scene 2 – Brandy Aniston, Daisy Layne, Hef Pounder: After running into a creepy farmer and discussing the legend of Coffin, err… Casket Rock ad naseum, they get out of the van and head into the woods Amber reads from a book that details the legend while nearby Brandy and Daisy double team Hef and suck his cock to get him primed. He goes back and forth between the two ladies and takes his time fucking them each from every angle you could want, though with doggy style seeming to be the most effective. Daisy definitely seems as into Brandy as she is into Hef, if not more so, which is nice to see. He blows his load onto Brandy’s tits with a nice handjob from Daisy to close the scene.

Scene 3 – Nikki Daniels, Jack Vegas: When everyone else retries at the campsite for the night and goes to bed, Nikki and Jack take advantage of the alone time that’s been offered to him. She takes his pants down, gets him hard and gives him a pretty top notch looking blowjob – though she seems more into it than he does. She gets an A for effort. The whole thing is shot in POV and in nightvision, so don’t expect top notch clarity here but it fits in keeping with the context provided.

Scene 4 – Brandy Aniston, Tommy Gunn: After some hiking and wanting to get away from the pressures of being lost in the woods in the middle of nowhere, Tommy and Brandy decide to release some pressure with a good fuck. They find a nice clearing in the woods with a conveniently placed rock and before you know it Brandy is on top of it and Tommy’s worked his way in between her legs. She strokes him and sucks him and he pumps away at her and they’ve set up a camera nearby in the grass to capture the action, which is mixed up with POV shots. It’s not that great a scene, but it is at least creative from a technical standpoint. Tommy finishes the scene off with a pop shot to the mouth.

Scene 5 – Brandy Aniston, Britney Amber, Daisy Layne, Nikki Daniels: As the pressures of being lost in the woods mount, the group sets up camp for the night and the next morning when everyone wakes up, the girls are all in the tent together. Jack Vegas sees them there and figures, hey, every porno movie needs an all girl scene, and who am I to look a gift house in the mouth? The cameras roll and the ladies engage, taking their sweet time licking and flicking and sucking and fucking. For some reason some of this is in color and some of it is in black and white, which doesn’t make any damn sense at all. The scene is too short to really amount to much.

Scene 6 – Britney Amber, Nikki Daniels, Hef Pounder, Jack Vegas: Last but not least, after a bunch of bickering about maps and being lost, and after spending a night in the tents hearing Jack screaming out in the woods, everyone wakes up and these two girls settle down with these two guys in a clearing in the woods for a little foursome to bring the movie to a close. Nikki works the camera at first but soon somehow ends up in the action too? Ok. At any rate, the guys have their way with the ladies, it’s all pretty standard stuff and not particularly well shot or logical in a contextual manner, but it ends with the guys blowing their respective loads onto their respective partners and the girls do a big gooey cum swamp at the end. Well, the end of the sex scene at least – the ‘story’ wraps up with Britney finding Tommy’s cock severed from his body in the woods and then voyaging into a cabin they find in the woods. If you’ve seen the original, you know where it goes, only this time around the acting is terrible and what should have been an eerie finish instead comes across as being played for laughs.