Jessica Drake – Woman To Woman

I was unsure of what to expect heading in watching Wicked Picture’s jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex: Woman to Woman. I was pretty comfortable with assuming the scenes were going to be hot, but I wasn’t too sure about exactly what jessica drake and her six stars would talk about outside of this.

Needless to say, this was not an issue for them. jessica drake gives an intro into the world and what can be expected from the DVD. It then leads into interviews with the six stars; Allie Haze, Jelena Jensen, Chastity Lynn, Sovereign Syre, Sinn Sage and Elexis Monroe. Each one appears on their own, except for Sinn Sage and Elexis Monroe, who come across as a real-life couple. Though given the time of shooting and Sinn’s attachment to husband Drake Man-O-War, perhaps their familiarity is simply from performing often together.

They each discuss their first inklings towards a lesbian desire, typically while quite young and not even aware of terms such as lesbian or bisexual, it was just something they felt towards another girl, not even necessarily sexually, more of an admiration, or realising how happy they felt being around that friend.

The interviews continued, now answering discussions about their first proper lesbian experiences, and why they love being with a woman so much. One of the most recurrent reasons was the scent of a woman (hello Al Pacino). They talked about how much more arousing it was being with a woman rather than a man, how much more sensual and intimate.

A lot of this is put down to having a better understanding of what a woman wants, and an easier way to signal your partner what it is you like, by trying it on them first. The women love making out with other women, caressing and exploring each others bodies.

Not sure if this all sounds kinda dull to listen to, but I quite enjoyed most of these first interviews, mostly because I think I could watch Jelena Jensen read a phone book (do they even still exist?) for hours on end. Chastity Lynn was a bit flat in her responses, not entirely sure why.

It became obvious to me that I was enjoying these interviews when the DVD cuts to the first sexual clips, a full 26 minutes minutes into the program! Here, we intersperse between the three couples, Allie Haze with Jelena Jensen, Sovereign Syre with Chastity Lynn, and Sinn and Elexis together. These three clips each feature the women in lingerie kissing, stroking and exploring each other. The clips are hot as fuck, the passion and pleasure is palpable, especially between Sinn and Elexis, which further made me feel like they were a couple, the way they gazed into each other’s eyes, gobbled each other up.

We cut back to jessica drake, talking about how great it is to take your time with your partner, explore each other as much as you like, and that while she is offering these sexual moves and positions in a certain order, they most certainly don’t have to be played out that way, just to go with the flow.

Returning to the three couples, each now begins to dry hump their partner, and all in quite different positions. With a quick intercept with jessica again, we return and the women are now all naked and grinding together, ‘scissoring’ as it’s termed. Both of these sequences are hot as hell, and interesting to see the choices of positions.

jessica then introduces to gentle penetration and fingering, and after visiting the couples for an example, gives as a demonstration of how to find and massage the g-spot. Sovereign seems to love how Chastity works her g-spot, nearly losing her breath as she moans and writhes at the fingers and tongue working her over.

This tongue play leads us into the next segment, cunnilingus. I like jessica’s tips here on how to enjoy being on the receiving end without being concerned if you’re sweaty from a night out dancing or freshly out of the shower. Sinn once again displays some amazing skills in this department, as they all do, but Sinn in particular really shows off her wonderful techniques, Elexis’ orgasm revealing their potency.

We return to the interviews, whereby the women talk about their feelings when bringing toys into partner play. The general consensus seems to be that it’s better without toys, allowing each lover to be more tactile and have a better sense of what they are doing. Toys, as some of them suggest, are more about just ‘getting the job done’ during a solo session. Jelena gives a flash of a scenario using her magic wand on Allie, before we come back to Sinn and Elexis discussing strap ons, and how much Sinn loves to use one, and Elexis admits to enjoying it, but only with someone she truly trusts. Which as the next clip shows us, she definitely trusts Sinn, as she fastens on her harness and begins to fuck Elexis.

That whole sequence is hot as, Sinn seems to love giving as much as Elexis loves receiving. It’s followed by a return back to jessica as she introduces the final part, anal sex. Here, the interviewees are a bit more divided, some love anal, one is still in the midst of self-experimentation while Jelena hasn’t done any anal with women before, but has stopped with the men she stars with in her professional life as they have been getting more increasingly more hung and girthy. A final clip shows Chastity and Sovereign pull butt plugs from each other, sucking them, before returning them and fucking the other’s ass, before final words from jessica, and returning the viewer to the three full scenes.

The first is Jelena and Allie in a bedroom scenario. Very hot and passionate, and I loved the body variaton between the pair: Jelena’s big fake titties perfectly complimenting Allie’s small natural breasts. The whole scene is new material different from the clips set throughout the interviews, as all three scenes are, and the two women make their way through a range of positions to keep anyone interested. They finish off together when Jelena brings her magic wand into play as it sitting between both their clits. To be fair, if not for their facial expressions and moaning, this last scene would be quite boring to watch, as neither moves, as the want sits between them and does all the work.

The second video is Chastity and Sovereign walking up a small flight of stairs, each with a bejeweled butt plug shimmering between their cheeks as they rise up the stairs. As soon as they get to the landing, things get hot and heavy, with more focus on anal play than much else, culminating in Chastity being anal fucked by Sovereign with a vibrator.

Lastly, Sinn and Elexis make a shower scene even steamier, lovingly going to town on one another beneath the hot stream. The intensity between these two is electric, and sometimes even borders on feeling like voyeurism. They finish off as Sinn once again buckles on a strap on and pounds away at Elexis.

Overall, this DVD is fantastic. Shot in crisp and clear HD, the whole thing is interesting to watch, even beyond the achingly erotic clips and scenes.

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Aiden Starr Pussy Whipped

Ela Darling Porn Actress Photo

Pussy Whipped was presented in anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel. This was Aiden’s debut as a director for the company, the curvy director no stranger to the company or directing in general, Aiden augmenting her own hand at camera with that of Nate Liquor, Joe Siren handling the modest amount of original music while “My Twin Brother” took care of color and sound mastering. There was a company watermark on the lower right hand corner of the screen at all times but it was light, the camera a bit shaky at times and some of the framing looking either too tight (cutting off heads or other important body parts) or too loose (showing the action with a lot of dead space surrounding the performers) but the flesh tones were accurate and most of the action captured well enough. The aural components were presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital and I could hear the performers easily enough, the music on the fair side, and even some of the behind the camera directions being given so that was cool.

Aiden Starr Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Aiden Starr

Scene One

Aiden Starr, the busty blond bombshell featured in purple attire on the top half of the front cover, was up first with tattooed cover partner Arabelle Raphael (on the bottom of the front cover). Arabelle was secured on the green couch with a strong vibrator placed on her pussy and clamps on her nipples, the sensations driving her wild. As her hands were bound, she could not do more than squirm in pleasure, moaning softly as Aiden looked down upon her from the nearby staircase, Aiden’s skintight outfit enhancing her lovely figure as she moved to more aggressively partake in teasing Arabelle. Arabelle screamed out as her hairy pussy got off, Aiden making her work for more by placing her head down and wondrous ass in the air, some labia love making Arabelle’s pussy swallow her underwear before her vinyl outfit was peeled down to allow Aiden to shove a bunch of toys in the gal’s welcoming ass. Aiden then started flogging her generous curves, Arabelle finding the mixture of pleasure and pain to excite her. Aiden fingered the woman and sat on her face, the slave gobbling gash and ass as directed while Aiden casually diddled her twat. Aiden then wore a weirdly shaped strap on dildo, reminding me of an anime hentai tentacle where Arabelle had to slob the knob before getting anally fucked after some warm up with the pussy. Arabelle sucked it clean and while there was no definitive ending as with a male oriented scene (no wads of spooge or baby batter flying about), it was a great start for the show.

Sarah Shevon Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Sarah Shevon

Scene Two

Sarah Shevon, a pretty woman with attractive eyes, was up next wearing a strap on dildo with some black lingerie at the foot of some stairs where she dominated redhead Bella Rossi, spitting in the gals face and verbally abusing her before flogging the vulnerable lass. Bella had her hands restrained and a nipple clamp on, her vinyl panties saving her from some of the worst damage the flogger could do as she yelled out but her thighs reddening quickly before Sarah opened a slit to vaginally pound the gal with her toy. Bella was an active rider and she throated the fake cock well enough to savor her own juices, her abilities with a real turgid pecker probably well worth checking out if given the chance. Sarah then sat on Bella’s face so the gal could eat her ass, Sarah using the large vibrator to get her off as she leaned forward asking if the slave wanted more. Sarah wanted some penetrative loving too so she affixed a face mounted strap on dildo device to Bella and started riding it actively in her ass, but the ending was a bit weak for me as it just sort of cut out into the next tryst.

Aiden Starr Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Aiden Starr

Scene Three

Dixie Comet, a curvy young hotty with a delicious ass, was up next bent over on the floor while wearing a rubber mark on her head and traditional lingerie on her body, Aiden Starr, also wearing a mask and matching fetishware, caning the gal’s red ass. This led to a larger blue flogger tearing up that sweet ass, the loud slapping on flesh punctuating the appeal as the gal diddled herself for her mistress. Aiden massaged the ass from there only to surprise the gal with a swat, allowing Dixie to use a wand vibrator to stimulate her as Aiden went back to caning her. Aiden then sat on her face to get some head before sitting on the edge of the couch allowing the slave to lightly finger and eat her out some more. The ladies then kissed and Aiden put on a strap on dildo, Dixie rubbing her pussy while bent over on the couch in a very vulnerable position. Aiden boned her like she owned her vaginally, some active cowgirl rewarded by Aiden using the wand and digging in her pussy with all four fingers to get her off. The scene then ended abruptly as though the boss had unleashed her ball batter for swallowing.

Ela Darling Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Ela Darling

Scene Four

Ela Darling and Phoenix Askani, a couple of cute women in a dreary, unfinished room, ended the show with some electric stimulation by a buzzing device that excited both of them. Those into electric play know the charge you can get (pun intended) with such devices, the light shock leading to them kissing and swapping roles to allow each a shot at some stimulation. Some light pussy play then had both of them wearing attached nipple clamps while facing each other in a seated position, mutual masturbation leasing to more vibrator play before some oral and strap on play in the makeshift dungeon. The intensity of the final scene was the lowest of the movie for me, a weak ending to an otherwise decent lesbian BDSM fuck flick, some strokable spank bank material included but perhaps better placed earlier in the show so the movie could build up to one of the better scenes rather than run out of steam. Both ladies were attractive enough and had some energy, it was just the overall strength of the scene was a letdown and relied on the “screaming loudly means I’m getting off” premise, whatever real chemistry or heat developed weakened as a result.

Pussy Whipped by director Aiden Starr for Evil Angel had a lot of kink, a lot of oral, and a whole lot of BDSM lesbian action like you don’t often come across on this level of quality so I rated the movie as Recommended with the hopes of even better material to come (“Fucking Hostile” coming out next month). Aiden was as full of energy and enthusiasm as ever and many of her coworkers showed a great deal of potential as they were flogged, tweaked, licked, or smothered, none of the scenes coming across as formulaic or drab. In short, Pussy Whipped proves the adage that all movies are better with Aiden Starr in them, her participation behind the camera adding something for the kink crowd and the movie coming in as a very worthy debut by a smoking hot young lady so go check it out when it is released later this month.






Sex Slaves and Creamy Hotshots

Kristina Rose Porn Actress Photo

Lesbian Anal Sex Slaves 3

Creatively cruel mistress Aiden Starr directs four scenes of animalistic asshole domination in “Lesbian Anal Sex Slaves 3.” The small but super-stacked blonde bitch employs her mouth, fingers and a variety of hole-stretching toys to bring each of her obedient girls to climax. Petite slave Kristina Rose must get down on hands and knees to eat Aiden’s thick booty. The domme fucks Kristina’s asshole with a giant horse cock dong and vibrates her sensitive clit to ecstasy. In a skintight rubber dress, model Casey Calvert takes a nasty anal exam that makes her sphincter wink uncontrollably. Aiden expands her sub’s tender rectum using a metal probe, a metal speculum and an enormous, face-mounted strap-on dildo! Ms. Starr spanks Ariel X and sodomizes her with a huge toy shaped like a doggy dick. Rubber gloved fingers, vibrators and a speculum explore caged redhead Penny Pax’s rectum. Aiden rams her throat using a strap-on dong and then reams Penny’s ass to orgasm.

Aiden Starr’s “Lesbian Anal Sex Slaves 3” is a single-disc DVD with behind-the-scenes footage, cast list and filmographies.


Aiden Starr, Ariel X, Casey Calvert, Kristina Rose, Penny Pax

Kristina Rose Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Kristina Rose

Hookup Hotshot: We Met on the Net

Online dating pervert Bryan Gozzling’s smart phone connects him with shameless, young vixens for crude, male-dominant anal filth in “Hookup Hotshot: We Met On The Net.” Shameless, hot-assed Abella Danger has an extreme date with the deviant director. Tattooed Bryan chokes her, fingers her to squirting orgasms and jackhammers her sweet asshole. Abella gushes gag spit while sucking cock ass-to-mouth, and she proudly wears a massive cum facial. A severe backdoor pounding and a gagging face fuck leave exotic cutie Kat Dior draped in spit and cum. She flaunts a gaping, prolapsed asshole! Pig-tailed Moka Mora deep-throats dick and yelps through a messy, no-holes-barred reaming. Bryan slathers the pretty tart’s face in semen. Slender, inked hellion Luna Lovely enjoys choking, slapping sodomy; she lewdly farts as Bryan probes her sphincter! The compliant cutie tongues bunghole and Bryan plasters her mug in fuck fluid. Every girl here ejaculates orgasmic girl squirt!

Bryan Gozzling’s “Hookup Hotshot: We Met On The Net” is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, cast list and filmographies.


Abella Danger, Kat Dior, Luna Lovely, Moka Mora, Bryan Gozzling

Kat Dior Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Kat Dior

TS Playground Creamiest Cum Shots

In his “TS Playground” series, crazy Jay Sin captures beautifully femme but shockingly hung, hard transsexuals doing outrageously dirty deeds. For “TS Playground’s Creamiest Cum Shots,” he’s collected 16 sensational solo clips from his archives – hot, sassy T-girls from Thailand, Brazil and the U.S. show how they blow their loads. Superstar Raphaella Ferrari unleashes a monster nut. Nicoly Lopes’ rock-hard she-cock pops all over the place. Exotic ladyboy Toon has a gaping asshole; her long prick spits huge wads. Rochelly’s she-dick spews big, creamy ropes. Asian ladyboy Ping squirts heavy loads. Karol Kovalick’s giant meat ejaculates everywhere. Young, hung ladyboy Nat sprays like a fountain. Chanel cums a big, juicy mess. Classy Clarissa Bananinha spurts a bucket of cream! Jay introduces gorgeous Brazilian Nicole Matarazzo. Nan’s big, she-male donkey dick pumps its milk. All-American T-girl Natalie Foxx splashes two cum shots on her own face! Blonde Candy’s massive monster blasts off. Sexy Cartoon gapes and then nuts three times in a row! Cute, horny ladyboys Ben and Mojay each drop their cream hands-free!

Jay Sin’s “TS Playground’s Creamiest Cum Shots” is a single-disc DVD with cumshot recap, photo galleries and cast list.


Ping, Ben, Candy, Cartoon, Chanel, Clarissa Bananinha, Karol Kovalick, Marjay, Nan, Nat, Natalie Foxx, Nicole Matarazzo, Nicoly Lopes, Raphaella Ferrari, Rochelly, Toon

Clarissa Bananinha Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Clarissa Bananinha


Digital Playgrounds Bad Girl 3

Riley Steele Porn Actress Photo

With the parody craze in full swing it seems inevitable that commercials would get their moment Digital Playground has long relied upon director Robby D to handle their many efforts, only Joone occasionally stepping in for those expensive blockbusters the company releases every couple of years. This reliance on a single visionary has helped elevate the company to new heights but at the same time limited their growth potential for new ideas, the talented man one of the best technical people in the jizz biz. His latest release making it my way is Bad Girls 3, the series generally known for showcasing everyone at the company that they figure is worth something, this volume starring lovely Jesse Jane and cute Riley Steele, as well as some popular outsiders such as Jenna Haze, Madison Scott, and Jenaveve Jolie. Going into the production, I had few expectations and had heard virtually nothing about it, the end result being I was ready for anything out of the relatively short movie built on a mere five scenes. The Here’s a brief look at the sex scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Jesse Jane Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Jesse Jane

Scene One

Jesse Jane, as bubbly as ever, was up first with cute blond Madison Scott and Ben English at a bar. The ladies showed a definite affinity for one another, licking and caressing each other while they shared his pecker, Jesse’s power stroke method probably enough to milk his balls quickly were this a real life tryst. The camera appeared to haphazardly record what was going on, panning too quickly and jumping around in a manner I wasn’t keen to observe, the abundance of close up shots further degrading the effort quite early in the show. The oral was active by both ladies and the vaginal penetration was nearly as driven, the lack of personal chemistry noted even when the facial of genetic juice was launched at the faces of the ladies. They gave him some mechanical post coital head and were done with him, kissing each other to share his wad.

Jenna Haze Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Jenna Haze

Scene Two

Jenna Haze, one of the most popular ladies in porn not currently under contract, was up next at the bar with moper David Perry, Jamall Johnson still playing his character role as a makeshift bartender. Jenna was perky and unabashedly willing to go at it right there, the couple kissing before he undid her blouse to suck her titty and go down on her. Jenna rewarded his advances with an enthusiastic blowjob, a long time specialty of hers, where her hand to gland combat style increased the friction as the shy guy learned to appreciate her sloppy hummers. Jenna Haze savoring a cock is a given on par with Roger and I inhaling banana laffy taffy, the look on her face regardless of who she is working with a pleasure to behold but there was again minimal chemistry between them as they got right down to business. She put on all the right expressions and pushed back as he drove his cock deep inside her snatch but this was far from her best work, both of them engaging in some taste testing along the way. The scene finished up when she jerked out a nut of population pudding to her face while keeping eye contact, the sweet gal owning him by the time they were done.

Jenaveve Jolie Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Jenaveve Jolie

Scene Three

Jenaveve Jolie, a hot looking Latina that I have not seen a lot of recently, was up next as the brunette bombshell stretched out on the bed while wearing her sexy red dress. Ben English came to check up on her and she girlishly engaged in some frivolous banter with him, laughing as she tried unsuccessfully to explain away a previous liaison. To make it up to him, she started nuzzling him and kissing his lips, her ass in the air as she crawled all over him while he felt her up. This led to her wrapping her infamous lips around his cock and sucking the life out of him, swinging her legs around him to complete the 69 so both could pleasure the other orally. They then moved into doing a series of vaginal penetrations, Jenaveve less active than her best work but able to handle his sizable rod all the same. The best positions for me were the cowgirl variations as her sweet ass rippled delightfully as she impaled herself, bothered only by her repetitive moans and grunts before he unleashed his load of semen into her mouth. The energy levels were decent and I liked the playfulness but the chemistry needed work.

Scene Four: Jesse Jane, the hotty blond featured on the center of the front cover, was up once more, this time engaging the mighty Evan Stone in some dialogue. While a far cry from the equally stilted words they shared in a few big budget pirate movies, the idea was to set up the sex as logical (for a porno) and they did reasonably well in that regard). The troubled Jesse gained his sympathy though, her black dress shoved aside to offer Evan greater access to her as she jumped around in his lap. Jesse then suck started his cock like a true champion, Evan choking her as she choked his chicken and then held her down while she was going down on him. He was as hard as diamonds when he went to pounding her pussy, the cleanly shaven slit lubing him up for more oral as she cleaned him between his bouncing back and forth from her pussy to her mouth. They did display some chemistry here, something quite missing in the previous scenes, and Jesse was into his large dick tearing into her, but the scene was generically located on a couch and showed little creativity. My favorite part of the scene was when she kept pulling his dick inside of her during the active vaginal riding, Jesse blowing him even after he masturbated one out of her face.

Riley Steele Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Riley Steele

Scene Five

Riley Steele, the sexy babe showcased on the left side of the front cover, was up last with moper Danny Mountain, her physical appeal still increasing as the fetching beauty sipped her drink from the bar. The trivial dialogue was again mediocre, Riley having little to work with as she readied to change gears for the sexual action. She initiated it by blowing him on the green couch while he spanked her ass. Riley’s active hummer was pleasant to watch despite the lack of chemistry or connection with Danny, the gal trying to interject some playfulness as she got on her knees to please him. The vaginal penetration seemed shorter than usual here as the editing bounced them about too much, the issue with close up work again marring the performance she gave. The taste testing and moaning aside, it ended when he jerked off to her crotch, Riley cleaning him up by slobbing the tip of his knob.