Chyna Is Queen of The Ring

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The premise of the movie seems to be that Chyna’s biggest fantasy has come true: Vince brought her back. Except she still hates him. She still hates Stephanie. And instead of wrestling, she has to have sex with the wrestlers.

Still, she’s returned. And despite giving in on what would seem like key issues, working for people she hates and having to have sex, somehow Chyna is the one with all the power and control. Exactly the sort of mish-moshed insanity you would expect from Chyna trying to book her own perfect world.

Chyna, by the way, has tattoos on her arm and back now. Not sure if that’s new. She was painted green in her last movie.

The fun begins as Vince (the roided up Lee Stone with his hair greyed) and Stephanie (Lisa Ann) approach Chyna in the locker room. Chyna, who has had 10+ years to come up with something to say if she ever saw either of them again, and who surely had some sort of porn scriptwriter helping with this, rambles about how Stephanie ruined her career, how she could beat both Vince and Stephanie up, and other various insults she seems to think are scorchers that fall completely flat. She seems to be ad-libbing while trying to follow a general narrative and the result creates much sadness and fail.

Just to give an example of the amazing dialogue, Vince says he knows Chyna is still peeved, and Chyna says peeved isn’t how she would put it. So what word would she use, Stephanie inquires. “I would use… pissed!”

Chyna Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Chyna

Incidentally, are Vince and Stephanie supposed to be offended by this? Chyna clearly hates Stephanie, yet while the wrestlers in the movie are portrayed as ridiculous caricatures, Stephanie is played by one of the hottest and most popular pornstars going. Boom, roasted? And forget the porn, Vince would probably masturbate just to the knowledge that a jacked up freak like Lee Stone is playing him.

Anyway. They set up the premise of Chyna having to fuck guys and how Vince is booking her to “win”. A victory apparently happens when Chyna gets a guy off. There’s a line somewhere in here about Steve Austin and The Rock wanting to fuck each other, so it seems they’re still on Chyna’s shitlist for having the nerve to make more money than her.

Then Vince talks about a match with two mystery opponents. Whoever they are, Chyna isn’t allowed to beat one of them. The guy Vince won’t let her beat doesn’t wrestle a lot anymore and has to be allowed to look good. I assumed it was a shot at Triple H, who has surprisingly gone unmentioned so far, but the preview showed a scene with Hogan and Flair. Oookay.

But Chyna objects to this, saying that if she can’t “beat” the mystery guy, it denies her of an orgasm of her own. So what to do? Well, for Chyna, it obviously means having sex with Vince and Stephanie. She demands this and, powerless against her demands, Vince and Stephanie meekly accept.

Chyna caps off her demand in the saddest way possible: “I’ve got two words for you… GET ON YOUR KNEES AND SUCK IT!” Oh, dear god. How do you screw that one up?

So Chyna stands there while Vince goes down on her and Stephanie plays with her boobs. After a few minutes of oral, Vince gets up, opens his pants, and Chyna doesn’t hesitate to start blowing him. This is more than a little strange. Chyna clearly made the point of establishing that she doesn’t like them and that she’s in control. There are also several “in-character” remarks during the scene, so they didn’t drop the narrative*. But she doesn’t “demand” to blow Vince or to have him fuck her. It’s like she just gives in.

(My favorite bit of dialogue is Stephanie asking Chyna if it feels good to fuck Vince after all the times Vince fucked her. The latter “fucked” meaning “screwed over”, of course. Chyna responds by… saying the exact same thing as if she just thought of it.)

Basically, the whole thing comes off like Chyna finally submitting to her long-held desire to fuck Vince and Stephanie. This seems especially true as Vince bends her over and starts doing her doggie style as Chyna alternates between kissing Stephanie and eating her out. Why is she doing this? She hates Stephanie. Why is she going down on her? At one point, Lisa Ann, who probably couldn’t care less about the whole control/revenge narrative Chyna tried to create, starts ordering Chyna to lick her pussy and get her off.

By the way, it probably goes without saying, but there is no interaction between Vince and Stephanie, thus preventing the somewhat fun possibility that Vince McMahon could own Vivid by tomorrow morning. Or whenever he stopped jacking off to the incest portion.

They repeat the same theme — Vince fucking Chyna while she and Stephanie exchange oral favors — in multiple positions. A threesome where two of the participants don’t touch tends to get old pretty fast, and this one is no exception. After 20 minutes of a scene that should have been half that long, it mercifully concludes with a pop on Chyna’s tits.

Part Two

Time for the gangbang. First, we meet Gene Oakerfunk (Tommy Pistol), a parody of Mean Gene Okerlund, who promotes the lineup for tonight’s big “FuckleMania” show. After openly referring to Vince and Stephanie McMahon by name, it escapes me why they had to use a goofy parody name for Mean Gene.

We meet the ring announcer, Valerie Kay, who is playing herself. She announces Bret “the Hitman” Hart, hesitating as she says his name as she’s clearly never heard of him or anyone else involved. Out comes… I think Justin Magnum, but looking nothing like Bret Hart. If anything, he looks more like John Morrison, a wrestler of today’s generation.

Mean Gene does commentary. He shits on Bret by saying it took him seven years to write an autobiography, which was a four page pop-up book. “Once he wrestled, then he didn’t, then he did. The end”.

Out next is the Iron Sheik (Marco Banderas), who poses and flexes. Gene calls him loud, obnoxious, and stupid.

Valerie announces “the man in the shorts, John Cena” (TJ Cummings). He wears camo and does the “U Can’t See Me” hand wave, making this easily the most realistic portrayal so far.

The Rock (Sledge Hammer) is out next, raising an eyebrow but doing little else that resembles The Rock. He’s followed by Steve Austin (Cyrus King), who Gene notes is skinnier than the last time he wrestled.

Out with no introduction is a clown (Ralph Long) who is supposed to be Doink according to Vivid’s press release. But they never call him that. Gene even says he doesn’t know who the clown is.

The last entrant is Triple H (Anthony Hardwood), with Gene reacting like he’s a surprise entry. Gene mentions that he’s Chyna’s ex, but nothing negative is said about him. After Bret and the Sheik, Gene’s insults pretty much disappeared.

Finally, Chyna appears while Gene raves about how hot she is. She gets in the ring, grinds on each guy in the most unappealing manner possible, then vamps for the camera. Gene is calling the clown Homie.

The guys all surround Chyna — actually, no, Triple H isn’t there. He wasn’t part of the grinding either. The guys start pulling Chyna’s clothes off and push her to her knees.

It starts off with a blowbang of sorts. If you like watching one blowjob while five guys stand around desperately trying to stay hard, this is the scene for you. Unfortunately, there’s no longer any commentary. Triple H finally reappears while Chyna is blowing the clown.

There’s several minutes of throat-fucking and tit-squeezing. Triple H grabs her head and fucks her face. So does the Sheik. The commentary is sorely missed. As it is, there’s nothing to hear but gagging, the sound of guys walking around the ring in a big empty room, and Chyna occasionally mumbling something while she has a dick in her mouth.

They pull her up to her feet. The Sheik fucks her from behind while she leans forward and blows Austin. She seems unsteady and the guys have to keep her from falling over. They abandon the standing experiment and she gets back on her knees to blow Cena. To keep from falling asleep, the rest of the crew eventually surrounds her and she quickly goes from dick to dick.

The clown lays flat on the mat and Chyna blows him while Bret fucks her. The clown swaps out with Cena, who swaps out with the Shiek. Chyna mumbles about being nasty like Janet Jackson. The guy fucking her, still Bret I think, has enough and pops on her face. Yes, it’s Bret, as the other wrestlers mock him for being the first to go. A cutaway to Gene at ringside confirms Bret has been “eliminated”.

If Chyna “defeats” a guy by getting him to cum, shouldn’t the guys try not to? Shouldn’t they fight it, like when a guy tries to reach the bottom ring rope to escape the figure four leglock? Then they could act like no matter how hard the guys fought not to cum, Chyna was just too good and made them shoot their loads. Hence, she wins. Right? This apparently escaped everyone on set.

After an edit, there’s a chair in the ring for Chyna to kneel on. Much as the first scene followed the same pattern over and over, it seems all we’re getting here is Chyna blowing someone while getting fucked from behind. At the moment we have Austin up front and Triple H behind. Just as I type that, they swap out for the clown and Cena.

After several minutes, they finally mix it up. Chyna rides reverse cowgirl on whoever is sitting in the chair, and she leans to the side to keep blowing guys. In some weird editing, it looks as though Cena stood her up and tried getting her leg over his shoulder, but she’s just not capable of standing. So she sits back down and rides reverse cowgirl some more, this time with Rock sitting on the chair underneath her. But after another quick edit, the chair vanishes.

Rock’s still on the bottom and most of the guys stand around slapping their dicks on her. “Now that’s a gangbang!” Gene declares in another cutaway. Chyna rides regular cowgirl for a while, then back to reverse. Suddenly, Mean Gene enters the ring and shoves his dick in her mouth. A run-in!

After about a minute of Gene fucking her face, they cut to Chyna lying on her side as the Sheik fucks her. Gene is nowhere to be seen. They briefly cut back to him at ringside as he gives a line about the Sheik drilling for oil. Then the Sheik gets up and Gene runs back in and starts fucking her. Chyna eventually slaps him and he disappears again.

Chyna lays flat on her back and the guys take turns fucking her while she mumbles incoherently. They cut back to Gene, who says Rock is more interested in Austin’s ass than he is in Chyna. So that’s two forced-in shots at The Rock and Steve Austin.

Meanwhile, not a single bad thing has been said about Triple H. And Lisa Ann is playing his wife. This movie just surpassed The Chaperone on his favorites list.

There’s also a Gene cutaway where he jokes that Rock can’t keep his dick hard, which he clearly can’t. What a weird thing to put in the movie. It’s like a wrestler performing his signature move and the announcer saying “Ah, that doesn’t really hurt”. They’re actually calling attention to how uninterested the guys are in Chyna.

In the middle of Rock and Triple H working on Chyna, a Gene cutaway tells us that Austin is just about done. Which is odd since he wasn’t anywhere near her. But sure enough they cut back to a shot of Austin popping on Chyna’s tits. The editing is just terrible.

Now it’s back to Rock fucking her, and the Sheik walks over and cums on her face. Three men down. Rock pulls out and does likewise. “The cooking is done,” Gene declares. With Rock still standing there, the clown runs in from off-screen and pops on her face.

We’re down to Cena and Triple H! You can cut the excitement with a knife! I’ve never understood that saying.

They immediately cut to Cena’s cumshot. Gene salutes him. Triple H follows suit by popping on her face as Gene reminds us that he’s her former lover. So Triple H was the last man standing. This is officially his favorite movie. Wait, here’s Gene, who gets in the ring and cums on her face too. So everyone’s eliminated and Chyna “wins”. They edit in a shot of all the guys laying on the mat as Chyna jumps around in celebration.

A painfully long 30 minutes of the most boring gangbang you’ll ever see.

Chyna Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Chyna

Part Three

This Porn DVD scene has it all, Gene sends us backstage where Captain Lou Albano (Ron Jeremy) is making out with Valerie the ring announcer. Other than being fat, there’s no attempt at making Jeremy look like the Captain. Not a single rubber band is taped to his face.

He lowers the top of her dress, kisses her breasts, then lays her back on a table and goes down on her. After a minute or two, she rolls over to her stomach and he fingers her before trying to enter her from behind. But it seems like he can’t get hard, so he abandons trying to fuck her and goes back to eating her out. What a sad display this is. It’s like watching Ric Flair still trying to wrestle.

Valerie says she has to go, but that she has a friend for him. Ron refuses to admit defeat, however, and makes another attempt at fucking her. This one has more success. Valerie repeats that she has a friend for him, but probably realizing that he’ll go soft by the time someone else comes in, Ron flips her on her back and keeps fucking her.

It suddenly cuts back to the arena where Hulk Hogan (Evan Stone) is making his entrance. Mean Gene is orgasmic. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? ARE YOU KIDDING ME, PEOPLE? THIS IS THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE!” Evan Stone, who played Hulk previously in the Hogan Knows Best parody, does a great impression.

Next out is Ric Flair (Alex Sanders). Gene squeals with glee. Without all the posing and shirt-tearing, Flair’s entrance is much shorter. They both end up in the ring, slowly running around and bouncing off the ropes as Gene wonders where Chyna is.

Back to Ron. Chyna has appeared out of thin air with her face between Valerie’s legs. Ron takes his dick back out of his pants so Chyna can suck it. Valerie hops off the table and tries to escape, but Ron grabs her and pulls her in for a kiss. After a brief tongue-tangle, she finally manages to get away.

Ron has unbuttoned his shirt and his hideous belly button is now visible. It looks like a woman giving birth to a mass of tumors. Run for your life, Valerie.

Ron kneels down to make out with Chyna and frantically strokes his dick the entire time to try getting hard. So sad. When he’s finally ready, he stands back up so Chyna can resume blowing him. She makes like she’s deepthroating him, but she’s only getting about half of it since Ron’s holding the base of his dick. He leans down and fingers her, then has to start stroking again.

After an obvious edit, Ron appears to be fully hard while Chyna’s sucking him. He lays her back on the table, fingers her for a bit, and then starts fucking her. But once again he has to stop, kissing her while feverishly jerking himself. Why even put this scene in the movie? I know everyone has their kink, but is there really anyone alive who’s getting off on seeing Chyna and a fat, half-flaccid old man having sex?

He finally starts fucking her again. They stay in the same position, with Chyna on her back. Then in the highlight of the movie to this point, Ron starts his countdown and tells Chyna to start counting back from 20. Please enjoy the following transcript.

Chyna: Twenty… nineteen… ohhh! (Mumbles)teen?

Ron (like he’s correcting her): Eighteen.

Chyna: …twelve?

Ron: Seventeen!

There aren’t words. Chyna eventually remembers how to count and Ron pulls out at one to cum on her pussy. She drops down and sucks him, staring into the camera as she does. I haven’t mentioned it to this point, but Chyna stares into the camera rather frequently. It’s like she thinks she has to mug and make sexy faces at all times. It looks completely unnatural. I know she’s still new to this, but it just doesn’t work.

Chyna Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Chyna

Part Four

Back out to the arena, where Gene says Hogan and Flair have been running the ropes for ten minutes. Flair’s tights are halfway down to make his ass crack visible. Possibly the most realistic aspect of the movie yet.

Chyna comes out and as I believe they say in wrestling, she appears to be “in no condition to perform”. Have you seen the video of a fucked-up Scott “Razor Ramon” Hall being led to the ring? This feels similar.

Right on cue, she rolls under the bottom rope, then just keeps rolling over and over until she falls out the other side of the ring. Stone and Sanders stand there dumbfounded. Then Sanders gives a Flair “woooo”. Gold.

Here’s Gene on Chyna’s rolling.

Gene: What is this move? Very curious. Cut to two dicks in her mouth.

Sure enough, Chyna’s suddenly on her knees in the ring, blowing both guys. Gene does commentary this time, talking in a low golf announcer voice. After a few minutes of oral, they try to stand her up. But while she was merely unsteady during the gangbang, she’s now practically dead weight.

They finally get her feet flat on the mat, but her head is still pointed straight down like she’s touching her toes. Evan repeatedly tells her to stop sucking his cock as they try to get her into a simple “bent over” position. They’re successful and Sanders fucks her from behind as Evan slides his dick in and out of her mouth. She’s too messed up to blow him.

Evan stands her up mostly straight and starts kissing her. Sanders pulls out and gives a look like he’d rather be anywhere else. This isn’t a porn scene, it’s two guys trying their best to keep a train from going off the rails. Incidentally, the commentary from Gene stopped at some point along the way.

Chyna sinks back down to her knees, forcing Evan to drag her back up. He has to tell her to bend over. He’s coaching her like a wrestler calling out moves in the ring. In wrestling, Evan would be celebrated for being a great worker.

Chyna slumps back into the toe-touching position again as Sanders fucks her, so Evan has to lift her back into being bent-over. He just rubs his dick back and forth against her mouth, then holds it inside her mouth while she does nothing.

After an edit they finally have Chyna on her back while Sanders fucks her and Evan fucks her mouth. This way she doesn’t have to do anything but lay there. Evan starts getting back into character and then pins her arms down, saying “Lemme tell ya something, Chyna!” Chyna mumbles about having a conversation and then says “You never loved me”. I don’t know what that means, but at least she’s able to speak. That’s good to know.

They switch so that Evan is fucking her and Sanders is by her mouth. Evan drops some more Hulkster style verbiage and Flair woooos.

After an edit, Evan is now fucking her in the ass while she continues to lay on her back. He goes very slowly and Sanders stops altogether for a while as she gets used to it. Then they get going again. Evan fingers her pussy while he fucks her. After a few minutes, they switch again and now Flair’s doing the anal. It’s just the same thing dragging on and on, two guys fucking a girl who’s only capable of laying still.

Another edit and they’ve actually gotten Chyna up onto her knees. Hulk’s doing the anal again. After some close-ups of Chyna staring into the camera, and some close-ups of the anal, the guys switch again. Chyna starts blowing Evan and Sanders doesn’t even bother trying to fuck her.

Edit #3825. Chyna’s on her side and Hulk goes in her ass again. After a few minutes, she eventually ends up on her back once more. It’s just an endless loop of the same thing, one guy in her ass while the other sort-of gets a blowjob. They do a close-up of Chyna’s face with her head in Sanders’ lap and he’s not the slightest bit hard.

Stone starts giving her the anal harder. She’s clearly not used to it and does a lot of Lamaze style breathing. After that brief interlude, he’s back in her pussy. But he doesn’t stay for long and starts alternating back and forth between holes. Sanders isn’t even in the ring anymore.

After a few minutes of Evan going from hole to hole, Sanders suddenly hurries over and pops on Chyna’s face. They do a close-up of his face as he woooos like Flair. Then they show him laying on the mat like the guys after the gangbang.

Chyna tells Hulk to fuck her ass and that she’s going to cum. Then she declares that she’s cumming. If you say so.

Hulk’s still going from hole to hole. Then just as I suggested earlier, he starts saying Chyna can’t make him cum. Well, technically, she’s not. She’s just laying there. But… oh no… the Hulkster can’t hold it and he pops on her face.

After an extended shot of Chyna’s sticky face, they show a dark shot of her holding a championship belt while a strobe light flashes. I guess she wins. Chyna IS the queen of the ring!

Brought to you by Vivid the maker of Porn Parody DVDs.





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Porn Star: Alexis Texas

Scene One

Alexis Texas, the bountiful beauty with the awesome booty, was up first as she sucked off Danny Mountain in bed. Angelina got a lick of his lollipop too but she left as part of the thematic elements and naked Alexis was shown slobbing his knob in earnest with her ass in the air. Danny is a third tier moper as far as I’m concerned (at least as of this writing) so it was no surprise that he did not reciprocate, letting Alexis pound her sweet pussy onto his rod in a few positions while she whispered sweet nothings, looking at the camera and providing a decent but mechanical ride this time. The lack of personal chemistry aside, it ended when he bust a nut of genetic juice on her abdomen, some post coital sucking closing the scene out.

Scene Two

Vanessa Leon, a lean brunette with about as much acting skill as Angelina, was up next with Ben English, the pair dismissing the wannabe killer in a cold looking house with most of the colors abbreviated. Vanessa was wearing black lingerie and Ben was insistent as he pawed and sucked her nipples, acting rough towards her as she masturbated during their lengthy kisses. Vanessa than lowered her mouth to wrap her lips around his turgid cock, her ass sticking out as she held the rod to keep most of it from being slammed down her throat. They fucked vaginally in numerous positions, the standing fuck looking like it might kill the guy, beads of sweat rolling down his body as he rested when she went back to sucking him off (using her hand to increase the friction). The facial wasn’t bad either, the population pudding gracing her face and hair all over.

Angelina Armani Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Angelina Armani

Scene Three

Angelina Armani the hotty featured all over the front cover, was up next in her first actual scene, the gal taking on the mighty Evan Stone in bed as the two bantered words to result in the bedroom dare. Evan proved up to her challenge and they each had what the other wanted, he provided a gun while she provided the pussy. Evan went all silly (as usual) and Angelina had a tough time keeping a straight face, her clothing coming off as she rubbed herself at the thought of handling the handgun. She licked it and he licked her, neither getting much chance to satisfy the other orally before they vaginally screwed in a mechanical fashion. Evan did most of the work and banged her until he rubbed out a wad of spew to her face, the gal departing to begin her career as an assassin.

Emy Reyes Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Emy Reyes

Scene Four

Emy Reyes, a gal with a frisky personality, was up next as she proved envious of Angelina’s gun, the contract gal leaving her with Scott Nails so the two could have some fun. Emy sucked him off in such a way that it was clear she had plenty of experience, alternating between using her hands and skipping them, Scott stroking her back as she worked his pipe. He started screwing her passive pussy rather than go down on it, the gal getting into the rhythm of the motion before too long. This was another case of mechanically driven sex, her tan versus his pasty white skin looking kind of weird in the stark camera world set up for the show. He smacked her around and she provided some aural comments that struck me as generic, her all natural body not a bad one but barely above minimal effort until she fucked him to orgasm at the end of the scene; most of his initial load going to her ass and the rest to her face.

Angelina Armani Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Angelina Armani

Scene Five

Angelina Armani, now on assignment and in a world where everything looked yellow tinted, came on to Jerry as if he were a movie star. He played along when it was apparent that not doing so would end the tryst, the lady blowing him and jerking him off before their 69 led to him drilling her pussy. She did PTM between positions and while she did not live up to her genetic potential, the overuse of extreme close up shots sure didn’t help either. The ending nut juice landed on her face and she did not swallow any of it.

Scene Six

Angelina Armani, back in bed with studly Mick Blue just like the movie began, found the colors restored to normalcy and her lips wrapped around yet another cock, the short hummer leading to them screwing. Mick did most of the work and Angelina looked as cute as ever, her mane of hair bouncing around as much as her breasts when he banged her roast beef box. I prefer active riders in my scenes and while I think she will learn over time, her oral was clearly the best part of the scene by far (as with her other scenes to date). It ended when Mick jerked off to her face, the movie suggesting a sequel before the credits rolled.


Alexis Texas, Danny Mountain, Vanessa Leon, Ben English, Angelina Armani, Evan Stone, Emy Reyes, Scott Nails, Jerry, Mick Blue


Slutty and Sluttier

Amy Anderssen Porn Actress Photo

Manuel Ferrara is one of the few male performers able to truly enhance a scene, his work at Evil Angel and elsewhere showcasing how he adores ladies of all types. His latest release is an upcoming double disc compilation called All-Star Super Sluts, a great deal of fuck for the buck included with starlets such as Bonnie Rotten, Dani Daniels, Karlie Montana, and other high end hotties, in scenes lasting a combined 5+ hours from his previous works. Of interest is the inclusion of a single scene without Manuel, a popular tryst from his archives starring currently beleagered James Deen with beautiful Karlie Montana from Slutty and Sluttier 22.

The company website described the flick like this: “Top XXX director/stud Manuel Ferrara puts exciting elements in his porn: gorgeous, genuinely lustful beauties, clever scenarios and, often, his own massive cock. He gathers some of his most arousing and stylish recent scenes for the marathon (over five hours) “All-Star Super Sluts.” Superstar Bonnie Rotten, the elaborately inked package of beauty and sexual joy, squirts a huge flood of girl cum, takes a hearty butt fuck and jacks flying ribbons of the director’s cum from his uncut meat. He manhandles and carry-fucks knockout blonde Kayden Kross, whose jugs sprout gigantic, pink bullet-nipples. Manuel sinks his fat prick deep inside gorgeous, busty blonde Alexis Monroe’s tight rectum; she worships his dick ass-to-mouth and rims his bunghole. In raw footage from a private date, racy Latina Luna Star cock-slaps her own face, deep-throats pussy-to-mouth and bites the pillow as she’s passionately fucked. There’s POV-style footage of longhaired Dani Daniels — Manuel screws her hairy pussy and shoots long-distance sperm streams up to her face. Redhead Karlie Montana is an attractive, professional nurse, except to the patient whose fever dream makes her appear as a slut with her shaved snatch showing. Manuel buries his face in cartoonishly voluptuous Amy Anderssen’s ass and leaves her heaving knockers splattered in cum. He fucks the face and power-porks the asshole of pale, whimpering Misha Cross.” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Alexis Monroe Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Alexis Monroe

Evil Anal 20

Alexis Monroe, Manuel Ferrara: Alexis Monroe, the blond babe featured on the lower left corner of the front cover, was up first with Manuel Ferrara. She wore bright blue stretch pants and suspenders for a top while posing on the second story landing, the minimal tease leading her into the house where Manuel waited for her on a white couch. Her heart shaped ass excited him and he thoroughly ate it and her trimmed beaver out, Alexis reciprocating by slobbing the head of his knob and balls before some anal penetration showed she could take it. She became loud and increasingly active during the anal too, the gal providing full service oral including nibbling his nads and taint, perhaps even tossing his salad though it was hard to tell. Her ass cheeks rippled delightfully well as they continued to anally fuck, some breaks to enjoy moments of tenderness included where she’d stroke his cock and he’d caress her boobs eventually leading to the doggy that drained his dragon of genetic juice that he tossed all over her glazed face, the gal’s eye contact remaining solid as the streams of baby batter flew toward her open mouth.

Luna Star Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Luna Star

Raw 18

Luna Star, Manuel Ferrara: Luna Star, the curvy Latina featured on the front cover, was up last as Manuel Ferrara described his desire to work with her as he drove in traffic. The camera was apparently mounted on the dash of the car and he was a bit scruffier than in most of the other scenes, cutting away quickly to show the sexy Luna in skimpy shorts and a tight black top in a hotel room, the gal posing for still shots in provocative ways. She looked professionally made up and her body was curvier enough for a guy like me yet still qualified as being “built for speed over comfort”, the frisky female posing more openly as her clothing flew off her frame. She kept solid eye contact and came across as purely sexual while putting on a show of masturbation for the director while he was behind the camera, her personality coming forth much more as he either set the camera down or participated more, the gal giving him some sensual head as she sucked his nuts and blew him, some oral on his taint (if not asshole) completing her oral checklist as she moved forward to jerk him off and aggressively ride his cock. While the levels of chemistry were not as pronounced as some of the previous scenes, they still seemed into each other, the lustful tryst continuing until she sucked the seed right out of his pecker. This left her with a semen goatee and his fluids spread across her chest, Luna teasingly giving him a few last licks and using both hands to stroke him while offering post coital head as he could be heard laughing from behind the camera, her showering off adding some strokable material too.

Manuel Ferrara Porn Actor Photo
Porn Star: Manuel Ferrara

Slutty and Sluttier 21

Dani Daniels, Manuel Ferrara: Dani Daniels, the total babe featured on the entire right side of the front cover, was up first on a large bed outside in a shaded area, her classic black lingerie looking great on her. She called Manuel Ferrara over to her where the couple flirted, her giggles showing how infatuated she was with the man and he was at a rare loss for words himself. Manuel got a lot of tease footage of her superior ass as she bent over and her panties rode up her juicy ass, pulling them halfway down for her to walk to the house with him following her. Dani stripped and then slobbed his knob in POV fashion, using her hand to gland motions as well as her mouth and eye contact to make for a wonderful oral experience. He then handed off the camera so he could get more footage of her ass and body, the couple moving into a 69 so he could gobble her gash as she throated his turgid pecker to the best of her ability. They then began various positions of slightly active vaginal penetration, some oral by both of them occurring from time to time as the intensity and enthusiasm grew in the chemistry filled scene. Dani was most active when mounting him in his lap but as much as he liked her hairy bush, his girth and length pushed her limits a bunch. This continued until she grabbed her legs and pulled them up to her head, Manuel blasting her crotch, torso, and face with genetic juice, the spooge satisfying her as she tasted the baby batter with a smile.

Karlie Montana Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Karlie Montana

Slutty and Sluttier 22

Karlie Montana, James Deen: Karlie Montana, a fabulous looking hotty whose cover picture on the lower right corner of the front cover did not do her justice, ended the movie in a scene with James Deen, a man best suited/known for his comedic work in features. He was ill and on the couch and she was his nurse, his overactive imagination watching her sweet ass walk around the home to start him fantasizing. While the scene was a far, far cry from her work in Raw 15, I thought she looked smoking hot in her crotchless pantyhose and revealing black top, her ass and other body parts adding some replay value for me. She blew him briefly before some vaginal positions ensued, Karlie a passive rider until the very end when she bounced on his rod vaginally, her loss of breath a bit overdone but this being a fantasy scene with her on the white couch, pretty much any Karlie with a guy is a treat. There was a bit more oral and she gave good eye contact until he bust a nut of sperm on her tongue, the gal savoring the taste as the camera panned her delicious body.

Amy Anderssen Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Amy Anderssen

Raw 17

Amy Anderssen, Manuel Ferrara: Amy Anderssen, the incredibly curvy young brunette featured on the front cover, was up first as she walked into the motel room in a skin tight blue outfit. Manuel Ferrara was taken aback by how ginormous her tits and ass were, Amy posing before they bantered back and forth verbally. To say she left an impression on him would not go far enough, Manuel wanting to take some stills of her in what rarely happens in the series, the man admitting he had been jerking off to her scenes for some time. She posed on the bed and slowly took off her clothing, her boobs looking too out there for my tastes but that ass was to die for. Manuel started working her over by stuffing his face between her ass cheeks, her ripe rump causing the growing bulge in his pants to become a turgid pecker in record time, Amy aurally encouraging him to gobble her gash and eat her ass as he nestled between her legs both front and back. This led to her providing him with an energetic blowjob, titty fucking and rubbing driving him crazy as she licked his shaft and slobbed the knob seductively. There was some hand to gland friction included along the way but her eye contact was really strong and she knew how to tease him using her ass cheeks to rub his erection ever so slowly. The vaginal penetration showed both of them to actively participate, more oral and titty play keeping him on edge to explode as she rode his cock really hard. There were numerous times I thought he’d lose his genetic juice early but he held out valiantly until the ending wave of pleasure forced his balls to unleash his baby batter all over her torso.

Bonnie Rotten Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Bonnie Rotten

Evil Anal 21

Bonnie Rotten, Manuel Ferrara: Bonnie Rotten, the reigning Performer of the Year sporting tons of tattoos seen on the lower right corner of the front cover, was up first with Manuel Ferrara. Her braless black top allowed her boobs to shake in such a way that it drove him crazy as they tried to figure out what to wear from an extensive collection of slutty attire in her mammoth suitcase. Manuel joked about her tattoos a little, Bonnie launching it right back at him in spades, their mutual chemistry as a couple on so many levels really enhancing the tease value of the lengthy footage. The preparations took awhile but as she was so hot, Manuel (and this reviewer) did not mind one bit, the man even admitting that his biggest mistake of last year was booking her to work with another man (just like I told him…). In any case, Bonnie had a landing strip for a pubic patch and when she finally managed to figure out her black strap dress, she took a few moments to slob his knob as a reward for his sort of patience, the gal warming up her perfect pucker with a light purple anal plug. Manuel followed that with his thumb but Bonnie was prowling for pecker, his turgid rod just what she was looking for when she sucked him off and squatted to ride him actively in her dripping wet pussy. She then got up to tease and masturbate in front of him, driving him crazy with desire before some doggy held him off for more photoshoot material, the couple intermittently teasing and toying with one another before more vaginal and anal penetration positions were mixed in. The nonchalant manner in which they engaged in super fiery sex between him taking stills of her was interesting to say the least, Bonnie’s anal exploits showing how active a rider she can be (and she also loved to eat his ass!), ample evidence of her squirting provided along the way. Her eye contact was superb, their mutual chemistry awesome, and the many ways in which they clicked just made this a wonderful scene to appreciate, the couple lasting over an hour before her many talents drained his dragon dry of genetic juice, the sheer intensity of the tryst letting her gloat at how she swallowed his baby batter while leaving him completely spent (Bonnie refusing to leave before jumping his bone again and spreading out for another round).

Kayden Kross Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Kayden Kross

Slutty and Sluttier 23

Kayden Kross, Manuel Ferrara: Kayden Kross, naked on the bed having warmed up in the lesbian scene before this, was then joined by fully clothed Manuel Ferrara, the two kissing as his oral efforts continued southward down her body. Even Kayden licked her own nipple as he encouraged before he flipped her over to rim her at length, his own playful swats causing her to over react a bit again, his attention on fingering her ass as he went down on her more aggressively than Bree had working for the gal. Kayden then jerked him off and took the top part of his head into her mouth, moving to toss his salad before he fucked her pussy. She gave the same limited hummer after that position to move on top of him for a relatively passive ride, Manuel playing with her ass a little and spanking her to leave marks before choking her in missionary. Kayden looked good but compared to the previous acts he was in, the reliance of looks over performance struck me as a bit weak, her titty fucking leading to another partial blowjob where her eye contact helped as she stroked him rapidly while her mouth serviced the very top of his cock only. He went back to banging her as she rubbed herself, their chemistry established by their whispers and looks at each other, his sheer size again too much for her to easily handle before he nutted on her face to close her eyes with his liquid goodness.

Misha Cross Porn Actress Photo
Porn Star: Misha Cross

Misha Cross Wide Open

Misha Cross, Manuel Ferrara: Misha Cross, the moderately tattooed Polish brunette featured all over the front cover, was up first with Manuel Ferrara in a bedroom. She was wearing generic bikini undies with the thong nestled deep inside her ass crack, the lady pouncing on him before some weak camera work showed him diddling her before she aggressively slobbed his knob, the messy hummer readying his turgid pecker as she gave some hand to gland friction and he spanked her. There was some choking involved and he roughly boned her nearly bald beaver before they switched to her ass, the gal much more active at anal than vaginal sex. She kept fair eye contact with him as able, some taste testing included in the enthusiastic romp before she drained his dragon of semen that he launched all over her mug as she knelt before him. The company described the scene like this: “Pale brunette beauty Misha Cross and thickly hung stud Manuel Ferrara share a blistering, passionate bedroom session — getting all three holes power-fucked, the trim, tattooed babe loses herself in orgasmic frenzy. They kiss deeply and she whimpers as he eats and fingers her to wetness. She goes all pink, gasping and sweating as they make love, with both partners roughly masturbating her clit. Manuel fucks her face and deeply porks her tight asshole between face slaps, choking, hair pulling and foot fun. After a wild butt fuck, Misha kneels for a facial cum blast.”


Alexis Monroe, Manuel Ferrara, Luna Star, Dani Daniels, Karlie Montana, James Deen, Amy Anderssen, Bonnie Rotten, Kayden Kross, Misha Cross