How to Shake the Social Stigma of Local Escorts and Sex Work

While sex work and local escorts may not be criminalized, they are still stigmatized. Find out what you need to know to rise above.

Throughout Australia, and arguably the rest of the world, sex work is often considered a pretty contentious subject. Whether it is legal, illegal, or exists in an (all too common) legal grey area, local escorts are rarely afforded the same fundamental rights and representation as other groups. This is largely because, despite sex work being one of the oldest and most enduring occupations, puritanical belief and governmental systems still get in the way of sex workers achieving fundamental rights.


“It’s a frustrating and disappointing thing to see” says a representative from Naughty Ads, a review and directory that works closely with local escorts. “The men and women that we work with are wonderful people, providing a necessary service.” The services suggest that particularly since lockdown measures have made many feels disconnected from both their communities and loved ones, sex workers have been there to help quell the bitter loneliness. But even during more normal times, local escorts are still a valuable asset. Particularly when accepted by their local communities.

Know the Law

In Australia specifically, different states have different laws and regulations regarding the practice of sex workers. This is not an uncommon practice, as countries within the EU take their own regional stances of prostitution, as does the UK and US. So as a local escort, it’s important to familiarize yourself with any laws or restrictions that may be applicable to you. Regularly, it is seen that many sex workers are often harassed by law enforcement officials, even when they are following the guidelines that are given to them.


Should this happen to you, remember to comply with the commands being given to you within the best of your ability, but ensure that you are well aware of the legal rights you do have. Keep a low profile and find a legal representative as quickly as possible. For some local escorts, it is easier and much safer to affiliate themselves with a directory or a licensed brothel. Ensure that whatever affiliations you do have, are done so within the restrictions of law. These can vary greatly depending on your geographical area of work.

Find Resources

There are a number of beneficial resources that are available to local escorts and sex workers across the globe. It’s important that any local escort familiarize themselves with these organizations quickly- whether they are legal representation networks, licensing boards, support groups, or a local GP or clinic. The health of an escort is absolutely paramount to their viable function. Escorts need to keep a close eye on their physical health, but also pay close attention to their emotional health as well. Oftentimes, escorting can be a lonely business, one in which having a strong support system can be a massive help.


Don’t be afraid to reach out to network affiliates if you feel you’re in need. Despite the social stigma, there are still many wonderful people that are happy to lend a helping hand or friendly ear should you need it. There are also many counseling services that specialize in working with sex workers. These can serve as an invaluable resource should things feel a bit overwhelming. Physical health should never be overlooked. All sex workers should be tested regularly, and encourage their clients to do the same. This ensures a longer and more lucrative career.

Take Care of Yourself First

The importance of personal health in securing a long lasting and safe occupation as a local escort can’t be overstated. As an escort, one of your primary jobs is to provide empathetic and considerate companionship to your clients. This can be extremely difficult to do if you have a less than happy home life. Stay fit and healthy is another important part of escorting. Often because the higher quality the escort is- both mentally and physically- the more money he or she stands to make. A big part of taking care of yourself and your career is learning how to be a bit tech savvy.


Joining an escort directory can be a huge help here, as oftentimes these sites don’t require a personal webpage, however, it’s always useful to know how to best promote your services online- should it be legal to do so. There are a number of spectacular online resources that can help guide you through the process of creating a simple and tasteful website. Keep a strict schedule and pricing guide. Find a way to create some sort of “check-in” system, so that an associate or friend knows where you are at during your working hours. This can help to keep you safe and help keep you calm should anything go wrong.

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