I’m Guilty Of Using Sex Toys – Am I In Trouble?

Being in a long term relationship is nice. In fact, it is the dream of many. As the internet says, it would be the ultimate #couplegoals. You will always have someone to eat with, sleep with, travel with, and ultimately, you’ll always have someone to call “your home.” Instead of bringing on wine or vodka after a long day of work, you’re excited to run by the grocery and buy ingredients for dinner. Instead of partying during weekends, you’d rather stay in and have a cuddle session while watching Netflix, complete with a bag of chips and a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s. Being in a long term relationship is heavenly. It’s as if you’ve finally found someone to spend your happy days with.

But, why in the world do couples breakup? Why in the world do some people still cheat?

For one, there could already be existing problems in the relationship. It could be a conflict on perspective or maybe there are certain things (that are individually important) the couple just can’t seem to agree on. These factors may lead to a potential breakup but never should it lead to infidelity. That’s an entirely different story. One other factor that couples commonly mention when asked about their breakup is the “loss of passion.” Sparks don’t just fly anymore. You have been so used to always being together and everything you do feels redundant. It has become an everyday routine.

Then again, how do you think your grandparents’ made it to seventy years of marriage? Or even eighty? You see, relationships work because couples make it work. It’s a choice to stay together. It’s not something you feel with someone; it’s a decision you make with someone. There will be fights. There will be times when things look dreary but it is holding on and making things work that will test how deep your love is for that person. And you know, even if fiery passions start to cool down, there is still something you can do.

You can try experimenting. You can try out new kinks to try and break the routine. If you don’t know how this works yet, then you can learn more about it here: sextoyeducation.com. Adults have toys too, if you know what I mean. They’re meant to add a little sizzle into your sex life; try to make things more “interesting” again. You may be worried about people judging you if they find out. Do not mind them. For all you know, they’re only jealous that you have someone to use those toys with (or on, lol). You can start with simple little trinkets – you don’t really have to go full-blown BDSM. If that’s not your thing, then don’t force it. You can go for the less extreme ones; the humble toys for beginners. You shouldn’t feel guilty about using them too because I tell you, millions of others are using them as we speak (but don’t picture it, okay?)

Sometimes, all it takes to make a relationship work is to put a little effort in. It’s very flattering to know that your partner is doing something to keep the love alive and burning. If it doesn’t work out, then hey, charge it all to experience. At least somehow, you’ve rebooted your relationship and you can laugh about your funny “sexcapades” later on. If it works for both of you, then it’s a good thing. You now found something you can both enjoy in each other’s company.

Don’t let the love die that easily. Just like burning coal, the sparks will slowly fade and the only way to light it up again is to add more coal. If you keep choosing each other and won’t settle for any other, that’s when love grows.

Women, buy yourself new lingerie; surprise your man. Show them that you still have more things going for you than what they’re already used to. Men, bring a nice gift for the lady. Roses and chocolates are nice. But how about something you can both enjoy? Go home and go wild. Shower each other with blazing passion and deep love. If you can’t make one relationship work, you won’t be able to make several others work either. It’s just going to be an endless cycle of heartaches and heartbreaks.

Choose each other everyday. 

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