Yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component, explored fully in these intimate routines for couples. Making the body flexible and strong while drawing clarity and peace into the mind and emotions, lovers will find their relationship resonating with a deeper harmony. A regular practice of couples yoga can improve your quality of life by bringing renewed health to your body, deeper intimacy to your relationship, and more pleasure to your bed. Explore these creative and sensual practices that add both tenderness and power to your loving.

Learn about yoga, the spiritual scheme, that will enlighten and improve your love life. Brings more intimacy and pleasure to your relationship. Become more creative and tender with your love.

Mishabae is the author of THE JOY OF PARTNER YOGA and the DVD TOGETHER-THE ART OF PARTNERED YOGA. A yoga instructor and massage therapist with 20 years of experience, her passion for developing practices that bring couples together into healthy, healing relationships is evident in her body of work. She teaches classes and has a private practice in Bainbridge Island, Washington and holds workshops internationally.

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