Lube War: Anal Lube VS Vaginal Lube

Everyone knows that due to lube sex becomes especially sensual and comfortable – but did you know there is somewhat of a lube war happening. Its place in intimate life cannot be underestimated, because sometimes without lubrication it is impossible to have sex at all. Modern sex industry says that each of us can find for himself exactly “that very lube” to meet special needs and to be suitable for a particular sex. Therefore, in this business, as experienced lovers know, there are no trifles, and anal lube can significantly increase the pleasure of sex and to add a special taste. Moreover, vaginal lube cannot cope with the task assigned to the anal one. Below we will provide a lot of serious arguments to prove this.

The history of lube emergence in sex industry

As we know it and as the sex industry offers us, the modern lube comes from the 19th century. Its invention is credited to the talented chemist Francis Guarier. Having signed a contract with an engineering company to develop a lube for mechanical parts, he spent the day and slept in his laboratory in order to receive the remuneration. A few weeks later, his wife got tired of it and she made a fuss for him right at the workplace, reproaching him for not paying enough attention to her. But, as they say, lovers’ tiffs are harmless. It all ended with amazing sex, before which the scientist forgot to wash his hands. After he touched his wife with them in intimate places, she said that she liked it, after which the man seriously thought about how and for what the lube could be used. After fulfilling his contract, Francis went headlong into the project and invented the first lube for sex.

Now, the choice is truly limitless, and sometimes it seems that there is no limit to it, and people who are not versed in this may even think that there is no difference other than volume or design. However, this is very unsound opinion, anal lube and vaginal lube are not the same thing at all. More precisely, each of them is ideally suited for one or another type of sex. Therefore, it is worth to expand on this theme, and in more detail to understand the question: “What is the difference?”

Anal lube is thicker


First of all, you should know that anal lube is always thicker than vaginal. The reason for this lies on the surface. A natural lube is released from the vagina, even if it is not sufficiently hydrated. The same is no saying about the anus or rectum. Therefore, during anal sex all hope is placed on intimate cosmetics. But vaginal lube is lighter and is quickly absorbed, so its application may not even be enough for the time it takes to gently and painlessly insert the penis, vibrator, or dildo into the anus.

Anal lube may include antiseptic

Since anal sex is not as hygienic as vaginal, exist anal lubes with special antiseptic, which is designed to destroy bacteria that have got on penis, and then avoid them getting into vagina. In addition, it is an argument to try all the delights of such sex, if one of the partners is squeamish or especially anxious about health.

Anal lube with cooling and warming effects

Many women needlessly and unjustifiably avoid anal sex, believing that it hurts. In fact, this is nothing more than a myth supported by those who have not tried it, since in fact it all depends on the skill and patience of the partner. Moreover, those who love this kind of sex, authoritatively declare that the pleasure is sometimes even brighter! However, for such cases, there is a special anal lube with a cooling effect. The lidocaine present in it slightly freezes the anus and there is no pain felt. And as we can see again, vaginal lube doesn’t have such effect. At the same time, it should be understood that neither the woman nor her partner will feel special pleasure, since the nerve endings will not have such sensitivity. Therefore, such a lube will be useful only at first, and when the unreasonable fear disappears and the anus gets used to penetration you can switch to another lube.

As for preparing the anus for sex, it will be better to keep in mind the lube with warming effect. It will cause an additional rush of blood to the intimate place, help to relax and make sex even more sensual and enjoyable.

And, of course, no extreme fisting lover would say that vaginal lube is the right choice for entertainment. This process takes time to warming up, stretching and penetration itself. Therefore, no matter what fisting is, anal or vaginal, either anal lube or a special lube intended for this must be used.

Apply vaginal lube only on penis

Whichever anal lube you choose, you should be generous in applying it anyway. For example, vaginal lube can be applied only on penis and then systematically distributed along the vagina walls. But before anal sex, lube should be present both on penis and, most importantly, at the entrance to the anus and in the sphincter itself. Then, you can be sure in the most exciting pleasure. Moreover, the very process of lube application can be a foreplay, since many men are quite excited about this.


Water or silicone based?

However, vaginal and anal lube have something in common. Both can be water-based or silicone-based. And if the water-based is really universal, although it is absorbed faster, then the second one is not compatible with toys that are made of cyber leather or silicone. This should be considered while using vibrators.

Someone may say that anal lube or vaginal lube does not make that much difference. But it’s like eating soup with a fork. It is possible but not pleasant and convenient? And sex, as one of the main components of our life, should be fabulous and should bring nothing but joy and satisfaction from the process. If vaginal lube has already become your “friend “, then try to make sure that anal lube is also always present at your bedside table. And your anal sex experience will be amazing!

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