My First Thailand Trip As A Bachelor

When I opened my eyes, I was startled awake by the movement of the plane as it landed in Bangkok. I am young and this is my first trip as a bachelor to Thailand. Actually, I had heard a lot about this place from my friends and that’s why I decided to plan a trip to Thailand. Undoubtedly it is a beautiful country. With its stunning scenery, diverse people, lovely beaches, breathtaking vistas and most importantly availability of hot and seductive babes, this place has many things to explore.


I reached my pre-booked seaside hotel. In the evening, I was feeling bored and decided to spend some time at the bar. I sat down to have a drink because the pub was almost vacant. A sleek young beauty approached me and sat down after introducing herself as Adriana. She stood 5 and half feet tall with long, lustrous black hair and a lovely, intellectual face. She had a great body, which she kept in tip-top shape by going to the gym on a daily basis, and a sweet, husky voice that made you want to masturbate just talking to her. She introduced herself as an escort from Adelaide and asked if I wanted some company for the night.


Later, I told her that I am not intended to pay for sex and that she should look for it elsewhere. She smiled and walked away after thanking me for the drink. I sat there nursing my drink for a while, thinking about her and her gorgeous perfume, her body, and how much fun she would be. She was suddenly smiling and sank back into her chair. I agreed to get her another drink, which she requested. She then told me that she enjoyed talking to me and that she may stay with me for a while. I answered, “OK with me.” As we conversed, time passed by, and in the dim light, we progressed to light petting and kissing.


As the evening wore on, both she and I became increasingly excited, and my inhibitions had entirely dissipated. “Would you rather do this or feel the actual thing?” I asked her as I turned to face her. Without further ado, we headed to my suite. She leaned in and kissed me passionately as soon as we walked into my room. My hands glided along the contours of her upper body from her shoulders to her waist, securing and lifting her t-shirt. Our hungry lips brushed against one other, and we even had a tongue-wrestling match!!! As I raised my arms to remove her t-shirt, she gave me a questioning look.


With a black bra on her white milky body, she was looking like a seductress. She was reminding me of my first escort experience which I had 2 years ago in my hometown with escort girls in London. I just stared at her 33 C-cup tits, carefully running my hands under her bra, and started fondling her tits. We kissed some more while I stroked her smooth and removed her bra. Her firm tits and taut nipples were actually saluting me for touching them. I started unbuttoning her jeans until they were completely undone. Her tits pressed against my face as I assisted her in pushing it back. “Oh my god! Adriana, your tits are stunning!”


It sparked an even more intense need in both me and her, so I slipped down onto the floor and kissed her belly button. Adriana was unbuttoning my shirt, undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my jeans in the meantime. Except for the socks on my feet, I swiftly kicked off my Nike sneakers and stood tall in my birthday suit. She whimpered, ‘Kiss it, Yes, Bite it.’


She was an outspoken lover who enjoyed freely expressing her emotions while in bed. She then knelt to remove my underpants, and my cock sprung upon her in all its glory, the entire 8-inch length. She grabbed it with one hand and tucked it beneath my balls with the other. “That’s it, baby, be a good girl and suck my cock!”


I pushed myself up so I could take off my jeans and underwear. She stretched out and caressed my cock a few times, kissed the head, and licked it thoroughly a few times, much to my delight. “You have a very great and large cock; I’m blown away! I’m hoping you’ll completely fulfill me and transport me to heaven! She licked my dickhead once more when I positioned my cock towards her mouth. She slid my dick into her mouth and began twirling her tongue in numerous directions across the firm flesh while continuing to stroke it. “Ah! It’s fantastic!” I exclaimed. I lunged forward and pushed my cock farther into her mouth as she leaped forward to squat in front of me.


We were now completely naked like it was some sort of sex competition, and she was going to have her sexual desires fulfilled. She told me there are a lot of Melbourne escorts who fuck for money. But who cares other, when you have fucking hot lady with me, I said. I stretched out and drew her closer to him. I turned my face towards her crouch and smelled her pussy while she was licking and stroking me. This is the best of all aromas, a hot, pulsing pussy just waiting to be pounded. To stimulate her g-spot, I pressed my middle finger inside her pussy. Her juice flowed even more freely as a result of this, it was fantastic… It’s just too much to have a hot pussy pouring with juice. I noticed stars and said, “Oh crap, that’s fantastic… That’s wonderful! You’re making me hungry! Oh my god, that feels amazing!”


She massaged her hot, wet pussy on my face and fed me with her juice-soaked fingers. She was emboldened by the sensation of my cock in her mouth and the knowledge that she was acting like a slut. She lay back on the bed and opened her legs for me, showing her wanton wet pussy, which was cleanly shaved and clean. “Why don’t you feel how hot my pussy is for yourself darling and put your cock inside me?” she murmured, looking up at me. For a long time, my pussy has been neglected.


We’d arrived at a point where all you could think about was fuck… fuck. And fuck to please yourself and your lover; it’s the most self-centered thing you can do. As I went onto the position for the last countdown, I rubbed my cock and massaged myself. I slowly entered her moist, hot, and welcoming pussy with the head of my cock on her cunt-lips. I proceeded to penetrate her and pushed deeper and deeper into her love canal until the full 8-inch massive meat was fully inside.


I bent down and started to rock her back and forth, my large manhood fully engorged in her cunt. “Do you want me to cum in your pussy?” I asked, looking down at her. Do you want to be filled with my hot cum? You want to feel me accelerate inside you.” As if the situation couldn’t be any more uncomfortable, my question prompted her to begin climaxing. She shouted and screamed as she could feel my cock expanding and mushrooming as her pussy constricted from the climax before I began discharging fast bursts of my hot lava into her burning volcano.

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