Performing Extraordinary Sex

Will show you how four couples learnt new techniques to keep their sex lives exciting.  Dr Sandra Scantling USA sexologist hosts this explicit series that will help you improve your sex life.

In Dr. Sandra Scantling’s Discovering Extraordinary Sex Volume 1, couples share their thoughts about sex and intimacy as they make their way on their unique sexual journeys — and then invite you to watch them apply their newfound insights in beautifully shot scenes of explicit lovemaking. Dr. Scantling offers sound advice on strengthening intimacy in a relationship (break out of old patterns!) while providing sexual exercises the two of you can practice together. Learning was never this much fun!

Unrated. Includes sexually explicit educational material. Dolby Surround. Feature Length: 60 minutes.

Dr, Sandra Scantling bio – Would you like to improve your intimate relationship? As an experienced clinical psychologist and master’s prepared psychiatric nurse, I treat individuals and couples with a wide variety of concerns. I am also a certified specialist in sexuality. My approach is designed to help you and your partner achieve a more satisfying relationship in a safe, comfortable, respectful setting. I also see men or women with specific sexual concerns including: desire, arousal, orgasm, ejaculation, pelvic pain, ED, distress about pornography, infidelity, divorce, and others. I am committed to help you get “unstuck” and expand your choices.I’m a therapist, author, nationally recognized couples therapist, intimacy expert, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCONN School of Medicine, and Certified IFS Therapist (see self Each approach is individualized drawing from a wide range of frameworks including Internal Family Systems, Eriksonian hypnotherapy, & strategic therapy. www.DRSANDY.COMI offer individual, couples, and sex therapy. All therapy begins with an initial consultation and exploration of your treatment goals. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Each person & couple is unique …as unique as your fingerprints.

“Extraordinary Sex introduces fresh insights and possibilities for enhancing sexual pleasure. This exploration of the mind-body-spirit connection to sexuality is provocative, exciting, and new” -Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D —

“If there were a whole new language for sex, with words like ‘sexuos,’ ‘sexitive,’ and ‘sexational,’ and you could imagine these being a hyper-intense and transcendent strength in yourself — that’s what this book is designed to help you accomplish.” -Dr. John Money, author of “Lovemaps” and Professor Emeritus of Medical Psychology and Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University.

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