Pure Passion’s Broken Vows 6

It was the cover to Pure Passion’s Broken Vows 6 that drew me in. Ava Addams graces the cover holding her huge bra, wearing a lace thong and a waist corset. Her long straight dark hair, gorgeous smile and a smattering of tattoos (these are a few of my favourite things) somehow took second place to her gigantic exposed tits.

Soon as I saw this cover, I couldn’t wait to dive headlong in and see what fun she gets up to. Broken Vows 6 features a few scenes, starting with Alexa Toma followed by Brandi Love and Kalina Ryu before finishing off with Ava Addams. I readied myself for the 2+ hour runtime, two bottles of lube and a toy resting patiently nearby.

Alexa Tomas is one hot Spaniard, and her story starts with her as a private yoga instructor. She definitely has the body for it, that belly is perfectly superb. After two minutes watching her flirt with the guy, I skipped to the next chapter. They were still clothed and flirting. But worst of all, the most ill-fitting music ever put to porn continued to assault my ears. It was more like elevator music. Not sexy, not romantic, it was just there. With no other sounds. Just the music. For ten minutes!

When Alexa finally gets down to business, I feel some relief. Not because her perfect tits are now on display, but I feel better about myself upon seeing the guy isn’t really big erection. I thought big dicks was a given for male porn stars, but maybe not. Then I wondered if Alexa was just a tall porn actress, but Google results tell me she’s around 5’7, certainly not enough to shift the perspective.

Thankfully Alexa is not only gorgeous, but amazing at what she does and while I do find myself skipping through the chapters, I enjoy the snippets I see. I’m still wanting to get to Ava Addams’ scene.

Brandi Love is up next, and while she is a near perfect milf, I can’t not be distracted by possibly the worst fake tits I’ve ever seen. I skip through these chapters a lot faster. As I do with Kalina Ryu’s scene.

In reality, it’s not so much the women or their scenes, but how unengaging the whole production is. There are never any close ups, and the whole thing feels quite static. Even quickly skipping through everyone’s ten minutes of shit music doesn’t help pick things up.

Ava Addams scene finally begins, again with the damn music, as she receives an oil massage where we are introduced to possibly the only close ups in the whole two hours, of her breasts and nipples being lathered up. It’s hot, kind of. I skip through to the good parts but again, the camera seems so far from the action that it feels almost pointless watching it on my big HD TV screen. I can get far better engagement from more intimate porn on my phone.

I feel let down by Ava’s scene as it abruptly comes to an end (pun intended) and I return to Alexa’s meatier moments. After going through the other scenes, this one is probably the hottest and the most dynamic. But that doesn’t mean it’s great. It’s just better, by contrast.

This DVD gets a 3/10. Wicked Picture’s educational movies are for hotter and more intimate than this. In fact, I think the cover of this DVD is probably the hottest part about the whole thing. Maybe I’ll just get it made into a poster and be happy with that.

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