Sexual Fitness For Couples

A Workout for Two. Wellness and fitness are related and in this program you’ll discover how to exercise the right muscles to develop flexibility and endurance that can enhance your relationship. Learn which muscle groups to strengthen for more satisfying intimacy. Join three attractive couples as they demonstrate how you and your partner can work out together with easy to follow fun instructions. Keep your routines interesting with exercises tailored for various parts of the home including underwater exercises in the pool.

*Warming up –

*Fun exercises around the house-*

Special exercises for the pool-*

Exercising in the bedroom-

*Routines made for two

Welcome to the world of fitness for couples. Alexander Institutes gives you the chance with this instructional video guide to learn fun and intimate exercises for you and your lover. Prepare yourself to work out and come closer with your other half. Interesting exercises and easy to follow instructions are featured by real life couples. Learn how to excite yours and your lover’s senses with the special exercises for the bedroom or the pool. Learn how to take in advantage any room in the house and work out with him. These routines are made for two and are now made in high definition for you to enjoy.

Robina Alston is a highly sought-after Los Angeles-based physical fitness trainer, nutrition consultant and massage therapist who has worked with Olympic athletes as well as many other high profile clients. Ms. Alton’s health and fitness experience also includes founding and operating a successful body building gym and fitness center.

Robina Alston

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