The Most Complete Buying Guide for Men Sex Toys

Since the pandemic began over a year ago, the sales of sex toys have rapidly increased. This is understandable since everyone has been ordered to stay in their homes to prevent the further spread of the deadly coronavirus.

In some countries, staying at home lasted for months. As you can imagine, especially for those who regularly spend time outside or like to socialize, this can take a toll on some individual’s sexual mood.

Although sex and masturbation at home are normal, when you’ve been stuck in your house for months, these normal routines can end up becoming boring. This can be particularly the case for men since they are known to be more sexually active than women. For people in these situations, this is where sex toys come in to save the day.

What You Need to Know About Male Sex Toys

Contrary to the common belief that sex toys are for women, although it is true that there are more varieties of sex toys for females, there are actually quite a lot of sex toys available for men too. You can even find many different kinds that offer different pleasures.

40-50% of men in the U.S. buy sex toys

Another fact is that women buy more sex toys than men. In the U.S., the percentage of women that buy sex toys is 50-60%. This is why you can find more sex toys that are made for females than males. However, 40-50% of men in the U.S. also buy sex toys, and this figure is only increasing because of the pandemic.

So in today’s society, it is now normal and not considered weird for men to purchase and own a sex toy in their home. This percentage is also why more and more sex toys are being introduced that can cater to the sexual needs of men, such as toys that can pleasure the testicles, for example.

Sex toys for couples are now common

When it comes to sex toys, the common notion is that they are made for solo play or masturbation. Although this is true when sex toys were initially made, many couples nowadays   spice up their sex life and add new excitement to their sexual activities.

One specific sex toy company stated that 70% of their customers are couples. And now that there are many different kinds of male sex toys found on the market, both couples can enjoy enhanced foreplay and orgasmic sessions with each other.

In fact, there are even sex toys specific for couples. These toys are designed to give pleasure to both partners at the same time. So regardless if you’re a male, you can buy sex toys that can cater to your solo needs and help you enjoy yourself more in your relationships.

Male parts are just as sensitive as female parts

If you’re talking about facts, the clitoris has double the nerve endings as the penis. So it’s true that the clitoris is more sensitive than the penis. However, this doesn’t mean that men can’t feel as much sexual pleasure like women. There is also the myth that men only want to ejaculate and don’t care for foreplay, unlike women. But just like the “bad apple” concept, not all men have sex or masturbate just to finish. Most take pleasure in the whole idea of enjoying the sexual moment, especially with their partners.

So, because men can be just as sensitive as women, you can find diverse sex toy products to help a man reach orgasm. One perfect example is the cock ring for increased penis shaft stimulation or prostate massagers that vibrates this sensitive area for added sexual pleasure.

3 Sex Toy Products Ideal for Men

Depending on what kind of sexual pleasure you’re looking for and who you want to have it with will depend on the ideal sex toy for you. Here are three products that are specifically designed for men. Although they only pleasure the wearer, they can be used during sex too.

  1. Sohimi FEDER Penis Massager

This male sex toy is designed to wrap around your penis shaft and sit behind the scrotum. That way, as it vibrates, it stimulates both the shaft and the testicles, providing an overall increased sexual pleasure to these two male-sensitive parts. In addition, it also has a point that can rest on the perineum, which is also a sensitive area. This is a toy to add to your list for those who take pleasure in genital stimulation or vibration.

  1. Sohimi BANANA Prostate Stimulator

This product is another prostate or penis massager. What makes it different is that it has a shaft that inserts the anus for stimulation of the prostate. So as the rings sit on your penis shaft, the toy’s shaft end can penetrate your anus and vibrate from the inside, thus stimulating the prostate situated within. If you’re the kind that doesn’t mind anus play, then you’d no doubt enjoy this toy.

  1. Penis Rings Vibrators

The Penis Rings Vibrators is one of those sex toys designed for couples. This toy has rings that sit on your shaft with a shaft of its own that also sits at the top of your penis. Additionally, this shaft has groves on top to increase the pleasure of sex for the woman. Furthermore, there is another short shaft that extends upwards from the rings. This part vibrates as well and targets the clitoris as you perform penetrative sex with your female partner. So if you want to enjoy a sex toy for you and your woman, then this would be the ideal choice.


Male sex toys exist, and there are many products out there that you can browse from. An increasing number of online sex toy stores are available now that the pandemic has brought about the need for added and greater sexual satisfaction due to being confined at home. And Sohimi is one of these reliable and trustworthy sites where you can get your toys from.