5 things you should try for sex before the end of this year

Intimacy is a very important part of our life as a couple so why shouldn’t we try for sex. The monotony to which we have been subjected during the last few months has meant that, at present, we are living a real sexual revolution to free ourselves from all the accumulated stress. 

It is time to experiment with new sexual practices and break the monotony to rekindle the flame of passion. 

But, to rekindle a relationship or start a new one in style, what things could we practice to feel alive again? Here are 5 things you should try in sex to get more sexual pleasure. 

Practice virtual sex

The pandemic year has brought with it a real boom in online dating and virtual sex. With the strong mobility restrictions and the impossibility of meeting new people in person, this new modality has been an innovative and pleasurable experience. For singles and long distance relationships, virtual sex has undoubtedly been the best way out to keep our libido active.

Even sex workers, such as aussie melbourne escort, have been able to keep their clients in the hardest months of confinement by being able to offer their services online. Thus, dating apps or classified ads portals have been a relief for a sector that has suffered especially with the pandemic.


Try erotic toys

What was once a desire has now become a must-have for a night of sex. Buying erotic toys has always been a taboo subject for many couples, but the routine during the months of confinement has greatly boosted the sale of such products.  

As confirmed by a recent study by a well-known Swedish luxury erotic goods firm, “70% of those surveyed incorporate sex toys into their couple’s routine to enhance it” with the aim of establishing more fun and creative sexual relationships.

In addition to the world-renowned Satisfyer, many couples have opted for remote vibrators that can be controlled by smartphone, handcuffs, edible body paint or role-playing games. 


Send erotic messages, photos or sex videos

To rekindle passion and break the monotony another practice that has returned to fashion pandemic has been sexting. This practice consists of sending erotic messages, photos or erotic videos to your partner to seduce him/her. Or even through sex video call service.

If you do not have a partner, it is also a good way to use sexting as a preamble to a sexual encounter. But be careful, remember that once you send sexual content through an email or social network, you no longer lose control over it. To avoid risks that your content could go viral or fall into the wrong hands, do this activity with people you trust.  


Have a sex date

We are sick of organizing and planning romantic getaways, but why not organize a sexual getaway? Whether it is with our partner or our new date, we can plan a hotel weekend to do it all day long without leaving the room, we can do it in a place lost in nature or simply, wherever we feel like it. The important thing is to make the most of this time, try new positions and enjoy this sexual experience. 


Act out some of your sexual fantasies

Role-playing can be a good option to fulfill your most secret fantasies. The idea of playing at being someone else and having the illusion of being with another person can help us to let our imagination run wild and put into practice fantasies that would normally make us embarrassed or ashamed. 


And you, do you already know what you are going to innovate this year in bed?


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