Womanly Confessions: Is It Wrong For Me To Be In Adult Dating & Sex Sites?

I know that you’re probably on your toes right now. After all, it’s hard to be a woman and openly display your sexuality in public – especially with the whole internet keeping watch of your every move.

Thing is, women are scrutinized for sexual behaviour more often than men. Even in simple matters such as masturbation, women always get the short end of the stick. If men masturbate, it’s okay. They’re men. It’s “natural.” If women masturbate, it’s seen as weird, awkward, perverted, or even disgusting. Everybody else suddenly makes a big deal out of it. Well, guess what? Men, women, gay, transgender, bisexual, non-sexual, or whatever – it doesn’t matter. We are all entitled to our own agencies. It’s our life, our body. We know what’s best for it. Check out what these women have to say about their own masturbation experiences: https://www.cosmopolitan.com/sex-love/news/a35847/sex-talk-realness-womens-masturbation-habits/.

Anyway, going back to what we were talking about, women always seem to feel out of place whenever matters involve sexuality. Women are stereotyped as level-headed and disciplined than men. They are expected to have better control over sexual pleasures and more resistant to physical temptations. Well, news flash guys. Women are humans too. And as humans, we naturally desire sex.

That’s right. We want sex so much that our usually “reserved” and “feminine” selves are thrown out the window and replaced by savagely hungry sex beasts. It’s the truth. We want sex just as much as any other gender does. So if you see us in adult dating and sex sites, it’s probably because we want to get laid too. That much is obvious. Don’t interpret it as “Oh, maybe she’s too lonely” or “Oh, maybe her boyfriend cheated on her and she wants to get even.” We think of no such things. Well, maybe some of us but not all. Sometimes, we just want to spend a night enjoying casual, passionate, and kinky sex with some random stranger for a change.

What’s so wrong about that? Guys do it all the time – with and without a girlfriend. Why should we act any differently?

So girl, if you’re in an adult dating website, feel no shame in that We are entitled to do whatever we want with our bodies as long as we do it responsibly. We don’t need to answer to anyone or explain ourselves as to why we do it or why we are acting this way. We’re doing it because we want to; nothing more to it. As long as you’re taking good care of your body and you’re not hurting anyone with your actions, then there’s no reason to feel guilty.

It is important to note, however, that online dating can be pretty risky – especially when it involves real life sex. There are many dangers involved, some of which are highly irreversible, so you have to proceed with caution. After all, you always come first. With the hook up culture growing bigger and bigger everyday, risks associated with casual sex are becoming more alarming as well. There’s the possibility of contracting STD’s and other infectious diseases. There’s also the risk of running into a complete psycho. Even if you’re doing this just for fun, it’s important that you keep yourself guarded at all times.

With all that being said, here are a few tips on how you can protect yourself from undesirable situations:

1. Don’t Agree To Meet Up With Anyone for The First Time In An Isolated Place

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