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Todd and Dolph

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This scene is one of our favorites because it shows Dolph's growing sexual confidence and his remarkable ability to create a bubble of intimacy with his scene partner. He buries his cock inside Ralph in several positions, including a sexy side-by-side technique that Ralph clearly loves. In fact, the Canadian cutie cums as he is being fucked and pops a second load a few minutes later. Sensuality and intimacy are also the keywords for Todd's light bondage episode with adorable newcomer Jack Blue. The action here was conceived, directed and edited by Lukas Ridgeston, who felt Todd physical ease with his body would translate nicely onscreen (and he was right!) The idea was to capture a moment of sexual fire; when one or the other is blindfolded with hands bound, he does not know what to expect: A blowjob, a cock poking into his mouth, a kiss...?

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Todd and Dolph
Todd and Dolph