Spokes # 2

Anal Sex, Barely Legal, Bodybuilder, Butt play, Cum shots, Double oral penetration, Fetish, Group sex/orgies, Hairy, Leather

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Spokes # 2
One of Falcon Studio's all-time best selling classics. 'Get out the pump and be ready to downshift your tool at any moment.'
With a plethora of megacocks, huge low-bouncing balls, dildo buttplay galore, creamshots that need a sponge to clean up, and dudes on motorcycles (all pre-condom era sex, too), this early Steven Scarborough flick is one worth owning.
-Keeneye Reeves
From the liner notes:
"From bicycles to the world of motorcycles and leather... ten men, hung and well-built, some tall, some smooth, some hairy, but all insatiable. In a wild explosion of sexual orgy, it is "to take or be taken; to obey and serve; one or all; taking it to the max. It's too late to turn back... it's Graduation Day!"
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Spokes # 2
Spokes # 2