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Bone Head #2

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Bone Head #2
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Jasper is a straight man and a show-off. He’s a thug with a lean, boyish body and a mammoth, veiny third leg. Now, I can tell when a straight dude is ripe for the plucking. So I told Jasper that our buddy Max Cameron just wanted the chance to look at that throbber up close, stare at it and nothing else. No touching, no worries.

I sent them to a sleazy porn store, knowing that the darkness, the porn, the reek of testosterone and the sight of Max’s drooling mouth would lower Jasper’s guard. Mission accomplished.

Keaton is a country boy with tons of piercings and tatts. And a dick that, in my humble estimation, is perfect for sucking. If you love sucking, you know there are cocks that fit the mouth like a missing puzzle piece. Don’t get me wrong—every dick is a suckable delight. But one like Keaton’s…well, you could keep that beautiful shaft in your mouth and throat all day and all night.
When a guy is this young and horny, you can put the world in one hand and the possibility of a blow job in the other—and he’ll take the blow job every time. Wolf’s unsureness and moodiness show in his face throughout the scene, but big-city cocksucker Pete knows how to make any man feel real, real special.
Shane is one of my all-time favorite cocksuckers. Yeah, he can’t deep-throat very well, but when he gets a dick in his mouth it’s like he’s come home. His entire being turns into a pleasure delivery system for the dick—and the man—he’s serving.
The two are a little self-conscious at first (Shane’s shy around fathers and Brent has a couple of young sons) but once the connection locks in, they both give in completely to the job at hand

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Bone Head #2
Bone Head #2