• Cheap Thrills #6 (Drew Sebastian Edition)

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CHEAP THRILLS 6 (Drew Sebastian Edition)
This edition of Cheap Thrills features hard driving TIM Exclusive DREW SEBASTIAN in three scenes that, until now, have been available exclusively to TIMFUCK members. To round out the movie.
DREW SEBASTIAN can't resist going down for a taste of LOGAN STEVENS' fine dick before offering his own gullet-stretcher to the cock addict, giving him a preview of the violation his ass is in for. Rising to the challenge, LOGAN takes everything DREW dishes out, urging the topman on as DREW delivers a deep powerfuck and a satisfying white-hot load.
When SETH told us how hot he was to be the meat in a DREW & LOGAN sandwich, we had to make it happen. After SETH shows off his impressive dick to everyone, including our camera, the guys connect with some deep kissing. Then they get down to serious play with a frenzy of sucking, rimming, and fucking, and enough spooge for even the neediest cum junkie.
When LUKE BENNET heard DREW SEBASTIAN was into rope play, he jumped at the chance to be tied up for the TIM stud's pleasure. Suspended and bound, LUKE is still all smiles as they get started, eager for a taste of DREW's fabled dick. He doesn't need any help opening wide and deep throating DREW's enormous schlong but, as it escalates to a face fucking, the topman gives him a hand anyhow. Done with that hole, DREW moves to the other--and finally wipes the smile off LUKE's face as he pushes his monster cock all the way up the kid's fuck chute for a deep dicking.
DEREK PARKER clearly belongs on his knees and on his back. LOGAN STEVENS takes advantage of the situation in this scorching Bonus scene. Logan eats DEREK’s furry ass, then pounds the fuck out of that hole while the insatiable bottom blissfully moans. DEREK’s a cumsloppy mess by the time all is said and done.

Cast: Drew Sebastian , Logan Stevens , Seth , Luke Bennet , Derek Parker

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