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Sex Academy Swinging

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Sex Academy Swinging
Sexpert of the Year Dr. Ava Cadell and Sex Therapist Dr. Hernando Chaves guide you through live demonstrations of real couples pushing the boundaries of monogamy by swapping partners, engaging in hot tub threesomes, erotic orgies and sexy voyeuristic expression.
"Discover the powerful interaction of group sex chemistry, and how multiple partners mean more fun and more orgasms for everyone! You'll witness multi-person positions including live examples of Double Doggy, The Doggy Bowl, and The Train.
"Learn the ins and outs of swingers etiquette, including how to approach a new couple, the rules of a swingers party, and how to set sexual boundaries with good negotiation. Many couples desire additional sex partners to fulfill fantasies, explore multiple partner positions or experience the thrill of being with a person with a different hair color or body type. Whether you and your lover are exhibitionists or voyeurs, there's a role for every desire in the world of swinging.
"Let you desire guide you to find the right playmates, and let this video guide you to enjoy it to the fullest!

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Sex Academy Swinging
Sex Academy Swinging