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Objects of Desire #03

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Objects of Desire #03
The ever popular sex toy. A true object of desire. Men desire the object because it fulfills a basic need, to have a hot hungry hole filled, or provide a soft, warm tunnel of love for a hard dripping cock. But the object can take many forms. The classic dick shaped dildo, a butt plug, a jerk off sleeve, or even a sexy boy toy. All of these are there for your pleasure, they serve no other purpose than to get you off. This is what you'll find in Objects of Desire 3.

Eric Pryor, with the bottoming skills he should win awards for, was so excited to hear he was going to get a chance to do a video with Malachi Marx and when they finally got together the air was thick with electricity. After sucking each other's hard throbbing cocks Malachi went down on Eric's sexy bubble butt and made him so damn horny he was practically screaming for Malachi to pound him like there was no tomorrow. Malachi started nice and slow but Eric took control of the moment and rode his dick like a wild horse. Malachi must have really got off on Eric's anal gyrations because he shot such a load all over Eric's chest, mixing with the hot spunk Eric had already deposited there minutes before.

Ever since Thor Sigurdson came to Randy Blue members have been going crazy for his innocent face and wicked cock. In this scene he was paired with the cock hungry, Riley Price. Riley immediately goes for Thor's cock as if he has something to prove. The chemistry seems to grow rapidly right before your eyes. In no time Thor rams a dildo into Riley's hungry hole. Riley takes every thrust with joy and anticipation knowing that soon it will be Thor's cock plunging deep inside him. When Riley finally did get that meaty cock inside him it was like a switch was turned on and Riley almost squealed with pleasure.

Andrew Stark found out that Chip Tanner was working his hole with this huge dildo to get ready for their scene together and he got so hot by the idea that he couldn't resist a little dildo hole action to make sure Chip's gaping manpucker was totally lubed and hungry for his rock hard dripping fuckstick. Chip, of course, was so hot for the sex toy that he couldn't wait for Andrew to hit him with the real thing. Andrew was so into ramming Chip's hole that when Chip demanded he work his nipples, Andrew was more than happy to grab one of the little nubs and give it a good work over, knowing how wild it drives Chip. Andrew's rhythmic thumping mixed with Chip's breathy moans is like a hardcore soundtrack to this cum gushing fuckfest.

Nick Braso is such a hottie with that muscular body, patches of hair in all the right places, and that so-sexy-you could-rub-it-for-hours buzzcut. He's a really nice guy, very down to earth and fun, but something happens when the camera goes on. There's a wild side that comes out that is so amazing to watch. You'll see in this video as he's jacking that monstrous cock of his, he looks at you as if inviting you in. He knows your watching him and he loves it. That half smile, intense eyes, the way he closes his eyes in ecstasy and then comes right back down, looking back at you wanting you to come with him. And once he begins teasing his hole there's really nothing else you can do except maybe grab your cock and go to town.

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Objects of Desire #03
Objects of Desire #03