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 So you want to be a Cobraboy? So many boyz wish they were, but do you think you have what it takes? Well we have a collection of our hotties, some made the cut and some didn't, but see how they did for their casting interview.
Get to see Austin's first time in front of the camera, and meet Justin, Enrique, Josh, Jonathan and others. The college boyz tell us why they are interested in modeling for Cobra, and their favorite sexual exploits as they rub it down for the first time on the Couch. If you like it laid back and real in the tradition of Bel Ami's "101 Men" series, then here's the Cobraboys, past and (if they make the cut) future sharing their stories and showing off just for you.
Scene 1 - Our overstuffed, 9 scene interview tape starts off with 19 year old Justin. We nicknamed this Cobraboy "Smiley" because he is always grinning and having fun. He's nervous at first (when's the last time you got naked and hard for a stranger ?) and tells us of his limited experience with guys. That's right, this guy has a virgin ass and as he describes what he has done with guys, I'm describing how we'll get some practice for his tight ass. We do some up close shots and of course the "Mystery Hand" has to give him a lil grope. Justin shows us his special way of jacking (you'll have to see yourself) and then pops his load on his chest. This is a nice, get to know you, glimpse of Justin before he shows off his stuff, and gets his cherry popped for the first time on next months Beach Video.
Scene 2 - I had to get 3 forms of ID on little Jonathan as this 19 year old guy looks much younger than his years. Jon is excited about showing off his tight bod and tells us how he likes to have fun and how he loves to bottom. Of course this bottomboi has to show up how he gets 4 fingers up his tight bum and after pumping his cock squirts his guy juice all over himself and the Casting Couch. Look for a hot 3 way scene from him on the Beach video.
Scene 3 - The next Cobraboy you all know by now. Our first famous Cobraboy, Ethan did this practice solo before he did the one for the Ethan's College Buddies video. Ethan was featured this last month in Allboy Magazine and if you like me, you can't get enough of seeing this tight bodied stud. Ethan finishes with his signature 3 foot squirt on his chest. Look for a very hot scene of Ethan this Spring when we finish the Campus Boyz Trilogy.
Scene 4 - The next model to christen the Couch is our 18 year old Latin boi, Enrique. I interview him as he shyly strips and pulls back the foreskin on his tanned cock... umm, how I do love those hooded boyz. Enrique tells us of his hot sexual exploits and strokes his cock then gets his bubble butt up in the air and fingers his hole. These Latin boyz are very passionate and I'm sure you'll agree his finish is very hot !!
Scene 5 - Ahh is Cobra's Couch could talk what tales it could tell. Like this 20 year old college guy, Sebastian who has a lean tight Italian body and loves to stroke his meat. Sebastian doesn't get interviewed here, just strokes his cock till he erupts his guy goo all over his stomach.
Scene 6 - This scene bring back another very popular Cobraboy, our now 19 year old Austin who was featured two months ago in Allboy Magazine. I never did an interview scene with him previously, so I thought it appropriate for our sexy guy to tell us what gets him excited and I ask him about himself and how he has fun as he strokes his hot 7 inch cock for us. Austin tells us how he is looking forward to the beach trip ( the video will be named for him) and he gets down to business, spewing his spunk all over his smooth belly.
Scene 7 - Here's an early session we had done for practice with just turned 18 Tim. Tim has a nice 8 inch cock and he starts by sucking Austin then rimming him. Austin returns the favor and these 2 hot boyz show they don't need much practice to get this scene right. Austin jumps on him and rides that fat cock and groans begging Tim to fuck him harder. Tim gives him what he wants and Austin shoots his load on Tim's chest. Tim get his rocks by blowing his jizz all over Austin's hair and face. Austin sure needed a towel after that one.
Scene 8 - Kaipo, our 18 year old Hawaiian guy has a different Couch to interview on as we first met him on our summer Beach trip. He was a bit nervous at first but shows off his tattoo, navel piercing and then, his nice smooth ass. He works the Cobra dildo into his tight hole and jacks, then squirting his load which dribbles down over his hand and stomach. What for some hot scenes on the Beach video which will be available soon.
Scene 9 - We finish off this action packed interview video with a fun scene with Justin and Josh. Justin brought his friend along and these guys really know how to have fun. The discuss who gives the best head and Josh is hard as a rock the moment he's out of his boxers. The guys trade giving bj's, then Josh rimms Justin and they 69. Justin ends up sucking Josh off and gets a nice load of goo all over his chin for his efforts. Justin blows his load while Josh blows him and he admits he wished it could have been a better finish but you never know what might happen for a first time.
DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.
A Cobra Video DVD.

Cast: Austin Sterling , Ethan Armstrong , justin , josj & Sebastian , Erique & Tim

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