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  • The Best of Derrek Diamond

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The Best of Derrek Diamond
He had that boy next door look about him but his insatiable desire for cock and that empty feeling in his hole when it wasn't stuffed full of some guy's big dick made him the kind of guy everyone wanted to fuck. This collection has some of the hottest scenes Derek Diamond has done for Randy Blue, from taking Kevin Falk's huge ramrod to being sandwiched between Blake Riley and Cody Fallon in a hot three-way. Derrek shows off his impressive skills with giving head and getting fucked. That's why we call this collection The Best of Derrek Diamond.

Pairing Luke Steel with Derrek seemed a natural. Derrek is sporting a wilder look here. Hair hot and spiky, with some nice thick sideburns and a facial scruff that brings out a darker more manly side of him. He attacks Luke's dick like he was a hungry animal and Luke apparently loves it. He totally made Luke's first time with a guy just right, showing him the kinds of pleasures that only a man knows how to give another man. And when Luke turned the tables and took control, Derrek was loving every minute of it. Luke coverers his face and chest in creamy jizz and it was like he flipped the 'O' switch, sending Derrek into a full body orgasm that you have to see to believe.

Keven Falk eyes Derrek up like a wild animal sizing up his prey, and you can tell Derrek is loving it. he goes down on Kevin's enormous cock, using his hand to work the extra girth that he can't possibly fit in that talented mouth of his. But it's no fault of Derrek's, it's just that Kevin is that huge. But Derrek does an excellent job of taking that monster as deep down his throat as he possibly can. Kevin reciprocates with a blowjob that looks like he's been practicing for a long time, all for this moment. And when he fucks Derrek's ass he does it with this tough guy attitude, using Derrek as his plaything and you can tell Derrek is totally getting off on it.

Cru Jones and Derrek both really enjoy sucking cock. Then Cru rode Derrek like a pony in heat and he loved every minute of it. You can tell how much but the huge load of jizz he spurts all over his chest. Talk about a cum shot! He just kept going and going. It was really amazing. I figured Cru would finish up and we would be done but I was in no way prepared for the tidal wave of cum he unleashed on Derrek. He had it on his face, his hair, all over his chest. I mean, this guy just erupted like he was putting out a fire. But I don't think Derrek had any complaints.

Derrek, Cody Fallon and Blake Riley had all been in our movie, A Taste of Blue, together, but the three of them were never in the same scene together. There was too much hotness there to not take advantage of, so we made this super hot three-way. They all had such a great time and were so into each other that this video pretty much shot itself. We were plagued with technical difficulties, but the energy was running so high that day and the action is so amazingly orgasm inducing, that left all the little glitches in. Even their little "wardrobe malfunction" stayed because I thought it added to the uninhibited fun of the afternoon.

Cast: Cody Fallon , Cru Jones , Blake Riley , Kevin Falk , Jeremy Lucido , Derrek Diamond , Luke Steele

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