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Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets

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Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets
Patricia Johnson and Mark Michaels are the hosts of Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets, they’ve published numerous books on the topic and have been an intimate loving married couple for almost 15 years. In this invaluable hour long DVD they share with you what they’ve learnt during their years of experience.
Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets will teach you the ancient yet simple system of achieving heightened states of sexual euphoria. Mark and Patricia do so by explaining in clear steps while you sit in the comfort of your own home and watch loving couples perform the powerful techniques.

This DVD is an absolute must-have for very intimate couples!

It may seem a little foreign at first but if something is missing (or could be added) to your romantic encounters we recommend studying this wonderful content to obtain the following skills:

- Key concepts of the tantric practice
- Primary and secondary erogenous zones
- Tertiary erogenous zones
- Putting your knowledge into practice
- Sexual positions for ecstatic tantric lovemaking

This is a very easy and loving video to watch, it’s by no means hardcore pornography making it accessible even to those individuals who generally find erotic films unappealing.

Ladies and gentleman, this is REAL tantric training at it’s best and it’s something that simply can’t be learnt from a book or website. It’s a DVD that will change the way you think about sex and has serious potential to bring your lovemaking to a whole new exciting platform that you would have never thought possible.

Buy a copy today from and have it discretely sent to your home; it could just be the best thing that ever happened to your relationship…

We've included a short video on Tantric Sex for your education and enlightenment.

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Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets
Advanced Tantric Sex Secrets