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Advanced Toys For Great Sex

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Advanced Toys For Great Sex
We can’t help but be overwhelmed sometimes when we look at the extensive range of sex toys at our local adult shop or on Dildos, vibrators, anal beads, male masturbators, cock rings, and the list goes on..
For the individual and discerning couple alike it’s difficult to make a selection. One often finds themselves asking:

Which type of toy is best for me?
Do male masturbators actually work?
How do a wear a cock ring?

Advanced Sex Toys for Great Sex DVD provides all of the answers you need with respect to using toys both alone or with your partner. Hosted by Dr Lori Buckley, Anne Winders and Ian & Alicia Denchasy this movie not only introduces the toys but also narrates their use as you watch attractive, real couples use them effectively.

Whether you’ve never used a sex toy before or you have a whole closet full of them there’s something to learn from this wonderful instructional movie. It will show you new ways to incorporate adult toys into your sex-life and take you on a journey through the wonderful world of ‘sexual technology’.

Warning: This DVD has a reputation of causing sexual arousal

Not only does this 120 minute video introduce a wide range of erotic devices, it also discusses lubrication and safe practice.

Topics include:

- Covering a wide range of dildos and vibrators
- Anal toys for the pleasure of both men and women
- Reaching heights of orgasmic euphoria with sex toys
- Sexual enhancement through proper lubrication

And much more

Once you’ve entered the world of sex-toys you’ve opened pandoras box and there is no turning back. Here at AdultSmart we’ve found that most people experience a dramatic spike in their libido after they begin incorporating toys into their heated sexual encounters.

This DVD is jam-packed with useful information and if you’re like us here at AdultSmart and you love your sex toys, you may not be taking full advantage of them without the knowledge contained in this DVD release.
Don’t deprive yourself (or your partner) of the most extreme orgasm possible by neglecting to educate yourself in the fine art of incorporating adult toys into the bedroom.

Advanced Toys For Great Sex is part of the critically acclaimed sexual education videos by the Alexander Institute. A multi-lingual DVD recorded in English but with audio options for French, Spanish and German. Buy your copy today at Australia’s best online adultshop,

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Advanced Toys For Great Sex
Advanced Toys For Great Sex