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StraightCollegeMen.Com #03
StraightCollegeMen.Com #03
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As you'll read inside...brbr As opposed to me having control of the situation as it had always gone before, Damon pretty much took the bull by the horns and harassed me about the questions not being rough enough and the like. I could certainly see why he was in sales. He was gonna push this baby home. Soon the pants were gone and he was sitting in his tight grey underwear. I could see the outline of his dick and balls and the next thing I knew, I was pulling his underwear leg up to peek in... and then I put my hand in and pulled his balls out. Given his six pack abs, legs for days, and everything else, I was caught up like there was no tomorrow...brbr
When I talked to Mike on the phone and asked for his description, he said he had blond hair. I figured he was as blond as all the brunettes who say they're blond but when I met him for the interview, I saw that he was BLOND. Blond hair, blond eyelashes; blonde everywhere. He was a little bigger than any of the previous guys, but variety is good. I knew he was straight: we talked about his ex-wife, but there was something so charming and ernest about him. He'd had a rough life and a big part of me just wanted to swoop in and save him. He said during our interview that he'd never messed around with a guy before, and talked about having sex with two twin girls, and he was unquestionably straight...but here I was, stroking his dick for him. DAMN that was hot!brbr Rick told me about his life and I got to the question about masturbating.
It was then that I realized that he was wearing his wedding ring, and I was sorta shocked that he was wearing it for the shoot, especially considering that she thought he was at work, but it worked for me. Once Rick's clothes started coming off and I saw his nice bubble butt and his pretty incredibly thick dick, I realized that I was in the room with some married woman's HUSBAND and he was going to jerk off for me, on video.

Cast: Mike , Rick

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