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  • The Dude Show Reality Sucks Part One

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The Dude Show - Reality Sucks Part One
Don't Forget to get All The Action in The Dude Show Part Two.
What happens when you move a group of young, horny California studs into a loft and turn on the cameras 24/7? You get The Dude Show: Reality Sucks! Tune into this season's hottest reality TV series where the cast confides their innermost secrets before fucking everyone in sight!
In the premiere of The Dude Show: Reality Sucks! we're introduced to housemates Brandon Lewis and Tucker Vaughn. Brandon, a Southern charmer with a killer smile, has a secret; he loves kinky sex. All-American Tucker joins Brandon for lunch in the loft kitchen and immediately begins flirting. It turns out that Tucker loves to get fucked. Brandon is down for that – and more! Once he sees Tucker's big cock he decides to take it for a ride!
The guys get creative in the game room when Phillip Aubrey challenges Gavin Waters to a game of strip ping pong. According to the rules if you miss two in a row you have to remove a piece of clothing. Once both guys are naked they decide to up the ante; the next guy out gets fucked. Despite his claims that he's the ping pong master Gavin ends up on the table with his ass in the air. Phillip fucks and sucks Gavin at the same time, then like any good match, the game changes and Phillip gets his ass fucked too!
Brandon Bangs tells us that he's tired of sitting around horny, hot, and jacking off. He's been taking out his frustrations on the punching bag but it's not enough; he's going to find Trent Locke, the new guy, who he's heard is a hot fuck. Brandon busts into Trent's room and introduces himself by whipping out his fat uncut cock for Trent to suck. Brandon loves the head job but it's Trent's furry tight hole that gets his attention. Brandon pushes his housemate on all fours and eats his ass then plows him hard. Brandon takes a break long enough to suck Trent's cock but goes right back to fucking him until they both shoot their loads!
The stakes are high in a game of darts between Brandon Lewis and Kennedy Carter: the winner tops the loser! We can't say much for their dart skills but both young, hung studs are excellent at sucking cock and eating ass. Such good sports, they take turns swallowing each other's cocks and rimming each other; it's a pretty even match until Phenix Saint joins the game. Since Brandon lost the dart game he finds himself in the middle of his two housemates getting both holes filled. Kennedy decides that being in the middle looks more like a prize so he pushes Brandon out of the way so he can get fucked on both ends.
While tossing a football around the game room Mark Talon tells Phenix Saint that he wrestled and played football in high school because he has a lot of testosterone. Phenix knocks the football out of Mark's hands and the two beefy hunks start to wrestle. Before you know it Phenix has his fat cock down Mark's throat and orders housemate Trent Locke to come in and fuck Mark's huge bubble-butt. Mark may have the testosterone but Phenix has the balls – he shouts orders and dominates the action – making sure both young hunks get their turn in the middle. Trent ends up on his knees covered in loads of cum

Cast: Trent Locke , Gavin Waters , Phenix Saint , Phillip Aubrey , Brandon Lewis , Tucker Vaughn , Kennedy Carter , Brandon Bangs , Mark Talon

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