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Wild Breed
Peto Coast has earned a reputation as the number one ass fucker in Europe today. He's a handsome guy with a seriously big and ever-hard cock, but what makes Peto special isn't just what he's got - it's how he uses it. This man fucks with an innate skill and intensity that perfectly balances human intelligence against pure, virile animal prowess. Witnessing him in action is enough to give any man's asshole an appetite. Watch the reactions of the men he breeds and you'll know it feels every bit as good as it looks. In this sweat-soaked rut session Peto gets to work on one of the few Euro-porn bottom studs who can actually match his potency with sheer greed for seed. Between Ben Statham's powerful, muscular alpha-ass cheeks there is a twitching, pink man-cunt that's truly worthy of the world-class breeding Peto subjects it to. Ben is left sprawling on the bed, deliriously fingering what's left of his hole, which yawns open, lined with Peto's load.
David is a premium slab of British brawn. Forget the old cliché of "black guy = aggressive top." This pig is a total, true-blue cum-slut bottom that lives to take loads in his ass, never happier than when he's roasting between two hard, raw cocks. The shoot climaxes with David on his feet bent over the end of the bed, legs planted wide apart, with me lying underneath him getting the best view in the house. Vince and Myles take turns plugging his ass until they both dump big loads on and into his sloppy hole, showering gobs of spunk and ass juice down into the camera and onto my face. I've got the best job in the world.
PlayPit is the "seed-iest" dive in London. It's the site of so much raw man-on-man debauchery that the basement walls positively ooze sleaze. Rio, Seb, and Jasper uphold the tradition, gradually dissolving the boundaries between their bodies until they become one glistening, heaving mass of young male flesh, cocks, assholes and mouths. Seb's handsome face presses into Rio's hole, his tongue digging inside to taste the seed he planted there before moving his mouth to Rio's, transferring the taste of cum and ass from tongue to tongue. At the same time Jasper aims a long, hot stream of piss directly into Rio's ass, which the bottom holds spread open, already wet with saliva and spunk. These guys start out making a "porn" scene, but finish up in a deep, intense groove together, oblivious to the camera and lost in lust.
When you're 29 like Nikos, there's a type of man who might appeal to you more deeply than anyone your own age. He's older but not old, hot but not pretty, and his body is bigger, heavier-set, and stronger than your own. It's also more heavily decorated with tattoos, scars and salt-and-pepper fur: the signs of time gone by. He's "Daddy." You might never become what he is. You're not a kid now but you're definitely the younger man - and that means he's going to fuck you, hard and deep, and cum inside you with everything he's got. All that's required of you is to meet him thrust-for-thrust, hold on tight, and ride his fat cock all the way home without looking back. That's how I see this encounter between Darren and Nikos.
Treasure Island Media's slogan is, "Documenting male sexuality in the 21st century." Never has that been truer than in this scene. Hampstead Heath is the UK's most famous cruising ground. For decades men have met here for anonymous sex under cover of the forest. I took my camera down there one evening to try to document what goes on. As "bait" I took my friend Luke, a greedy, indiscriminate, versatile young cum-whore who agreed to cruise the woods for horny strangers while I filmed. I tried to be discrete with my camera, and if they saw it I passed it off as something Luke and I taped for our own personal use, promising I wouldn't record their faces. It was a long night but we got what we came for. You've never seen anything like this in porn. Luke is approached from several directions by men who push his face onto their cocks, pull his pants down to fuck his ass, and back their own greedy holes onto his pole - all without a word of introduction, no questions asked. Totally unstaged raw fucking. No "porn stars" or gloss, just real men needing to get off. This is an unseen face of sub-social man sex, and I'm proud to present it here for posterity. Long may it continue.
Shaven-headed Toby is probably the most adventurous cum dump I know. He's been fucked everywhere, from the London Underground (100 meters below ground) to the London Eye (in a transparent pod 135 meters above the city). Getting a reaction out of Toby takes a special kind of cock. Fortunately, Wade has exactly that. Fans of U.K. Beef Bangers will remember the beautiful 10 incher with an eye-watering girth that lives between Wade's thighs. It's enough cock to have anyone gnawing on the proverbial pillow - even Toby has to brace himself for this one. Rock-solid top Anton gets to play "dummy dick" (that's the cock stuffed down a bottom's throat that helps take his mind off whatever's stretching his asshole beyond all recognition). In return, Anton has the pleasure of sliding his meat into what's left of Toby's puffy, fucked-out cumhole after Wade finishes seeding it.
Back at the PlayPit, the sleaze continues in an international (Scottish, Spanish, Greek, and Australian) spooge-swapping session. Kevin, Rick, Nikos, and Ozzie are all over each other in a sex-scrum driven by the universal adoration of cock and ass. Kevin puts the sling to its proper use, climbing in and taking all three men's loads one after another. Then he moans while filthy horn-dog Ozzie gets down-under and eats the dick soup fresh out of Kevin's well used cum-hole. Proof that nothing unites the world's men better than sex.

Cast: Peto Coast , Ben Statham , David Daniels , Vince Walker , Myles Bentley

Product Subname: DVD , Multi region , Gay , Bareback , These gay men are wild when it comes to having sex , XXX DVD.









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