The Other Side of Aspen VI

Volume 6 Other Side of Aspen

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The Other Side of Aspen Volume 6
Double Disc
Exploring the mountainside on their snowmobiles, Adam Killian and Tony Buff stop to enjoy the view and catch their breath. From landscape to the form of their partner, both men are exhilirated by the view - anxious and ready unveil their own glory in the natural splendor. Adam Killian drops to his knees and sucks Tony's thick prick... sucking it deep into his throat... withdrawing only to tease Tony's balls with his teeth and his tongue.
Tony is quick to respond and he begins deepthroating Adam's thick stiff prick; his oral skills prompt gasps and moans of approval. Adam gives Tony back door access and before long he's got his tongue deep in Adam's hole... tonguing and warming the sweet ass. Adam shows Tony just how much he appreciates the tonguing by one last run over Tony's cock... Adam takes it lovingly and deep…and Tony responds to the attention... pumping out a hot and hefty load over Adam's chest.
Tony enjoys the frosted view as Adam pumps his cock hard and fast... tugging and stroking and finally unloading in thick rhythmic spurts... watching Adam shoot has Tony so hot he has jacks another thick load out of his cock before the men return from their alpine adventures.

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Porn Stars: Adam Killian, Tony Buff

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The Other Side of Aspen VI
The Other Side of Aspen VI