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UK Beef Bangers
Treasure Is's East-Coast porn-auteur Max Sohl went underground in London with Treasure Island Media exclusives Dawson and Brad McGuire and came back with a two disc porn experience featuring Ben Mason, Albert Victor, Tony Rat, Adam Treamadoc, Luke Thomas, Tony London, Jiggy Mann, Wade, Nubian King ,and many many more!
Max has assembled some of the best fucking action we've ever presented. From piss-drenched cum-guzzlers to raunchy gangbangs, this vid is fuckin' epic!
Brad McGuire was just off the plane when Max presented him with a welcome-to-London gift: Klep, a young 'n' eager cocksucker. Now, Klep had told us that a major fantasy of his was to get on his knees and worship topman Brad's fat uncut cock---and to guzzle down every last golden drop of his hot raunchy piss.
How could we say no? Brad had such a good time he gave Klep a thick mouthful of fresh sperm.
U.K. Beef Bangers really kicks off with a visit to the world infamous "The Hoist" Fetish Club where Brad McGuire hooked up with bottoms Tony London and Scott Ryder.
Tony and Scott take turns riding Brad's cum-oozin' throbber while doing double-duty by fuckin', suckin' and fistin' each other. Some fine sloppy holes here.
There's nothing like finding a hot and willing man at your local gloryhole. Lean and submissive Skunk loves gloryholes and loves getting used through them. And he gives everything he's got--his thick-lipped cock-hungry mouth and his twitchin' bung-hole--to satisfy horny topmen Aaron Slater and Cristian Torrent.
Just when you think it's over, the insatiable spooge-sleazy Skunk takes on super-hung Dave Starbuck and Sam Wood. In the end, everyone's grateful for men like the ready-willing-and-fuckable Skunk.
I get a lot of requests to see Dawson getting pummel-fucked by the most aggressive and biggest cocks in porn. And Dawson--and his constant hunger for cock--is unequaled. Toss him a brutal deep-fuck from a horse-dick stud and when it's over and he's oozin' jizz from his sweet li'l butt-pucker he'll look up with that legendary mugg of his, smile like an angel and ask if there's another cock waitin' to pork him.
So Max pulled together three men who collectively have more meat amongst them than you'll find in a Dog Patch on a bloody Monday morning. Jiggy Mann, Wade ("the Arabian stallion") and Nubian King work Dawson's hole to the limit. Even Dawson, the world's definite meat-meister, is a little overwhelmed by these big fat black weapons. If fucking were an Olympic event, this is Dawson goin' for the gold!
The "Play Pit": one of the filthiest, seediest sex clubs we've ever been to. Max set up his cameras around the the infamous main sling and threw together daddy-bottom Tony Ray and top-men Brad McGuire, Brent Bow and Brent South.
Filth-pig Max load begged to be Tony's personal felcher for the event, but he wanted more: with a raunchy mouth full of freshly ass-flavored spooge, Mr. Load scuttled up into the sling and opened his fine ass to collect a few loads of his own from the ever-ready tops.
Max Sohl was happy to get two of his all-time favorite mainstream porn stars to stop in for some head. Big Ben Mason and Adam Tremadoc won't rawfuck on screen, but they wanted to experience the Dawson legend.
So in this balls-out, no-nonsense suck session the guys were only too happy to feed Dawson hot wads of creamy jizz-- and Dawson enjoyed giving his other cumhole a workout.
Aggro-fuckers "Manhandle" and Wade take on a room full of cum-hungry pushy-bottoms.
When four hungry guys in heat beg for cock and big-dicked topmen like Manhandle and Wade are happy to oblige, you get a fine lesson in how men work.
This one is pure concentrated testosterone at play. Watch and learn.
Once in a while we capture a man-on-man fuck so intense and so connected that the chemistry can only be described as perfect. When Max hooked up Albert Victor (fresh from work with a mainstream porn company) with exclusive Brad McGuire, he didn't know what to expect.
The result was one of those connections that we've all experienced but rarely. Max tells me the camera literally fogged up from the raw-heat generated by this scene.
Back at "The Hoist", cum-monkey Tony London is ready to take on all cummers in an all-out British cumdump orgy. The result? A bunch of satisfied tops and one very stretched-out and bruised cum-oozing bung-hole.
Once Tony's hole is slime-wealthy from all the sperm deposits, the always-willing jizz-slurper Klep crawls in to suck 'n' felch every drop until Tony's sloppy hole would pass a military inspection. Spic 'n' Span!
True: Max ran into porn-star Luke Thomas (or as Max now calls him, "three-Shot Luke") vacationing in London. They hit it off, and Luke admitted that he'd always wanted to be in a vid---and that one of his life-long dreams was to fuck Dawson. Max grinned and mentioned coyly that John Connery and Scott Ryder were fucking Dawson that very afternoon. Luke jumped at the chance to join in.
The resulting group manfuck blew Max away. Sure, Scott and John are all-star top-men. But Luke fucked Dawson, squirted a load, fucked some more, squirted another load...you get the idea. But then, Dawson's ass can do that to a man.
U.K. Beef Bangers has something for everyone into serious no-holds-barred mansex.
Squads of men raw-fucking, pissing, fisting, felching, snow-balling, and about a fuckin' gallon of fresh UK cum---it's all here. Filling two discs, this truly epic sexperience is guaranteed to leave you wide-eyed, slack-jawed and fully sated.

Cast: Tony London , Jiggy Mann , Ben Mason , Christian Torrent , Tony Ray , Brent South , Brent Bow , Max Load , John Connery , Lupo , Manhandle , Yorksbutt , Luke Thomas , and Wade

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