• Saluting Sergeant

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Saluting Sergeant
The Lucas Entertainment casting department quickly realized there wasn’t a shortage of guys more than interested in Saluting Sergeant! As a result, we offered up Sergeant Miles to two of his fellow exclusive models for some hot sucking and fucking: first to Drae Axtell, and then later to Michael Lachlan. While Sergeant is having his fun, Zander Craze seduces James Castle into pounding his ass. And Tristan Archer tests his endurance with Joey Pele, who is always ready to breed a twink bottom. Who else is ready to Salute Sergeant?
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Scene 01: Exclusive Flip-Fucking Starring Sergeant Miles And Drae Axtell

Teaming up Drae Axtell with Sergeant Miles was an easy decision -- Sergeant is a total cock whore, and Drae's package is a gay man's wet dream. There's nothing lost in this scene, either: there is plenty of dick sucking (yes, Sergeant's face turns a bright red hue as he gags down every inch of Drae's cock), ass licking (Drae laps up Sergeant's hole before bareback penetration) and then some incredible fucking. Drae is in top shape while he's fucking Sergeant: check out a sample at 14:10, but make sure you turn your volume down, because Sergeant's moans might blow out your speakers. After seeing this, you'll certainly salute Sergeant Miles!

Scene 02: Zander Craze Shows Off His Sensual Side With James Castle

Zander Craze doesn't hide his emotions: when he's with a guy he likes, he is open about his enthusiasm. It's like that with James Castle, who equally enjoys getting naked with Zander. These guys don't want to rush anything -- they take their time exploring each other's bodies, sensually sucking cock, and performing analingus before Zander takes James' cock long and deep. Does Zander enjoy himself' Well, if you take a look at 16:50, I think you'll find your answer. James also gets a chance to hop on Zander's elephant-trunk cock for a ride -- see some of the action at 32:10!

Scene 03: Sergeant Miles Takes Michael Lachlan's Uncut Aussie Cock

Here's round two of Sergeant Miles receiving extra special attention from another one of his fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive models. Is he ready for Michael Lachlan's fat, uncut Aussie cock though' There's only one way to find out -- and judging from 28:20, I think they're off to a very good start. And make note of Sergeant's unmatched skill at versatile sex-- he pounds Michael Lachlan in the butt like a jackhammer!

Scene 04: Joey Pele Pumps Tristan Archer's Ass Raw

When I say Joey Pele pumps Tristan Archer's twink ass, I mean he pumps it in every way you can imagine. Joey works over Tristan's hole, he stuff a pump up his ass and inflates it, and when Tristan is finally ready for Joey's huge uncut cock, he raw-dogs him. Joey is all about his stamina, as Tristan quickly learns!

Cast: Sergeant Miles , Drae Axtell , Michael Lachlan , Joey Pele , Tristan Archer.

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