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Warren Wood Serviced - Warren's from Sarasota, FL and it's pretty clear he spends a lot of time at the gym and the beach. His deep tan, astounding pecs and gorgeous bubble butt are matched by a beautiful, thick cock that grows to impressive proportions with the proper First Class Service. Fortunately, Warren's open to all kinds of stimulation, so we both had a good time. The payoff - Warren shoots in my mouth and on my face, a great ending for both of us.
"Aden Graham Serviced - Young Aden packs a real power tool between his legs, though you might not guess it at first. But oh, how it grows ... and grows, as I give it some special attention. I made several attempts to deep throat the monster, and it was no easy task. Later, I played with Aden's cute, furry ass. Then, he fucked my face, a dangerous prospect considering how much heat he packs. But we both survived - Aden one load lighter, and me with that same load all over my face.
"Zane Reynolds Serviced - I feel like I hit a home run with Zane Reynolds, a baseball player from Nebraska. Zane has a hot athletic build and a very responsive cock, two qualities I admire in a man. Best of all, he lets me get to third base, as I eat out his tight butt hole and stroke and suck his stiff, mouthwatering cock. This is one guy I hope to play a double header with.
"Patrick Boz Serviced - If you like your men hairy and hunky, like I do, you're gonna love Patrick Boz. There's even more to love about Patrick - he gets hard almost instantly and stays hard throughout the scene. Plus, he's ticklish! What more could a guy ask for? How about a nice, noisy cum shot? Well, Patrick delivers there, too. This guy's got it all.

Cast: Wood , Zane Reynolds , Aden Graham , Warren , Jake Cruise , Patrick Boz , Warren Wood

Product Subname: Big Dicks , Muscle Studs , Rimming , Hairy , Daddies , Deep Throat , Facials , Fingering , Blowjob , Swallowing , Gonzo , Tickling , Massage , Jake Cruise









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