Raunchy Bastards

Just Like Porm Night - Tight Boy Cunt

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Just Like Porm Night - Tight Boy Cunt
I Knew He Was Gay!

3 Hours Of All Bareback Action!

Str8 Bait - Older Younger - Bareback - 1st Timers - Creampies - Felching!

It's just like prom night - all of the clumsiness, anticipation, and raw sexual urges are on full display by these so-called 'straight boys' testing out the waters. If we could have filmed it all in the back seat of a car behind the gymnasium we would have! But straight boys need a little more coaxing than that, and since the eighteen and nineteen year olds are usually broke, a few Benjamins and some studio lights don't hurt. The nice thing about the young ones is that their boy cunts are tight and juicy! Although they might be filled with denial, they are up for almost anything - now that they finally have the chance to play with another guy's cock. Our newest raunchy bastards get fucked bareback, swallow cum, and even get felched!

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Just Like Porm Night - Tight Boy Cunt
Just Like Porm Night - Tight Boy Cunt