Raunchy Bastards

Straight Boys Are Easy

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Straight Boys Are Easy
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Straight guys in their late teens or early twenties are the easiest to cast, because they are usually unemployed, uneducated, and just plain easy. Whether they are wiggers, skaters, beach bums or trailer dwellers, the guys I run across have nothing useful to do and typically need money for a car. I find them online, and with the promise of immediate cash and maybe some bitches at some unspecified point in the future, they are like putty. For the most part, these guys are beta-males, and once you gain their trust - BOOM! - they will do almost anything you ask. These vids showcase the different steps of casting a new straight guy into gay porn - with everything from a first time handjob to full on bareback. Trust me, the best part about being a so-called producer is that I get first dibs at these fine virgin holes. All the gay porn producers do it, but I'm not ashamed to put it out there for your enjoyment.

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Straight Boys Are Easy
Straight Boys Are Easy