• Fucked By Chris Rockway #03

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Fucked By Chris Rockway #03
The third installment of the Fucked by Chris Rockway trilogy includes yet even more hot bottoms spreading their hole for Chris' throbbing cock.

When two powerhouses like Cayden Ross and Chris Rockway start fuckin' around there's no telling what will happen. Cayden gets right down to business taking all of Rockway's cock all the way down his throat. Cayden's smooth muscular jock body flexes and bulges as he works his mouth around Chris' meaty staff. Then Chris goes down on Cayden, giving him the kind of blow job one can only gain from experience. And with all the guys Chris has blown on Randy Blue he's gotten quite a bit of experience. But mutual blowjobs are just the beginning. A new twist on the classic 69 has Chris working Cayden's giant schlong while Cayden rims Chris' hot ass. And you know Chris was not gonna pass up a chance to fuck Cayden's butt. Cayden likes it a little rough so when Chris grabbed his hair and started riding him like a wild buck, Cayden was more than ready and then some. And for the icing on the cake Chris shoots a nice big load all over Cayden's upper chest.

Chris Rockway and Richard Pierce had so much chemistry during their threeway with Gunner Pierce in our movie Text, Lies and Video that we had to see what the two of them would do in a duo hardcore gay porn. And what's more, we threw in a wild card. We had them play the infamous game of Rock Paper Scissors to see who was going to top, and who was going to bottom. Without giving anything away, Chris Rockway pounded Richard Pierce's hot hungry hole into next Tuesday. Oh wait, i guess we did give it away. But does it matter, you're gonna watch it anyway. If you don't you'll miss out on Chris devouring Richard's sexy ass as he tongues in and around that hole, getting it ready for the invasion of his huge cock. And never one to rely on old standards, Chris doesn't just bend him over and fuck him, he practically rolls him up in a ball and gets his ass angled in such a way that this is one ass fucking Richard Pierce will never ever forget. And just to be sure, Chris leaves his wet sticky calling card all over Richard's handsome face.

Dante Ferraro has quickly been working his way up the ranks here at Randy Blue. He's been bringing his A game since day one and has gotten such a great response to his camming we decided he could have any of our guys he wanted. Chris Rockway has been on his mind for a while so he decided to jump at the chance. Chris really got off on Dante's incredible sculpted physique, smooth as marble and decorated with some beautiful tattoo work. Taking Dante's impressive cock into his mouth, Chris looked like he wanted to devour him whole. After getting him way too close to shooting his load too soon, Rockway then fed his cock to Dante, who took all of its massive size all the way down. But Chris knew if he was gonna fuck that ass he better get it ready so he gave Dante a rim job that had his hole hungry and begging to be filled. Without missing a beat Chris plunged his meaty member deep inside Dante every which way he could think of. Lots of fucking and huge gushes of cum later and we had two exhausted models on our hands.

It's hard enough to concentrate on working out when you're by yourself at the gym. You see so many hung bodybuilders and gay jocks walking past you as you're trying to pump some iron and all you think about is pumping some ass. How do you think it went for Jorge Fusco when he was trying to workout with Chris Rockway. All that hotness concentrated in one area, in a private gym, with nobody else around. Jorge catches a glimpse of Chris' ball poking out of his gym shorts and all hope of a regular workout are out the window. Jorge's mouth is drawn to Chris' big cock the second his eyes fall on it. He takes it all into his mouth and gives Chris a blowjob that has him so horny he just needs to fuck some man ass. And Jorge is more than happy to oblige. Chris goes all hardcore on that sexy butt of his and shoots a big sloppy load.

Chris Rockway was helping Jayden Tyler with his workout in the Randy Blue gym but he really could not stop looking at his smokin ass. I do not know of kissing and blowjobs are part of successful muscle jock training but it sure makes for a hot video. Chris starts going down on that delicious cock and Jayden is more than happy to return the favor. Then Chris gives his ass one fuck of a blowjob before ramming his hard throbbing cock deep inside. I think Jayden loves getting fucked as much if not more than Chris loves fucking and the two of them make a stunning pair together. And it is really something to see when Jayden shoot his load all over the workout bench with Chris still buried deep inside him. But when it is time for Chris to cum Jayden perches himself right in front so he can try to catch every drop. And by the droplets of cum all over his face and in his hair he obviously is not very successful. But really, who is going to complain.

Cast: Dante , Jorge , Jorge Fusco , Dante Ferraro , Jayden , Jeremy Lucido , Chris Rockway , Ian Moran , Richard Pierce , Cayden Ross , Jayden Tyler

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