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  • Hungry Hungry Holes

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Hungry Hungry Holes
There are tops who love to fuck and there are bottoms who love to get fucked. But there are those rare individuals who's ass is a bottomless pit of need. The kinds of guys who just can't get enough. The guys who are always found at the center of a gang bang or out cruising for action. If your bedroom has a revolving door and you spend more time with your face in the pillow then you might be one of these guys. And if you are, we solute you with this collection of some of the hottest bottoms in Randy Blue who are proud to show you their Hungry Hungry Holes.

Starting out, the plan was for Chris Bines to ram his hard throbbing cock down Andrew Stark's hungry hole, and that he did. He rode it like a wild pony, slapping his ass and grabbing onto his shoulders so he could get in deep and hard. But there was something going on behind the scenes. It seems that these two had an agenda of their own. Chris got one look at Andrew's beautiful long slender cock and immediately took it as a challenge. So this one way hardcore video somehow became a flip flop as Chris eagerly took Andrew's big dick up his tight, not quite virgin, hole. This led Andrew to spewing tons of thick creamy jizz all over his chest.

Unbridled passion erupts as two blazing hot mounds of muscle and flesh are unleashed upon each other. Micah Brandt, with his beautiful carmel colored skin, smooth chiseled chest and humongous cock is doing his best to take up every inch of unused space between himself and Max London. At the same time Max is using his hulking hung bodybuilder body to dominate Micah and use him as his own personal sex toy. It's interracial hardcore at it's best while Max rams his big thick dick down Micah's open throat, who's doing his best to show off his lack of a gag reflex. Then redhead and fire crotch Max spits on his hand to lube up a strong thumb which he uses to tease Micah's hungry hole. A little work and Max has that little pucker opening wider and wider just begging to be filled.

Ashton Dale eagerly gobbles up Eric Pryor's thick meaty cock. The two of them are so hot for each other and Ashton's really getting off on sucking another man's dick, but he's really thinking about how he's gonna tap that ass in just a little while. Eric's talents as a bottom have made him quite a hot number. Hot, heavy, hardcore ass fucking, rimming and cock sucking. What else could you ask for?

Cast: Chris Bines , Ashton Dale , Donny Wright , Andrew Stark , Ryan Rockford , Eric Pryor

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