Control Freak

Interracial, Fetish, FemDom, Domination, Voyeur, Female Producers/Directors, Vignettes, Big Black Cock, TrenchcoatX

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Control Freak
Mickey Mod has been fantasizing for a long time about dominating his teaching assistant, Janice. One late night he builds up the courage to try, but isn't strong enough. She sees an opportunity and takes control instead.
"When Michael disappears from Ivy's party of two to take a business call, Ivy gets down to business too. Interrupting him wearing nothing but killer lingerie and a man's shirt, she gives Michael one last chance before the games begin. He blows it. But when Ivy's glass shatters on the floor, Michael finally gives her the attention she came for. Deadpan, she raises an eyebrow and says, ?Oops.? Next he gives her the punishment she came for.
"Giselle can't get over her sexual fixation on the first man who ever dominated her.
"Isiah has control issues and Eliza is fed up with the attention he?'s paying to everything except her. Finally she pushes him back against the wall. ?Let go,? she says.

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Control Freak
Control Freak