Star Trix: Deep Penetration

DVD, Multi region, Feature, Plot based, Parody, Star Trek XXX parody, Adult movie.

Price $20.00AUD
Captain Dirk gets sent on a mission to planet nofun to battle a mutant named Gore. However, Scotty beams him to the wrong dimension where he meets pace girl A Vocado who proceeds to show him their highly sexual culture. Dirk bangs the orion girl before making it back to the intercours.e Captain Dirk then heads to the medical bay to check on Uhora who has come down with a serious case of small cocks during a heated interrogation between captain Dirk, shock and a female stringon named huge Rak in a holding cell looking outside tot he galazy.
The captian manages to segue into offering up sex for inside information. Join the crew of the U.S.S. Intercourse on their journey through the galazy like never before.

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MPN: Muffia
Star Trix: Deep Penetration
Star Trix: Deep Penetration