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Dick Dorm #04
Dick Dorm #04
Dick Dorm #04
  • Dick Dorm #04

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Dick Dorm #04
You Gotta Love Higher Education!Wow The Dorms Are Fun!Real Submitted Dorm Room Footage From Actual College Students!
TAKE ITThis is the classic “I didn’t know you were gay” episode. Of course everything starts after a bottle of rum and a few games like, I never, and quarters. Once it was in the open that both roommates enjoy each other’s company, the make out session started followed by a, fuck me in the ass, moment. Needless to say, the other people in the room were stunned at the sight of two dudes going at it like monkeys but they quickly got over it and continued to be part of the festivities with blissful joy.
SO CLEANEverybody knows that you got to keep your junk clean and trim. After watching this latest Dick Dorm submission you will see what I’m talking about. Everything started when these two dudes where trying to fuck in the dorm room and suddenly the roommate walks in with a friend. The friend is totally straight and thinks that hanging out with gay dudes is not cool, so he leaves. His friend stayed behind and they convinced him to shave. Shaving turned into sucking and the sucking turned into... well, you will see.
BALLS, BALLS, BALLS!In this latest submission we have a couple of roommates that are about to find out way more about each other than expected. It all started when they were hanging out at the dorm and the gay roommate walks in. After a few drinks he starts to talk about how gays really know how to please their partners and how to use toys. He showed them how to use a baseball bat and that turned out to be to gay for everybody there except for the roommate. Everybody leaves and the two roommates start role playing on how to pick up girls at the club. One thing leads to another and they start to make out. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first Dick Dorm submission where we can see the beginning of a beautiful gay-ship. Wait till they pull their cocks out. Damn...
TAPE OUTClass projects are great for getting people together and participating in fun activities. Unfortunately, I don’t think this project is what Jason had in mind. The thing is they needed a mummy like the Egyptians did back in the day, so poor Jason agreed to it not knowing he was going get his dick sucked by another dude. Actually Jason said he was curious before, so by the end of the night he was enjoying blowjobs and hand jobs like a champ, among other things.
SANDWICHOh, to be young, dumb, and full of cum again. These cats are a riot. After finding the roommate's camera they decided to do something fun with it. They dared each other to put their cocks in a hot dog bun and put ketchup and mustard all over it. Once you do that, you start wondering who gives better blowjobs, girls or guys. We all say guys do because we know what we like, so they called a guy friend over to test this theory. You are not going believe what the final decision was

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