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Bangin' Both Ends
Bangin' Both Ends
Bangin' Both Ends
  • Bangin' Both Ends

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Bangin' Both Ends
Bangin' Both Ends is a pretty self-explanatory title. It's pretty hot watching two guys fuck but when you throw another guy into the mix the sexual energy goes through the roof. There's nothing hotter than watching a guy get his ass rammed while his face is being stuffed full of
cock. And when the two tops kiss while the bottom is working both of them it's enough to make you shoot your load right there. This DVD has three of the hottest Randy Blue three-ways.
Dakota Rivers sports a new buzzcut and facial scruff that has him looking sexier than ever! Lucas Knowles has those ocean blue eyes, rippling abs and smooth tight chest, and he brings an incredible sexual energy to the mix. Kevin Falk is the wild card. At this point he had done two scenes so far, but would he be able to handle Dakota and Lucas or would he back
off and let them run the show? He attacks those cocks like his one and only job was to draw the biggest cum shot out of them. And seeing him going back and fourth between them is so damn hot. And he makes quite a power bottom when Dakota feeds him his cock at the same time Lucas rams his rod right up his hungry hole. But don't worry, he flips right over
and lets each guy a chance at the other end.
Ryan Rockford stands before two gorgeous men. Mouth watering for the taste of cock, his hole hungry to be filled. Reese Rideout is feeling rather dominant and wastes no time in getting Ryan's sexy lips wrapped around his throbbing boner. He doesn't wait for him to tease and taste, he rams that fuckstick deep into his throat, getting it ready for what's to come later. Meanwhile Ryan is anything but a passive bottom. He slaps his ass, demanding that Jeremy Walker follow Reese's lead and dive his cock deep into his waiting hole. Jeremy is more than happy to, wrapping his present and giving it to Ryan good. The dirty talk alone elevates their play to a new level and the heady aroma of sweat is so thick in the air you can almost smell it.
Gage and Braden make out while Alex watches. That doesn't last long as Alex, unable to help himself, jumps into action. Braden is quite the talented cocksucker. Seeing that hunky, musclebound stud on his knees going down on both Alex and Gage at the same time is enough to make you pop before you even go any further, but you better hold off for the really good stuff. Then Alex takes a turn engulfing Gage and Braden's stiff members. But seeing Gage getting his ass rammed by both Alex and then Braden is where everything just goes through the roof. And after a good solid pounding he gets a crack at Braden's ass before unloading a pent up load of hot steamy jizz all over Braden's back.

Cast: Braden Charron , Gage Wilson , Kevin Falk , Jeremy Walker , Reese Rideout , Ryan Rockford , Lucas Knowles , Alex Eden , Dakota Rivers

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