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101 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers Part 2
101 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers Part 2
101 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers Part 2
  • 101 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers Part 2

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101 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers (Part 2) is the second of a two part DVD series created by Dr Patti Britton. Dr Britton is an expert in sexual education having dedicated her entire life to helping couples intensify their passion in the bedroom. As part of the ‘Loving Sex Series’ it’s intended for both men and women to watch and learn advanced sexual techniques to improve both their relationships and sex-lives.

Part two picks up where 101 Advanced Sexual Positions For Lovers (Part 1) left off and explores an additional 100+ positions which are sure to impress and satisfy your partner in ways that you both wouldn’t imagine possible.

The advanced techniques in this unique DVD are explicitly demonstrated by attractive real-life couples and although it’s uncensored it’s nothing like your typical hardcore porn DVDs. Couples will likely find themselves aroused when watching together and the teachings will undoubtably arouse new ideas and open up bedroom play like never before.

- How to prolong sex through the containment of physical exertion
- The power of foreplay and how it can be used to heat up the bedroom
- Visual and spoken instruction on sexual massage
- Utilising toys and other tools during intercourse
- Using furniture, pillows and the power of suspended sex
- Karma Sutra techniques
- Bondage scenarios
- Methods for euphoric oral sex

However, Part 2 goes a step further by introducing more advanced positions and techniques for oral sex. It introduces and explores a number of different toys and bedroom gear and dives deeper into bondage play. Couples will find themselves equipped with a whole new range of skills to both pleasure themselves and each other.

Here at we are genuinely interested in helping you improve your relationships and sex-life. Our staff believe that this DVD in combination with Part 1 may be exactly what you need to heat-up the bedroom, or bathroom, or kitchen…

If you’re ready to take a step even further into your sexuality and experience levels of erotic euphoria that most couples dream about then don’t look past this wonderful title.

Approximately 120 minutes long this title also includes full length bonus scenes with tips from Dr Britton. It’s a multi-lingual DVD natively recorded in English with options for Spanish, French and German audio. Subtitles are also available in English and Dutch.

Released by the Alexander Institute, this video is a must for couples serious about ‘turning up the heat’ in their sexual relationships.


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