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Nexus Revo Air
Nexus Revo Air
Nexus Revo Air
Nexus Revo Air
  • Nexus Revo Air

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Nexus Revo Air - Elevate Your Sensations
Enter a world of exquisite pleasure with the Nexus Revo Air, the pinnacle of prostate massagers that combines technology, sophistication, and mind-blowing satisfaction. This is not just a sex toy; it's an experience that transcends boundaries and takes your pleasure to a whole new level.
The Nexus Revo Air is a rotating prostate massager with a perineum stimulator that employs cutting-edge air suction technology. It's an invitation to an adventure that will awaken your senses and leave you craving for more.
The rotating shaft of the Revo Air is designed to provide a thorough massage to your prostate, reaching deep within to unlock sensations you've never felt before. As it moves with precision, you'll feel a wave of pleasure wash over you.
But that's not all - the base of the Revo Air takes pleasure to another level. Deep waves of satisfaction flow to your perineum, teasing and tantalizing your erogenous zones. It's like a symphony of sensations that plays just for you.
The Revo Air comes equipped with remote control functionality, putting the power of pleasure at your fingertips. Choose from 6 stimulation modes, 2 shaft rotation speeds, and the option to reverse the rotation direction. With 34 combinations of pleasure to explore, you'll find a rhythm that resonates with your desires.
The 100% silicone shaft is not only silky-soft against your skin but also body-safe and easy to clean. It's a tactile masterpiece designed for your comfort and satisfaction. Rechargeable for your convenience, it eliminates the hassle of dealing with batteries. Plus, it's fully waterproof, allowing you to explore new sensations in the bath or shower.
The Nexus Revo Air is your key to unlocking sensations that transcend the ordinary. Whether you're exploring alone or with a partner, it's the ultimate companion for your journey to intense and satisfying pleasure.

*6 stimulation modes
*2 shaft rotation speeds
*2 direction rotating shaft
*34 combinations of pleasure
*100% silicone shaft
*Rechargeable, waterproof remote control
Nexus was founded in 2005 upon the realization that the sex toy market as it was lacked quality products for men. We felt that where women had a vast array of products at their disposal, men were rather limited for choice, particularly when it came to the higher end of the market.   This was to change when Nexus launched the award winning Excel. Carefully engineered to fit the inner contours of the male body, the distinctive shape coupled with the patented stainless steel roller ball perineum massager proved to be a winning formula which set the foundation for the rest of the range.

The launch of the high-end Nexus Vibro in 2007 proved to be a turning point in both the history of Nexus and the novelty toy market as a whole. Packaged in a sleek, contemporary box and complemented by our innovative stainless steel bullet, the Vibro remains at the top of our bestseller lists and was the first product to prove at long last that there is a demand amongst men for luxury prostate products.
Nexus sex toys continues to build upon the success of the Vibro and now boasts a full range of vibrating and non-vibrating medical grade silicone and stainless steel toys, as well as an electro sex range which all adhere to the same fundamental concept behind Nexus: beautifully designed adult toys in quality materials with optimum functionality.