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Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory
Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory
Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory
Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory
Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory
  • Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory

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Introducing the Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory – the ultimate hands-free upgrade you never knew you needed. Are you tired of constantly multitasking while enjoying your Keon Automatic Masturbator? With our neck strap, you can go hands-free and let your Keon do the work, so you can finally focus on other important tasks, like perfecting your air guitar skills, tasting the world's spiciest hot sauce, or practicing your Oscar-winning acceptance speech in front of the mirror. The possibilities are endless!
Crafted with the finest materials, including Injection Moulded ABS, Rubber, Cotton, and a trusty Velcro strap, this neck accessory is designed to provide comfort, security, and an all-around fantastic experience. Quick and easy to attach, you'll be enjoying your Keon in no time. Plus, the adjustable strap ensures a perfect fit, no matter your size or preferences. Whether you're a connoisseur of cozy nights in or just someone who enjoys their "me time," this neck strap is the upgrade you've been waiting for.
Material: Injection Moulded ABS, Rubber, Cotton, Velcro Strap
Height: 12.5cm / 125mm
Width: 10 cm / 100mm
Depth: 3.5cm / 35mm
Take your Keon experience to the next level with the Keon by Kiiroo Neck Strap Accessory. Hands-free pleasure awaits!
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