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Dorcel P-Ring
Dorcel P-Ring
Dorcel P-Ring
Dorcel P-Ring
Dorcel P-Ring
Dorcel P-Ring
  • Dorcel P-Ring

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Alright, fellas, buckle up because the Dorcel P-Ring is here to take your pleasure game to a whole new level – and trust us, you'll never want to come back down! This ain't your grandma's ordinary cock ring; it's a double whammy, a two-in-one masterpiece that's about to revolutionize your bedroom adventures.
First off, let's talk about the double-cocoring wizardry – a tag team of pleasure for your precious bits. Slip those jewels into the rings, and voilà, you've got enhanced erections and delayed explosions. It's like your own secret weapon for a longer-lasting performance that'll leave everyone satisfied.
Now, onto the other side of this pleasure powerhouse – the vibrating prostate stimulator. Two motors? Check. Nine vibration modes? Double check. The curved shape and profiled head make it the superhero of comfort, ensuring you're in for a ride that's smooth, enjoyable, and downright mind-blowing.
And because we believe in covering all bases, we've thrown in a second motor between the cock ring and the prostate stimulator. Why? Precision, my friend! It's there to give your perineum some love – because why should the prostate have all the fun?
Flexible, rechargeable in just 30 minutes, and boasting a 30 to 60-minute autonomy (yeah, it's ready for round two or three), the P-Ring is your partner in crime. Splashproof and as silent as a ninja (45db), it even comes with a remote control for those times you want to hand over the reins to someone else. Solo or couple's play, this bad boy has got you covered.
The P-Ring is not just a sextoy; it's an orchestra of pleasure hitting all the right notes – anus, prostate, perineum, testicles, and penis. What more could you ask for? Get ready for a pleasure-packed joyride that'll make you wonder how you ever lived without it!
In 2014 Marc DORCEL will famousrate his 35 years of experience in lust and pleasures for you Ladies, and you Sirs. Discover this collection of sextoys for men and women that is bound to please. Marc Dorcel sex toys have been the benchmark of pleasure for over 30 years offering high-quality designs with a wide range of exciting functions and shapes. Very popular products made of superior quality material - often elastomer - specializing in toys for women in red/black colour that are anti-allergenic. Dedicated to the well-being of all your pleasures and aims to enable everyone to satisfy their kinky adult toy needs free of discomfort.