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A10 Piston BASIC
A10 Piston BASIC
A10 Piston BASIC
A10 Piston BASIC
A10 Piston BASIC
  • A10 Piston BASIC

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The A10 Piston BASIC is loaded with all the technology developed and nourished by the VORZE A10 Piston SA, the most high-end male sex machine ever.
Cutting down the cost as much as possible, we still kept all the quality installed in the original device.

Unlike the A10 Piston SA, the BASIC works on a crank system.

However, the high-power motor allows super smooth movements unlike any former model!

Its compact and lightweight body is another potential we take pride in.

What we aimed for was to recreate the lifelike strokes.
Many thrusting masturbators are often reviewed to be too plain and monotonous; This is due to the simple back-and-forth movements.

Therefore, we adjusted the torque-control to the extent possible.
With this system, the inner sleeve can move smoothly and unstopping even at super low speed!

This creates the deeply enjoyable pleasure of super-smooth thrusting.

Even more, the A10 Piston BASIC is compatible with all the exclusive inner sleeves for the A10 Piston SA (One exclusive sleeve is included in the package as well).
All the inner sleeves can provide unique and distinct sensations.

Their texture and usage have earned many positive feedbacks, and this customizability will boost the cost-efficiency even further.

The unit is rechargeable via MicroUSB cable, and compatible with the STAND BASIC.
All the buttons and controls are kept simple.

Including everything that everyone wants in an automatic masturbator, this is one of the most high-quality machines at this price range.
We are excited to release this product and to spread the technology for even more people to enjoy!
  • Product Size: 32.5cm width, 10.5cm depth, 11cm height
Rends stands for Reality, Extravagant, Neat, Dream and Satisfaction and is the name of a Japanese sex toy manufacturer situated in the city of Chiba-Shi Chiba-ken. They specialize in creating sex toys for men including dolls and masturbators. The companies’ team are specialists in mechanical engineering manufacturing and believe that adult toys that come from Japan should have the same quality and reputation as Japanese household electrical appliances have throughout the world. Each product is developed from scratch using advanced technologies.
Rends sex toys have developed what is generally accepted as the best electronic masturbators in the world with the R1 range, A10 Cyclone, A10 Piston and Vorze being the most popular. The sex dolls are made using a proprietary material that it is comparable to human skin.