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Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator
Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator
Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator
Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator
  • Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator

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Hey there, pleasure-seekers! Meet Anson, your new partner-in-crime for solo adventures. Our Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator is not your average pleasure toy; it's an experience waiting to happen.
Anson is like the superhero of male strokers – soft, stretchy, and ready for action. Crafted from premium TPE material, Anson guarantees a luxurious feel that will withstand the test of time. Worried about wear and tear? Fear not! Anson comes with a crystal clear hard case plastic cup, ensuring it stays as pristine as the day you got it. Easy storage? Check!
What makes Anson stand out from the crowd is its textured internal sleeve, designed to take your self-pleasure to new heights. The tight inner channel invites deep thrusting, while the ribbed sleeve adds an extra layer of stimulation that will leave you reaching for this gem time and time again.
But wait, there's more! Anson is not afraid to get wet – it's waterproof and submersible. Want to take your pleasure to the bath or shower? Anson's got you covered. The fun doesn't stop there; Anson measures approximately 11 cm in length and 7 cm in diameter, making it the perfect size for a customized pleasure experience.
Key Features:
  • Crystal Clear Hard Cup Masturbator
  • Soft TPE for intense self-pleasure
  • Cup made of PE plastic for easy storage
  • Tight inner channel for deep thrusting
  • Waterproof/Submersible for aquatic adventures
  • TPE Material is soft and stretchy
  • Ribbed Sleeve for added stimulation
Say goodbye to mundane self-pleasure and hello to the Maia ANSON Double Ended Masturbator – your ticket to dual stimulation paradise!
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